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It’s Your Wish…Go For It!

If you could knit or crochet anything for anyone, what would it be and who would it be for?

Would it be someone famous or someone close?  Would it be something simple or something intricate? Let your mind wander and don’t think about the limits of reality.  It’s your wish, so go for it!

I thought about knitting something for my great-grandmother, Molly,  who lived until I was 14.  She was about 4 foot something with hair down to her waist that she wore in a bun and the most beautiful face I had ever seen.  She would never take anything from anyone, so if I visited her with a coffee cake, I’d go home with a coffee cake and a dollar to spend on whatever I wanted.  She could make everything from a 5-course sit-down dinner for 20 people in a house made to hold 4, to the exquisite crocheted lace that covered all the tables in her house.  I’d like to knit her a cardigan, like the ones she always wore over her print dress and I’d like to see her one more time to give it to her.

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  • I would happily knit for my Husband’s Mother, Aunt and Grandmother — all fine handwork artisans in their own right. I came to knitting long after they passed, so they’ll never know that their passion lives on in me.

    I take great comfort that I have some of their yarn, stored for ages, that I can use for the occasional project for their grandkids (my children). They were nothing if not ready for the apocalypse, yarn speaking.

  • I’d love to crochet something for my husband to wrap himself in, a cardigan, winter mittens, wool socks, a blanket… He so graciously supports my addiction to crochet & pretty yarns & patterns & encourages me to chase after my dream of designing patterns & opening an online shop. He’s my biggest fan & support & yet I’ve only ever made him a scarf & hat set. I’d love to make something extra special for him to show him just how much I appreciate his support & love.

  • Awwwww…Ilana, that is so sweet!

    I would love to knit my sister a cardigan…. a shawl collar cardian in a heathered grey that verges on blue and violet. Something soft and smooth and warm. My sister never asks me to knit things for her, but I would love to impress her with something useful and pretty.

  • I would love to crochet a cardigan type sweater for my sister. She is really special to me. Over the last few years, we have gotten closer. I would like to make her something to show her how much she means to me.

  • I didn’t know how to knit or crochet when my little granddaughter was born. She only lived 11 days and if I could have knit her a soft pink and white prayer shawl to wrap her in it might of helped in letting her go. Andrea in Tn

  • I would dearly love to crochet a beautiful thread doily for the lady who inspired me to learn to crochet and knit. I do not remember her name, but can tell you about her. She was my grandmother’s age babysat me when I was five or six after school.
    She would crochet the most beautiful thread doilies from memory and talk with me the entire time. Her fingers moved like magic and seemed to have a magical connection with her steel hook and thread. The ones I remember her making are pineapple doilies.I was awestruck and hooked from that time forward.

  • My grandmother was a knitter … during her Depression Era children’s childhoods. I hated every one of the super-scratchy sweaters that were handed down to me from then. Yet, during my first ten years, while living with her, I never saw her knit a stitch. Her knitting bag hung on the back of the bedroom door with a partially knit sweater waiting her attention, but it was never finished. Instead, when I was eight, she and I ripped it out so she could teach me the barest basics (cast-on, bind-off, knit and purl) when I insisted on learning to knit. Her knitting was strictly utilitarian; she had had three babies to keep warm when times were hard. Those sweaters were plain. No one ever saw a printed pattern in the house, so I assume she made them without one.
    If I could, I would love to knit or crochet her something sumptuous in some precious yarn. Maybe a cobweb lace mantilla to wear to church? That’s about the only knit thing I can imagine her deigning to wear. (She was very fashion conscious and thought herself very much a “Lady”. I wish she could know how much those few knitting lessons meant to me throughout my life!

  • I would crochet an afghan for my grandmother who taught me at the tender age of 7 how to crochet, and patiently waited until I was about 20 to show me again when I really gained the interest.
    I remember Grandma was always making afghans for everyone in the family and friends. Every time we would visit her, she was working on something new. She even took one pink and white afghan that my mother started when I was very young (about 5 maybe?) and years later finished it in only a few weeks for my 16th birthday. I still have that afghan years later, plus others that she made for me over the years.
    For years now, I have continued her love of crochet by making baby blankets for each new addition to my family … whether it be my side, my husband’s side, co-workers, etc.

  • I wish I had knitted my sisters’ children more things when they were youger. When I was 21 years old and just married, I bought a lot of yarn and needles to knit a complete wardrobe for my babies to come, since I had plans of having many of them! Today, at 50 and alone, with no children, I decided that I would knit again. I already have made doilies, and have knitted my sisters’ children a few things. I have decided to be happy and forget the sadness of never being a mother, and knititng is a great therapy. It is a peaceful activity, makes me happy to see a finished piece and give it right away to someone I love, like my sisters or their children. All people with some type of unhappy events should try it. War veterans at hospitals used to knit while recovering from injuries, to help their minds and souls feel better.

  • I would love to knit Some thing soft and girly
    for my childhood bestfriend. she would of loved a soft Pink Angora cowl neck sweater. Unfortunately
    we lost her several years ago in a traffic accident.

  • I’d love to make Ruth, my late Mama,a warm afghan. She was a cancer survivor – first mastectomy when I was 4 and my brother an infant. She prayed that she could live long enough to see her children able to take care of themselves. She lived 12 years before the second malignancy metastasized and killed her. Cancer treatments were few, harsh, and debilitating back then, but she did the best she could with us and I miss her still like it was yesterday instead of almost 48 years. She was always cold. I’d like to make something very warm and pretty for Ruth…

  • My great-grandmother taught me to knit when I was 5, then my grandmother taught me even more. Sadly both have passed on but I would love to make each one of them something they choose. My grandmother lived in a farming town and made beautiful sweaters with elk or deer or any kind of hunting pattern on the back of the sweaters. She sold these to supplement their income. I know both of them can see what I do with the yarn and I hope they are pleased.

  • I would love to give my sister a pair of socks, I am just learning to knit socks, though I have been a crocheter almost all my life. My sister is an excellent crocheter, but also not a knitter, so just a little gift for her — she is angry at me and hasn’t spoken to me for more than a year so she might just take those knitted socks and throw them away, but I still would like to knit her some socks…

  • I would love to be able to knit or crochet an afghan for my mother-in-law. She was such a dear and caring woman who always made me feel loved. She was creative and we have several of her paintings in our home. I would love to have given her the warmth of an afghan during her illness just as she always gave me warmth.

  • I’d do amigurumi animals for the kids that visit the museum where I volunteer. I love sitting on the front porch of a pioneer farm house and making the animals and watching the faces of the kids as I finish them. THen when I give them an animal, it’s like turning on a light bulb inside of them. I do this to the kids on the city bus that ride with me each day. I watch the kids and if they look friendly and look like they don’t have much money, I’ll make an animal and a warm hat for them. So far this year I’ve made over 100 hats and animals – – and given all away.

