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In Her Own Words: A Customer Review of Lion Brand Yarn Studio

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In Her Own Words: A Customer Review of Lion Brand Yarn Studio

Alice of OMG! Heart has written a wonderful review of our retail store, the Lion Brand Yarn Studio [LBYS] in NYC. Not only do her kind words make us blush, but they also highlight some of our favorite aspects of the store.

Alice writes:

It’s the perfect combination of local yarn shop along with what I’m looking for in an NYC yarn shop! Personal yet professional attention. Unlikely on first glance since Lion Brand Yarns is actually a large nationwide company that you’d normally associate with a more mass market approach. But no. Their lovely bright studio, 2 floors, has all the character and style of a small boutique store but without the prices and all the comforts and perks a large store can afford!

You can read her full post by clicking here, which goes into our free help, classes, groups, and more. But don’t just take OMG! Heart’s word for it: next time you’re in the New York City area, come check out LBYS for yourself. We’re sure you’ll “heart” us, too!

The Lion Brand Yarn Studio is located at 34 West 15th Street, New York, NY 10011.

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  • Hubby and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary in NYC back in October. It was my first trip there, ever. Saw “Promises, Promises” on Broadway and stayed in a nice hotel, ate at a great restaurant. And, in a “I would marry you all over again this minute!” moment, my husband brought me to the Lion Brand Store. Loved your place!!!! Lots of yarn, patterns, choices….it was fantastic, right down to the yarn bombing on the trees outside the shop.

  • I live in Philadelphia but occasionally hop on the train and travel up to NY…totally agree with Alice…in a perfect world, you’d open one of these on the ground floor of my apartment building, but I’d settle for anywhere Philly 😉

    • oops…make that ‘IN Philly’

  • The Lion Brand studio looks like an art gallery to me. Yarn textures, colors, color combinations……… looks so dreamy! I enjoy the Lion Brand Catalog, and look at it over and over, each time seeing something I missed before.

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