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Improve Your Home with 4 Quick & Easy Projects

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Improve Your Home with 4 Quick & Easy Projects

There’s nothing like an upcoming family visit to make you realize that your home could use a serious fall cleaning. Suddenly, I’m seeing my apartment through my future guests’ eyes: a discolored lampshade here, clutter on the coffee table there. Luckily, I’ve figured out how to use my crafting skills to save the day!

Below are 4 easy projects that anyone can use to spruce up a home. Best of all, they’re great stashbusters, so you can even de-clutter your yarn basket–just in time to start stocking up on fall yarns!

Fall Nesting Bowls

That clutter on the coffee table never seems to go away, does it? With these adorable little nesting bowls, I can at least keep it organized.

Plant Hanger

I’d love to display my houseplants indoors, but until now, I’ve had to keep them outside and safe from my curious cats. With these plant hangers, I can brighten up my kitchen and keep my plants safe from teeth marks!

Lampshade Cover

One of my favorite lamps has developed an unsightly discolored patch on the shade. Until I can find a new one that fits, I can just whip up a lampshade cover! I can even use some old brooches I never wear for a set of fancy fasteners.

Striped Draft Stopper

Living in a first-floor apartment has its benefits, but it has its downsides, too. With this door stopper, I can block out unwanted visitors in late summer as well as unwanted drafts when the weather gets cooler.

Do you have any quick-to-make projects that you’ve used to spruce up your home? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Love these quick easy ideas for sprucing up the home.  What also is good idea, is you can use those small amounts of leftover yarn from projects completed. Long time knitter

  • I’ve made sofa pillows by buying pillow forms, and then using a stitch pattern I liked and a yarn color that went with the room to make a cover. If you knit the cover in the round, and do a 3 needle bind-off, you only have one end to sew. I’ve also made a door stop by knitting a cover to put over a brick. That was really fast, since I used doubled worsted weight yarn. I covered the brick with some plastic bags before I sewed on the cover, to help pad it and prevent the brick from showing through or catching on the yarn.

  • I love the draft dodger, the colors are wonderful. I created one a while back with flowers on it and posted it on favecrafts, free for those who want to try it. It is wrapped around an old broom handle and slides under the door. It really keeps out the draft and critters. Here’s the link

  • These are really great ideas. I think I will work on some plant hangers so that I can enjoy some indoor greenery now that it’s starting to turn to fall outside.

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