  • I knit and crochet afghans and baby blankets for those near and dear to me. They are truly a “labour of love” and carry that love to the recipient. I figure I have made 60+ blankets now, and am planning my next!

  • I would crochet or knit hats for ill or cold needy people to share the love of Jesus who commanded us to care for the sick and alone.

  • Oh gosh! I have so many! If I had to choose one, I guess I’d crochet a nice warm long coat with a hood that could also double as a blanket and give it to a homeless person.

  • I would knit my husband a warm wool afghan, long enough to cover his tall body, so he could be nice and warm when taking naps or watching TV from the couch. He has always taken good care of me and I would like to do something extra nice for him.

  • My Mom taught me to crochet as a young girl. I gave it up as a teen after she passed away from ovarian cancer. Many years later I’m back with a crochet hook in hand. I wish I could crochet for her so she would know I truly appreciate her time and effort. She loved to make the granny square afghans & we still have her original work at my Dad’s. Perhaps that’s why I enjoy donating prayer shawls to chemo patients, it’s a way of saying thanks to my Mom.

  • I would knit my grandmother a cardigan, because she always wore one to keep her warm. She crocheted all kinds of doilies and scarves, did embroidery, and sewed garments. I have a piece of embroidery she started, but didn’t finish. She loved handiwork, as do I. My sister, at the age of 12, knit our grandmother a pair of slippers. My grandmother proudly wore them and admired them. I didn’t learn to knit until about 5 years ago. My grandmother passed away when we were 14 years old. I would want to show my grandmother that I can knit and wrap her in something warm.

  • I decided to knit and sell my projects with ALL funds going directly into my United Methodist Women’s account directed to ‘Well for Liberia’. Imagine my surprise that I sold $3000 worth of felted bags, hats, scarves, etc. That was for 2 wells. I call my bags, Suzabags. I thought I was finished with my project but I keep having requests which I fill as often as I can. It has been a joy and my arthritic hands hurt anyway so what does a little more pain matter?

  • I would knit an afghan for my brother Doug and his dog Augee. He passed away a year ago this week. Doug was known for his kind generous heart and his many stories. Although we didn’t say it often enough, we loved each other very much.

  • Sad but true – I’ve learned not to make anything for anyone because quite a few people do not appreciate the time involved in the making of a “gift”. My heart has been broken a few times with afghans that I’ve made when I was told “this is nice, but what am I going to do with it.” Or see someone look at it and drop it back in the box. Where I do get the most enjoyment is when someone asks me (begs me) to make something for them. They help with the pattern and yarn selection – then when the project it done I give it to them and say “no charge!” The look of surprise and happiness is so cool! Now THAT is reward in itself!

  • I’d knit a Dr. Who scarf for my older brother. He’s wanted one for years, and now that I’ve finally learned how to knit, it would be great to make it for him.

  • I guess I would make something for myself since we are dreaming with no boundaries here. Everything I have every made was for someone else so I think I might make me a sweater and hat out of something soft and snuggly.

  • I would like to knit an Afghan for my Mom she is my teacher,she teaches me how to hold crochet hook,how to knit etc when I was a little girl.Now she can’t do anything without any help….!!She had got many award for her nice work.Thank you.

  • I would make a beautiful lace shawl for my sister. She has been so supportive of everything that has happened in the past 2 years.

  • I would knit more prayer shawls for folks. The look on their faces when they open their gift bag and find the shawls and the attached prayer is just to precious for words! Its a blessing to be able to share my talents with others and I’m thankful to the Lord for the privilege.

  • my neighbor just became a grandmother and i have had to much fun making baby blankets and hats my grandchildren are older so get my baby stage with her granddaughter

  • Years ago I really wanted to make something special for each of my nieces & nephews & children when they graduated from college so I made them each a fancy crocheted afghan in different designs that I thought matched their personalities. They all loved them. My youngest daughter graduates in a couple of months and her’s is waiting to be wrapped. I found great pleasure in seeing their anticipation of what they would receive since after the first niece graduated they all started asking when they’d get their own afghan.

  • I would knit for the tree of life afghan for my sister Alice Mae!

  • I would love to be able to crochet just one pretty Chemo hat for a very special friend who has cancer. Problem is, I don’t know how.

  • My knitting range for others is vast. I constantly knit for children in need (check out my website for further info) but for my main pleasure I enjoy knitting for my friends. Recently I just knit up an entire wardrobe of American Girl dolls for a friends granddaughter and mailed them off. I also included gifts for the other granddaughter, mother and my friend. I get my pleasure from the joy it brings others. I also teach 4-H knitting and that’s another type of pleasure where you can spark the knitter’s passion into a youngster.

  • I have gathered books and patterns and yarn to knit and/or crochet a shawl for the weddings of each of my grandchildren. As I reach my 70’s and they range from four to twenty, I can’t count at being at each of their weddings. This way I hope to be part of each one.

    Project two is an afghan for each first house warming.

  • I wish I could knit a sweater for my mother. She had always said, as I was growing up, she wished she knew how to knit. When I was a teenager, the large Sears store offered a knitting class. Well, she took the class, then the advanced class and then the even more advanced. The lady teaching the class, told my mom, you know more about knitting now than I do, as I’m going to be leaving, I’m recommending you to be the new teacher”. My mother was thrilled and taught knitting for many years after that. I learned to knit, but never did much with it. I crochet and knit now and wish I could knit her a sweater and tell her how much I appreciate her love of fiber arts, especially knitting. I know she would be thrilled.

  • I would (if I felt capable, and could find the right yarn) knit a tank top for my daughter. That is my dream.

  • Bonjour. J’habite en France et je suis une Mamie qui tricote pour les prématurés J’offre ma petite production aux services hospitaliers qui en ont besoin. Je me renseigne auprès des services hospitaliers concernés à l’occasion d’une visite à un(e) ami(e) à l’hôpital et le tour est joué. Je fais la quête auprès d’amis ou connaissance qui ont des pelotes à donner et c’est comme ça que je fonctionne. J’offre surtout la main d’oeuvre. Je vous remercie pour tout ce que vous publiez (que je ne comprend pas toujours parfaitement) mais qui me donnent le moral. Bien amicalement. Janine BAULE dite Darnaga

  • If I could crochet gifts, here is my list of recipients and projects: for Seniors, shawls and lap warmers; for babies, hats and blankets; afgans for anyone needing the warmth of a blanket. I am not far beyond beginner, but these are things I can do. If you have a pattern (easy) and a charity in need, please let me know!

  • I am a knitter and I am presently knitting amigurumi animals. I want to get good at it so that I can make and send them to women and children who are going through cancer treatment at various hospitals.

