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It's Your Wish...Go For It!

If you could knit or crochet anything for anyone, what would it be and who would it be for?

Would it be someone famous or someone close?  Would it be something simple or something intricate? Let your mind wander and don't think about the limits of reality.  It's your wish, so go for it!

I thought about knitting something for my great-grandmother, Molly,  who lived until I was 14.  She was about 4 foot something with hair down to her waist that she wore in a bun and the most beautiful face I had ever seen.  She would never take anything from anyone, so if I visited her with a coffee cake, I'd go home with a coffee cake and a dollar to spend on whatever I wanted.  She could make everything from a 5-course sit-down dinner for 20 people in a house made to hold 4, to the exquisite crocheted lace that covered all the tables in her house.  I'd like to knit her a cardigan, like the ones she always wore over her print dress and I'd like to see her one more time to give it to her.

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