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Inishturk Sweater Knit-Along: Making (and Fixing) Cables

It has been great reading how many unique ways we all keep track of those cable patterns while making the Inishturk Sweater.  So, whether you're reading the row by row instructions, working charts, using your computer or index cards to keep things straight, it's all good!

Now here's some very good news for all you who like to use charts.  The Inishturk pattern now has all the charts included, and it shows the placement of those charts!

This sweater is a "cable lover's" dream.  I was looking over all the cables in this sweater pattern and realized that, by the time we have finished 16 rows, we have made well over 100 cables!  And as with all things, one or two (or more) of those cables is bound to go the wrong way!

While I was admiring how pretty the cables looked on my Inishturk the other day, I suddenly notice something awry about 4" from the top...

Ooops. The center cable on Panel A is not correct, as all those cables on that row should be slanting to the right. I love to call these little mistakes "hiccups" in my knitting. At first I thought I might take my knitting back to that point -- but we have a KAL to do here! So, sometimes there are little tricks to soothe our hiccups.

With my tapestry needle and yarn, I decide to make a stitch!  Some of you may have already tried a technique called "duplicate stitch" (where you embroider a mock knit stitch onto your project with needle and yarn.)  This technique is used a lot when you only need to make a single or a few stitches of a different color on top of your knitting.  But in this case, it can be a handy technique if your cable is going the wrong way!

In order to help you see this duplicate stitch I've made it below in a contrasting color.  I just came up from the back of my work at the base of the missing "stitch", and ran it under the base of the stitch where I wanted it to connect. Then I inserted my needle into the same place I had started.

Now here it is with the matching yarn.  I just wove the ends into the back of my sweater...and it's like nothing ever happened!

With all of these cables, I decided to start one of my sleeves as knitting I can take with me when I'm away from home.  The front and back will stay next to my sofa where I can give them all the attention they need!

What about you? How is your sweater going? Also, don't forget to share photos with us on our Flickr group!!

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