  • Every day of my life I pass by a woman in common places that I do not know but recognize some form of sadness, hopelessness or grief on her sweet face. I always wish I had a crocheted scarf or shawl with me to wrap around her for comfort so that she would not feel alone in her struggle. I love to crochet so much and want to share that part of me to give just a drop of joy and hope to someone else.

  • I knit and crochet baby blankets for our hospital auxiliary and have made over 200 blankets to date. I am always looking for new patterns. This is a great pastime on those long cold winter days and the hospital is eager to get them.

  • I knit and/or crochet constantly (unless I’m in my garden). I’ve made things for virtually everyone in my large family. However, I create things mostly for the people who wear or use my projects. Therefore, I would knit or crochet for anyone who would proudly displays my handiwork.

  • I would love to teach everyone in Congress to knit so that they would mellow out a little and produce legislation that their constituents actually want. Short of that, I’d like to knit each of them a moebius cowl to comfort them in cold weather.

  • My mother knitted sweaters and afghans for everyone except herself so I would knit her a cardigan out of the softest, most luxurious yarn I could find.

  • I would crochet a soft and snuggly shawl for my grandmother who taught me to crochet when I was 10. She has been gone 18 years now and I think of her so ofter. I will knit my mother a fisherman knit cardigan, hopefully soon, she taught me the basics of knitting when I was about 8 and wanted to make a blanket for my Barbie. I put away yarn crafts until I was 30 and confined to bed for 4 months while pregnant with my daughter. I brought her home in a sweet shell pattern layette. I must crochet tightly because I had to stuff her into it to bring her home. She is 17 now and still has that layette set on her old baby doll.

  • I would knit a body suit for burn or skin graph victims, if it could be done properly. I would knit full stocking caps with only a nose hole for Congress so they could politely smell what they are doing.

  • Well I would have to travel back in time over 2000 years and I would knit or crochet an afghan for our Lord Jesus for when He was born. I understand Israel can be pretty cold at night and I am sure this would protect Him from the chill at His Birth

  • I have two grand daughters and a third on the way in June2010. The new babys always get a blankie from grand mom and what I would like to make for them is special clothes for their dollies as every one know kids grow out of there clothes quickly but,special dollie things last for ever and can be past on to their little ones with stories of how they received them as there Aunt Lauren can tell of all of the nice dresses and jammies sewn and also the sweaters made for her AG dolls over the years and also their mom can tell them of the dolls and clothes I made her she has pas a few on to the grands to play.
    The kids never forget the little things that you do for them,even after your gone from this earth.

  • I would love to knit a cable sweater for my sister, to show her how much I love her and how much I appreciate her for protecting me. My dad was very abusive and she would place herself in harms way to protect me. In fact I think, before the end of this year I will make her one. I loved everybody’s comments and has given me this wonderful idea to make her one. Thanks guys!

  • I have learned crocheting and knitting as a child. I have two daughters and a wonderful husband. I would like to crochet them nice sweaters. I would also like to decorate my house with crocheted curtains. I often read patterns and dream of preparing these really huge and elaborate curtains and other things, however, I know that I will probably never have the time and patience to fulfil my dream.

    I think that hand-made things are more precious than the stuff you buy in a shop. My elder daughter is only 2 years old, and she also likes to prepare hand-made presents, like drawings and greeting cards.

  • I have been crocheting 20+ years. It is my passion…well, one of them. Due to economics in USA today and the fact that I am a mother of 7 I have lived very old fashioned. I have washed clothes in the tub and wrung by hand, hauled water and heated it for dishes and baths. I cook mostly from scratch, make nearly everything homemade…
    For 20+ years I have made creative and beautiful gifts for friends and family and charity. It may sound a bit on the selfish side…but If I could make anything right now…It would be a Salwar Kameez for myself.
    A Salwar Kameez is a dress with pants and a scarf from India they are as comfy as sweats but you look like a queen in them!
    They are super expensive to order I wish I could find a pattern for them even if it was a sewing pattern cause then I could make up a crochet pattern for it!
    I have nothing in my home to show for my years of crocheting I have given it all away to others. I am a simple modest woman who would love a fashionable and comfy outfit or two in this style. I think I deserve it,…one of these days I will have time to design a crocheted one.

  • Something done in Vanna’s Choice Glamour would be very special for anyone. It’s a pretty yarn, and I have looked with great longing in the bin’s contents at the craft store.
    I did have a coupon to buy 1 skein, and I plan to use it to knit a baby hat on a hand-crafted, recently-shipped peg loom. A friend will become a grandma for the first time in late Summer, so the hat should be done in time for cooler weather.

    I love to crochet for children. Sometimes for birthdays, I use bedspread cotton to crochet a little drawstring gift bag, then fill it with small toys and candy.
    Also, I crochet bookmarks for the students in Sunday school who are getting promoted and receive a Bible from the Christian Education dept. I send it by mail to their homes, making it extra special for them.

    If I could make something for anyone, I would use my peg loom to knit a hat for my dad. His grandma had knitted a hat for him when he went into the Navy, but it was lost at sea. I crocheted one for him when I was a teenager, but he said the crochet stitch was not as soft as knitted.
    A handcrafted wooden peg loom makes wonderful knit hats, and I have given many away. My dad passed away years before I owned my looms, but I just know he would love a navy blue knitted hat.

  • I would crochet the flower garden baby blanket on this website and make it for my daughter’s baby–she’s due in August. I don’t know how to crochet, I only knit, but I would love to learn and make this. It is like the Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt, but maybe easier?

  • If I could turn back the clock and actually wrap the shawl I made for my sister around her shoulders and hold her before she passed away from cancer a year ago. That is my biggest wish.

    My next biggest wish is for my maternal grandmother, who taught me how to knit left-handed, to know that her skill with knitting needles did get passed on. Just took 40 years for it to blossom. I never appreciated just how much knitting would become a comfort for me until now. If I could see her one more time, I’d knit a beautiful shawl in off white and drape it around her shoulders while she sat in her favorite rocking chair on the front veranda and watch the robins calling to each other just before sunset.


  • I would crochet plus size clothing that was of a longer length and fit well. Something that would make larger women feel slimmer and pretty. (Myself included)


  • Three is a sweet lady in my church by the name of Lawita who is a breast cancer survivor. She inspires everyone she meets and always has a kind word to share. I would like to make her a beautiful shawl of fine lace silk to let her know how much I appreciate her influence in my life.

  • If I could knit or crochet anything, it would be a knit sweater and it would be for each of my family members. I’d love to be able to make a piece of clothing that is fashionable and that they “want” to wear! I’v made tons of afghans in crochet, and some doilies and table toppers, but have never made a wearable piece of hand crochet or hand knit article.

  • The only knitting I do is for our local hospital. I’m a member of a grouop of volunteers who knit lap robes for the patients there. The hospital gives at least 30 of these lap robes to patients every month. I’m always looking for new patterns and ways to use the various types of beautiful new acryllic yarns.

  • I would like to make something for my son — an afghan or some kind of wrap he could both use as a source of warmth in the winter. He doesn’t think now that he would use anything like that, but I think he might change his mind as he gets older.

  • I’d like to be able to knit a fisherman’s sweater for my husband, but I’m not great at cables yet.And I’m not great at sweaters for adults yet either…

  • I have been knitting and crocheting since I was about 10 years old. I’ve made a countless number of items, including afghans, sweaters, hats, scarves, booties, doilies and tablecloths. But, my favorite thing to do was to knit baby sweaters for my children and for the children of my loved ones. My kids are not kids anymore, and I am looking forward to having grandchildren. SOOO, I would have to say that if I could make anything I wanted for anyone in the world, It would a baby sweater to take my first grandchild home from the hospital. I am praying that I soon will have my home filled with babies again, and my knitting needles clicking away for them.

  • There’s so much- I love knitting and crocheting gifts for people. But right now I think I’d love to make a huge afghan for my uncle who is battling esophageal cancer right now. It would have to be big enough to fit him, my aunt, and my baby cousin all underneath… There’s nothing that makes you feel warmer and happier than your family, and if I could give them all a big warm woollen “hug” that can help them support each other through these trials I’d be so happy. 🙂

  • I crochet so much all the time and enjoy each stitch…let me see. I wish to crochet a bunch of those face warmers for the troops and I wish to crochet baby hats for all the preemie babies. I wish to crochet slipper socks for all the mentally ill people so they would know someone loves them and thinks about them…I will get busy and start some more projects this weekend. I wish we would all stitch just one special gift for someone who needs it each month…so little and it means so much!

  • I wish I had enough yarn to make hats & mittens to give out to the people I see walking during the cold, windy Iowa winters with bare heads and hands. Many are homeless and some are just without them. I have been doing some for the last few years,but wish I could do more

  • I have crocheted afgans for my mother, daughters, nieces, nephew, grandkids and babies. I have an extremely large family 10 children, 32 grandkids and so far 11 great grand kids with 3 due this year, I am attempting to crochet an afghan for each family member. Usually for a wedding present or baby at this point. My grandmother also taught me how to crochet but I didn’t start again until I was in my 50’s, I just turned 60 so I have a lot of catching up to do for some of my older grandkids. I try to match the afghan I am making to each grandchilds personality and likes or hobbies.

  • I want to crochet my daughter’s wedding dress. She’s only 16 (soon to be 17), but I know that day will be here in a blink. I want her to have something that she can treasure, something priceless…She is so original, unique, beautiful, and wonderful, and on that special day in the not so distant future, I want for her to know how much she is loved.

  • Just a thought the reason why I like to crochet afghans is because of my Great Grandma. When my Grandpa Johnson left his farm in South Dakota to attend his mother’s funeral the only thing he was able to bring back was an afghan she crocheted. It was a treasured momento for the rest of his life. Grandma who saw how much the afghan meant to him started crocheting afgans for all of her children, and grandkids, which have also been treasured thru the years each of us keeping our wedding afghans and children’s baby afghans to pass on. When my mother was going back to South Dakota to help Grandma during her last few years asked if there was anything I wanted, “Yes, some of her crocheted items” I was thinking potholders and small things like that. She brought me back my three of Great Grandma Tillery’s crocheted shelf doilys with roses. It is no wonder I love crocheting it’s a family tradition.

  • First, let me say it has been such a pleasure to read all of these comments.

    I would love to crochet socks for all the wonderful people in my life: husband, daughters, sister, extended family.

    I just started crocheting a year ago and it is the best thing I have ever done.

  • I would crochet something for my great grandma. I didn’t pick up the bug until 3 years ago and just started teaching myself to do hairpin lace crochet. Which is the method she used to make cozy afghans. She was a simple farm girl who moved to the big city. I would make an extravagant bed cover with matching pillows. She would probably exclaim oh, uff da! And shake her head at me.

  • I would most like to crochet or knit prayer shawls for all those who are ill or bereaved. I received one when my husband died and I sleep with it. It brings such comfort.

  • I would love to crochet an afghan and some hats for my grandmother. She died of cancer (her third time having it) when I was 16. I remember how cold she was while having her chemo. When I improve my crocheting skills a bit, I plan to start making shawls and hats for our local cancer treatment center in her memory.

  • My daughter’s boyfriend has a long sleeved, crew neck, all wool sweater. It is tan with a dark brown dinosaur on the front of it. It is totally worn out with holes and chew marks along the cuffs. He won’t throw it out and it is sooo worn. My daughter asked if I could replicate it….but my skills are just not at that level.

  • I have been knitting for more than 30 years and enjoy designing my own knits. I would love an opportunity to make a sweater coat, trimmed in fur, with large pockets trimmed in fur, for Halle Berry. I would use a mohair yarn and use a slip stitch pattern. I made one last year and it is adorable. I was thinking, how cute would Halle look in my sweater coat, over a pair of jeans, and with boots!

  • My mother was a pattern knitter for Patons. She taught me to knit. She always had a project on the go. And she was so quick. Once she knitted beautiful Aran jumpers for my husband, myself and our three children to wear at the snow. She had a fortnight’s notice. However, she rarely made anything for herself.
    I would love to knit her a beautiful jumper in blue (definitely her colour) and when it is my time for the Great Knitting Parlour in the sky, I would say to St. Peter: “Would you mind giving my Mum a call. I have a surprise for her.”

  • I would crochet an afghan for my daughter Rachel, using Irish wool yarn. She and I took a two week trip to Ireland for her high school graduation. I bought enough wool to make an afghan, and I kept it for myself. It’s the only afghan I’ve ever kept and not given away. So, I’d buy some nice wool from the Aran Islands and make her a beautifully warm blanket.

  • I’d crochet a purple huge throw to keep warm the guy i love, who doesn’t love me back. If i can’t be with him, at least that afghan would hug him for me, and purple is his fav color.

  • A lot of my friends need larger sizes, from 3 to 5x… I would like to have some of the really pretty things in those sizes so I could crochet for them, instead of saying, “It’s not in our sizes, I’m sorry”…..

  • My mother has foot therapy three times a week and I would like to knit her a pair of nice socks without a toe seam to give her the comfort she deserves for raising five children.

  • i really enjoy crocheting things for my family, this includes extended family. I am making everyone a lapghan for Christmas this year and I’m excited about it. I like to make friends things too and recently made some hats for some friends birthdays. I also like to make things that can be donated and donate some hats and scarves for people of all ages to the Warm Up Medina program that my library hosts each year. I am hoping to make an abundance of baby blabnkets and hats to donate (in the future) to a a local hospital, too. There’s alot I would like to do and wish I was an octopus sometimes so I could do 4 things at once!

  • I would crochet what I’m crocheting right now, a blanket for my brother. Well, really I’m giving an old granny square blanket of his a new life as I’ve taken the granny squares apart. They were done in three colors (two blue shades and a white). Because it’s over 25 years old it’s seen better days, so I’ve been able to save a good portion of the squares and am adding them to other squares I’m crocheting. Found a great way to join those squares as I work, which is making the blanket come back into shape faster.

  • Since I am just a beginner in crochet, I would crochet one of the many flowers and glue it to a magnet. I could make one for each of my friends and not have to choose which friend…Everyone loves refrigerator magnets!

  • I am a beginner crocheter and do not knit. I would love to learn how to do granny squares, to use up all the yarn I have been given, to make lap robes for veterans and the elders of our society.

  • I would knit a handsome sweater in charcoal colored cashmere for the WWE wrestler John Cena. I find his never-give-up attitude inspiring for my own challenges in life. Of course it would be an expensive project since he is a very large man!

  • I have been knitting 100% wool helmet liners for our soldiers and turbans for my sister who is just beginning to lose her hair from chemo treatments.

  • I love crocheting baby blankets and afghans for the older grandchildren. As I give them the blanket I wrap it around them and hold them in a hug. Then I tell them that whenever they are under their blankets to remember that it’s just a big hug from grandma.

    I just finished making a baby blanket for a friend who has had numerous miscarriages. She is at 5 months and I haven’t decided if I should give it to her now as a sign that I believe she will make it all the way this time or to hold on to it until she has a healthy baby to bring home.

  • I would love to be able to show my grandmother, who taught me to knit and crochet, all the things I can make now…I think she would be proud. And I would love to make a crochet thread necklace for Robin Roberts (Good Morning America)…have you ever noticed her gorgeous necklaces!
    And I would love to make items, hats, gloves, etc.. for needy or homeless folks.

  • I’d love to crochet a pineapple doily for my grandmother. She tried for many years to teach me to crochet. When I finally learned she was to ill to realize it. I still have the 1st item (a scarf) I ever made and I still have the 1st doily I ever made. Miss you Grandma.

  • I wish I could crochet the other half of the blanket my aunt left behind to us when she passed away.

  • I would crochet a little red purse for my late grandmother. She made one for my mother when mom was a young girl. Mother still has the little red bag and we’ve discussed it over the last 50 years. She always thought it was knit and as I got to be a skilled knitter, I never could figure out the stitch that her mother used. I finally figured it out!!! It wasn’t knit at all. It was crocheted and I’ve practiced the stitch that Grandma used. I made a copy of the little red purse for my mother’s birthday last week, but since this is my wish, I would make one for my late grandmother, too.

  • I would crochet enough hats for all cancer patients to have comfort
    I would knit enough sweaters for all children going without to be warm
    I would make enough blankets so all babies of abuse would know softness
    If I could have my way my fingers would never stop and I could give the world something handmade in a processed jungle.

  • I would love to knit the Tree of Life afghan for myself and my friend Robin who taught me to knit. I knit mostly for other people and would finally like to finish something for myself! I am an intermediate knitter and am concerned that the Tree of Life pattern is too advanced for me. But hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained!! I also just down loaded the wool helmet liner pattern. Does anyone have a suggestion for a wool that is not itchy? After reading all the lovely stories about what people would knit for others, I feel a bit selfish to want to take time to knit something for myself. It is a great joy in knitting or crocheting for other people, isn’t it?

  • I would make an afghan for my mother who passed away 4 yrs ago. She inspired the craftiness in me. She could knit, crochet, embroider, sew, make dolls, etc. If she wanted to try a new craft she went into it full force and was so talented. When we were children she made clothes for us. I still remember one Easter morning waking up to find my new Easter dress hanging on the door. I was so excited!
    I know where I got my talent from. I hope she is proud.

  • Have to say that Catlin Harral and I think alike. Add hats for the military to that list. Since I am 72 years old the fingers move a little slower so all you beautiful people will have to give Catlin and I some HELP!

  • I would knit something for my mom. Probably mittens and scarf. When I was a child, every Christmas she knit me and my 3 girl cousins a pair of mittens and a scarf. The scarf was forever long!! The mittens were always had a fancy pattern on them. I especially remember a pair that had a snowflake pattern on them. When I was 17 yrs. old we moved to FL and she stopped knitting because of the heat and humidity down there. So as a rememberence of all the knitting projects she’s done I would like to knit for her.

  • I want to crochet soft hats and blankies by the piles for the precious little babies that my daughter cares for in NICU. She sees babies with every kind of health setback and she falls in love with every single one of them, calling them her “snuggle buddies.” This is how I could help her to give them something special and familiar when they leave her.

  • I would crochet and knit for my great-grandbaby that will be born in August. I love to keep my hands busy. My Mom who is 95 taught me to crochet when I was 3 1/2 years old. I made potholders then, and now can make anything and do some of my own designs.

  • I would knit anything for charity, squares, prayer shawl, baby blanket, hats, anything that would help someone else who really needs what I make rather than someone who just wants it.

  • I’m crocheting amigrumi animals for one of my friends in Austrailaright now. She has 1 little one and twins on the way, so I’m hoping that when she opens the box and sees all of the animals inside it will really make her day.

    If I could I would knit my Great-grandmother a warm blanket. She couldn’t talk when I knew her but was always bundled up in bed with a warm blanket (thanks to Grampa). I would love to be able to go back and make her a very warm blanket that she could have enjoyed.

  • I would crochet a beautiful lacy shawl for my very lovely Daughter in law, she is kind and would help anyone in need,
    a few years ago, when we lived in Tasmania Australia, I got very ill to the point that they were sure I would die,, The hospital called my son and lovely Heidi, and told them to get in quick as my body was shutting down, they came in, heidi, sat next to me and took my hand and put it on her belly (she was pregnant)the doc couldn’t believe what happened next ,I started working again, I spent 3 months in hospital and my darling D I L looked after my DH as he had vascular dementia, then when I came out of hospital she looked after me for 12 months till I was able to do things for myself

  • It involves going back in time, but I’d want to knit the seamless garment that Jesus was described as wearing. It must have been knit, right? I think I’d need a few more years practice making garments first though (I make mostly accessories so far). That’s what I would want to do.

  • I would knit a special afghan for my Aunt who made my husband and I a beautiful wedding ring quilt when we got married. She does every single stich by hand and it is so beautiful. It is one of the most wonderful gift I have ever received and I would love to return the favor.

  • I am living my dream. I knit hats for the babies born at the hospital my daughter works at. When I knit each one I try to imagine what the “little one” will be, a teacher, president, mother, father. I find myself smiling as I vision them in their little hat. My wish would be that every child born at the hospital could get a hat but sadly I cannot knit that fast but well over a hundred babies have gone home with a hat that is filled with dreams for their life ahead.

  • I am making baby blankets,with matching hats for the future. These are being put way so that my Grandchildren will will have something for their children. I may not be here, so my Great-Grandchildren will have a blankie, hand made by their Great-Grandmother.

  • Awhile back I posted a comment, but now I have thought of a different hope I want to do.
    I have had a pattern for oh, 20 years or so, of crocheted angels in a baby aphgan. I think I pulled the page from a magazine.

    It goes back and forth in rows, but within the careful counting and different stitches, little angels make their shapes known.
    I would love to crochet the blankie when I know that I will be getting a grandchild. Since my son got married just last Fall, I suppose there is still time for me to find the pattern and see if I can make sense and shape of it.

  • I have just finished knitting a pod and stocking hat to have my newborn grandson photographed in (using Vanna’s choice in white/brown/blue combination). It is such a precious photograph, and I cannot wait to knit a girl’s version to keep for future generations to use as well. I did read a comment on knitting a blanket and matching hats to put away for great-grandchildren–and I LOVE that idea.

  • While recovering from multiple miscarriages, I took the time to teach myself to knit. This proved very theraputic. When I finally became pregnant with my daughter, instead of worring throughout the pregnancy, I spent that time knitting booties and bonnets and having happy hopeful thoughts. My daughter wore my loving creations and now they are cherished keepsakes. I now knit booties and hats for our local crisis pregnancy center. Many prayers and good wishes go into each set. They are given to the mothers at the center for their new babies to wear and one day be cherished keepsakes of their own.

  • I learned basics from my great grandmother when I was a child. Now I love knitting and crocheting hats that are distributed by our women’s service group in our church. I make hats for everyone from preemies to seniors and chemo patients. They are distributed to Nairobi, Kenya and a Navajo Indian reservation. Among the homeless and babies at our local county hospital. Some go to a local women’s shelter. I’ve made hundreds an each one is a memory I store up.

  • I would knit a prayer shawl for my husband who is always cold. He is always looking for something to keep him warm and hovering near our wood stove. I would like to keep him warmer, I got up the other morning to find him in a shawl of mine and now I think it is time he has one.

  • I would knit helmet liners for each of our troops overseas.

  • I love all your ideas and I would love to do them too. Sometimes I don’t think I have enough time to do it all. One part of our population that has needs, too, would be our pets. They’re not as choosy about colors and/or flaws in the stitching, but many humane societies need dog and cat blankets or pads — I would do that.

  • My sister is waiting for a lung transplant and I am going to knit her a sweater. I’m not sure of the colour but it will be cheerful. She loves cables so for sure it will have cables. I would like to knit her a shawl too because she is always cold. I don’t know if the hospital will allow her to have the shawl while she recovers but hope they will. Thank goodness we live in Canada because all of the costs are covered including the plane trip from her home to the hospital. All we have to do is pray.

  • I would finish crocheting the afghan I started for the Hospice Center where my brother passed away. While he was a patient there, he was always cold, and the nurses felt bad that all the bedspreads and quilts available were very feminine. Shortly after his death I made a granny-square quilt with squares my mom had made before she died several years earlier. When I brought it to the center, the nurses were thrilled to have something more appropriate for the male patients. I started a second quilt, but haven’t worked on it in a very long time. That is going to be my next project in my brother’s memory.

  • I love to knit for others. An ongoing project is to knit hats for the men who visit the Baltimore Rescue Mission. I’ve been doing that for years.
    I’ve also knit an afghan for those vets at the local VA medical center, and plan to start another one. I just have to finish the baby afghan I’m knitting for my niece’s newest addition, coming in 2 months. Fortunately, I’m almost done that one.

  • OK anything Right? I would knit a scarf for everyone of my students, so that when they are feeling beat down by the world they are born in they can have a warm hug.

    I did accomplish this for my graduate class, and I was able to pray for each of them as I knitted or crocheted. It helped me to concentrated(I crafted during classes!) and it helped me pray for each person in the class!

    I am envious of those of you that learned from your grandparents, I learned to knit from reading a book.S o I would like to knit a book cover for the NOOK. I am doing right now!

  • It seems like people are always having babies, It has just been what i do to make a blanket for a little baby that I know will be coming into the world. It’s such a precious thing to hold them and for them to have something soft and warm to snuggle in. Unfortunately it has kept me from crocheting a big blanket for my husband who has been patiently waiting for at least 5 years now. I wish that even with three kids and so much to do, and of course, all those people i know who still keep having babies, that I could find the time to make my dear husband his very own blanket.

  • I want to crochet some beautiful afghans to give to my hubby’s family for Christmas.

  • The Dude’s sweater, for my DH!

  • More chemo hats for my son’s mother-in-law

  • If they’d accept them, I’d love to do arigurumi for kids in need. I think a personal touch like that would give them a little more hope than a prepackaged toy.

  • Well my all time favorite thing to crochet is a blanket. I especially love to make baby blankets for the new mom. I try to use non pastel colors because they are so tired. I love new hip colors like Vanna’s Choice baby yarn, so fun!!

  • I would happly make some think for me or my kids they like socks that i make.

  • I would knit Socks for pretty much anyone who asked for them! My family and friends receive them already

  • I would love to knit a reading blanket for my Grandmother who was a fantastic knitter. She made all of her grandchildren elaborate Christmas stockings with our names on them, as well as clothing too. I’d love to show her that the knitting tradition didn’t die when she passed away at the young age of 64.

  • I learned how to crochet about ten years ago if not longer. I would love to make a wedding dress and veil for a mystery recipient. The one who would get it would be someone who is getting married and just can’t aford their own dress.

  • I struggled through three years of infertility, only to have 2 wonderful babies 14 months apart, and now one of those babies has been diagnosed with Autism. Through it all, two special friends, that I didn’t know well in the beginning of our journey, have been supportive and encouraging, letting me cry. They are pregnant with #5 and #3. I want to make them something special for their babies as a thank you for loving me.

  • If I could knit anything for anyone – it’d be an intricate lace cover for a queen sized bed to put in my DD’s Hope Chest. I know Hope Chests are old fashioned, but I think since hand goods are making a comeback, I’d LOVE to see Hope Chests make a comeback!

  • I am crocheting rice bags for my son and his fiance whose wedding is in Dec. I am also going to be making their ring bearer pillow.

  • I would knit my Mom a Channel-style suit in a soft tweedy-type bluish yarn with a cashmere creme shell. She’s in her 80’s and likes nice clothes. I’m a very slow knitter. This would take me several years to make. Instaed I’m challenging myselef to make her some of he cashmere gloves on the LB web site for Christmas 2010.

  • Most think it unusual for a straight man to crochet, but I LOVE it. My grandma taught me how. As for me and what I would make and for whom. I would & have made a creation of my very own for my pregnant female friends. I call it the Mommy & Me Wrap. It’s nothing fancy just a lil half blanket type thing. It’s perfect as a Privacy Covering for when Breast Feeding in public or as a blankie for keeping both mom & baby warm in the wee hours of the morning after a crying jag. I am also looking into making Prayer Shawls for sick people.

  • I would love to knit the perfect sweater for my mom. It would be in one of her best colors, light blue. The style would be classic because she is not a fashion forward grandma, but she does love comfort. If I were to do this it would have to be a surprise and not something she would knit herself.
    I’m inspired now!

  • I would knit something for my grandmother. something, anything, and I can’t find any time to finish a project. I search and oggle for hours at beautiful projects, pick on out, start it, and then stop before I even get 10 rows on. :(. I just never have any time.

  • I love to knit socks, mittens and sweaters for my grandchildren. My grandmother and mother were always knitting for me and their grandchildren. It’s such a grammy thing.

  • I would have to say that I would make things for my mother, and grandmother. I owe so much of who I am today to both of them. Although neither of them is with us today, they both instilled in me a love for crafting and fine work that lives on today. I wish I could learn how to knit, because I would have loved to make them comfy socks and warm cardigan sweaters to wrap around them while they worked on whatever project they did for others. They always did for others, and someday, I hope my children and grandchildren have the same good things to say about me.

  • I learned to knit and crochet long ago when I was about 8 years old. Being the last of 5 children, my mother tried to keep me from being bored so she taught me what she knew. I have let the crafts go several times over years, as a teenager when it didn’t seem “cool” and as an adult when I was pursuing my degree and had no time. I have recently picked it up again and loving every minute of my yarn time. I have become a true yarn addict, unable to resist a soft skein of yarn, no matter what the price.
    I have knitted and crocheted scarfs, throws, baby blankets, christmas tree skirts, doilies etc but have not attempted a sweater this time around.
    I would love to knit myself a lovely sweater and have several patterns that I eventually will get to once I find the right yarn for the project.

  • I would knit for charity. Chemo hats, blankets for the homeless, hats or cocoons for NILMDTS, or have proceeds go to JDRF or Susan G Komen.. I’d just like to knit with a purpose.

  • I would crochet afghans for my grandchildren.

    I would also like to do some crochet for preemies and make burial items for little ones. I have the patterns, just haven’t done it yet.

    I love Lion Brand yarn.

  • I would have loved to have made my son & nieces some personalized clothing for them to have come home in. I didn’t really get into crocheting until my son was 4 months old I would also like to make them something that matches for when they next get their pictures taken together. I think that would be so cute.
    I also have ideas for about a dozen toys I hope to make sometime soon.

  • I’d like to crochet a pair of socks for my boyfriend. He really wants something for himself, I’m always making gifts for others.

  • Making prayer shawls with homespun has been my past time for over a year. I have no idea who gets most of my shawls and it really doesn’t matter to me….I only hope they enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them.

  • If I could have any wish….I would want to crochet a sweater for my husband and have him here to wear it. I miss him so very much!

  • I would knit and crochet for my daughter. I gave her up for adoption in 1996 at birth, and I haven’t seen her since. I would make her purses and bags, sweaters and afghans, shawls and slippers. I would also make them for my mothers and grandmothers. I am a daughter and step-daughter. My birthmother died 6 years ago.

  • I would make the most intricate afghan I could find for my father. I never got the chance to make anything for him when he was on this earth with me.

  • I am currently crocheting an afghan for my boyfriend in his favorite colors. If I could make anything for anyone – and I would if I had the time – I would knit or crochet a blanket or lapghan for wounded troops and veterans. Just something to give them comfort.

  • Hats and socks for the homeless, those blessed unknowns living down by the river in tents and cardboard in the snowstorms like we had last night.

  • I am currently crocheting a baby blanket for my little nephew. 🙂

  • I would love to knit prayer shawls (or crochet) to donate to any church that needs them. Already knit and crochet winter scarves for our church because they have a special area of town that needs church help. The scarves go in Christmas gifts for the children in this specific area who wouldn’t get gifts at all if they didn’t have church assistance. Just need a pattern!

    Jess Says: Hi, Wanda. Try searching for “prayer shawl” or “comfort shawl”. You’ll find lots of beautiful patterns in both knitting and crocheting. I hope you find the perfect pattern!

  • I want to knit a dress for my 6yr old daughter. It has beading and I want to learn beading. I also would love to knit as much as I can for people in need. I am currently knitting a baby blanket and hat for a friend who is expecting! 🙂

  • I’m sorry to be selfish, but I’d make something for myself. I would dearly love to make myself one of the lovely sweaters I have in the crochet magazines I’ve saved all of these years. I’ve even saved special yarn given to me for my birthday for these projects, but somehow presents for other people always take priority. Everyone I know has received a crocheted gift from me, and I’ve donated crocheted gifts to charity, but I would love to have the time to make something for myself.

  • I would crochet an antique lace baptismal gown for my babies. I’ve always loved them but never had the time while I was pregnant (life is crazy like that most of the time). My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was young and I would love to crochet her a warm bed jacket. She wore them all the time. Thanks for passing the passion on to me, Grandmom!!

  • Arglye socks, without a doubt, are on top of my knitting wish list. Made on four needles. Almost 60 years ago I made a pair for a boyfriend, long forgotten, as a Christmas gift. Looking back, I’m sure they were much too narrow to slip over a foot! Now, I’d like another chance! I recently discovered that my youngest child (36)loves and buys any argyle socks she can find. My summer goal is to master “floats and wraps” and I’ll be on my way to a whole new venture.

  • I dearly love to crochet toys or make sock dolls for my grandchildren for the holidays throughout the year. My mom was in a wheel chair her whole life but she always knitted little treasures for my daughters for the holidays througout their childhoods – their little girls (and boys) now enjoy the ones that “survived”! She passed away 2 years ago and I want to continue her tradition. My other wish would be to have more time for crocheting the grandkids afgans and sweaters as they grow. They are such precious little people and it is my way to stay connected to the ones that live far away!

  • I would want to make something beautiful for the women who take the frightening step and leave an abusive relationship. It could be anything from a warm sweater to a snuggly afghan. Something that would make them feel cherished.

  • I would crochet for my daughter Ashley. I would always want her to be warm and happy

  • I would love to crochet something quick and simple for my new granddaughter to wear. After having 5 grandsons I now have a granddaughter! I would like to make her some jumpers, and ‘swing’ tops…but I would also like to crochet something for my boys too. Once they have out grown them they can be given to someone else, or I can make one for my family, and another for the homeless shelter! Thank God my hubby is wonderful when it comes to supporting my addiction to yarn and crochet!

  • I would make a sweater for my mom. She will be 70 years old in August and I don’t see any way I can get to her state to see her.

  • I would actually find the time to make something for myself–I make gifts for everyone else. I have started projects for myself, but either they go by the wayside for something else that has been requested, or one of the teen daughters likes it so much that they lay claim and I can’t say no…LOL

  • Matching sweaters for my parents! Wouldn’t that be cute? And a little knitted retribution for the photos of my sister and I wearing mathcing clothes as kids–and we weren’t twins. : ) I think the most daunting part of making a sweater is attaching the pieces…somehow I feel like it would turn out crooked or not wear well. ; )

  • I just finished crocheting a baby afghan for a friend whose grandbaby was born quite prematurely and will be going home from the hospital maybe this week. I have posted a photo of the afghan on my FaceBook page.

  • I am in the process of making afghans for my niece and nephews. I would like to knit socks and sweaters and make a vest for my husband. I am also making a shawl for myself out of bright Homespun colors.

  • I would love to take the time to knit something of my own design, rather than following patterns…particularly something for my unborn child. I want to, someday, be able to say, “mommy made this just for you.”

  • I would crochet an afghan for a returning, wounded soldier.

  • I really would like to knit a blanket for my mother, I already crocheted several items for her. Now I would like to knit some things.

  • I have a best friend living in Georgia and I’m supposed to crochet a purse for her. I’d love to do this for all of my friends, really. I’d love to give all of them gifts that I could make, a gift that leaned toward their personality, something that would mean “them”.

  • I taught myself to crochet when I was 18 years old; most women crocheted & always promised to teach me but just never got around to it.
    I’ve made over 1,000 afghans in the nearly 40 years since then, some for babies, some for family, some for friends & my favorite ones are the ones I can make and donate to homeless shelters for those who have lost everything; it gives them comfort and perhaps a little hope.

  • I want to make my sister a knitted lace shawl for her birthday . the big problem is that her birthday is tomorrow ,next year maybee?

  • I love using the homespun yarn and making the basket weave afghan! I have made one for pretty much every couple in my family but still have a few to go.

  • i would love to be able to crochet my grandmother thompson and allison a bedspread each. grandmother allison used to make doileys without a pattern i can rember those beautiful doileys all my life. she sugar startcded them and i never could understand how she got them to stand the way they did. and granny thompson just because i loved her, she always supported me in my crafts, wether it was sewing to painting. i used to tell her i could do anything but knit or crochet. i have a cousin who sat down and taught me to crochet when i was 50 years old and i haven’t stopped or slowed down yet. neither granny thompson nor grandmother allison was alive when i learned how to crochet, but i know that they watch me all the time.

  • I would knit afghans so I’ll donate to homeless shelters, for those who have lost everything on the floos we suffer. It’s cold here in South Brazil and we have little resources of doing it.I’ll wish I could do it, because I know how to knit.

  • I would knit WORLD PEACE!!!

    Also, I want to crochet blankets for every member of my family, so it can keep them warm when I’m not home to hug them. (2 down, 1 to go!)
    I want to learn to knit socks (that darn heel turn!) well so I can make lots of them for family members and to give to charities.
    I want to make my mom something beautiful, like a dress or a cute cardigan, because she is a beautiful woman and I love her very much, but she just doesn’t wear enough cute, nice things!

    Reading all these comments has inspired me to get going on all those crafting goals and dreams that get put on the back burner when life gets crazy. Thanks!

  • Not a new project, but if I could, I’d dearly love to finish all the unfinished baby projects my grandmother left behind after she passed. Unfortunately, at the time I was not actively knitting or crocheting and had no awareness of the community out there. I didn’t think I would ever have the skill required to do the finishing and trashed everything when I needed more space. I could severely kick myself now because NOW I am confident enough with my skill to have completed them…. sigh.

    The lesson to be learned is to NEVER act in anger or frustration or from any overly emotional perspective. THiNK!

  • I would crochet a whole lot of toys for kids that need them. I do a little bit of that now. I love to see how the dolls and such come out. Lion Brand has wonderful patterns.
    I would also crochet me a nice sweater. (I haven’t tried that yet.

  • I would like to create a garment depicting all the love and joy that goes into any garment I create whether it’s knit or crochet and also to show all the beautifuly colors of our creation!

  • I always very make an afghan for any of my grandchildren and newlyweds.The best gift to give is one that is homemade!!

  • I am taking my Girl Scout Brownie Troop to JoAnn’s tonight to learn how to crochet. Then we are going to use our new found skills to crochet a blanket for Warm Up America and donate it to our local Ronald McDonald House.

  • Since I have crocheted an afghan for all of my children, I would like to crochet one just for me. I have always wanted to try to crochet a rainbow afghan using all the colors available. It does not have to be any special stitch, just different colors that slowly change in each row.

  • If I could knit or crochet ANY thing for ANY one, I would crochet lace for wedding dresses for my three daughters…Skillwise, I have a lot of practicing to do before then.

  • I would knit a scarf for Amy Grant. I’d give it to her Oct. 2003 and spend the next year knitting for her fan club. Oh, wait, that happened! Thanks to Lion Brand’s Homespun Baroque!

    I’d also love to knit with my great grandmother who taught my mother to knit who taught me to knit. She passed when I was very little. It’d be great to sit and knit with her and listen to her stories!

  • I would love to knit this one blanket I saw on Ravelry. It has a scene from the original Mario game on it. It’s so cute, and my brother would love it…but I just couldn’t handle that much detail in the color changes!

  • I would filet crochet a table runner/doily for Barbara Bush. I have admired this great lady for a long time. I already make things for my family and friends.

  • If I could crochet anything I want for anyone I want…….it would be lots and lots of blankets for the poor doggies and kitties in all the shelters around the US who have to spend their lives sleeping on cold, uncomfortable cement floors.

  • I have crocheted caps for chemo patients, lap robes for nursing homes, baby caps for new borns. I would love to be able to crochet some of the cocoon bags for babies as I have learned that it comforts them so much.

  • If I could knit or crochet ANYTHING, it would be seriously be an Irish Knit sweater…I hate to admit it, but it would most likely be kept for myself, too!

  • I wish I had more time to make scarves, hats, and mittens for the poor families in our community. Cold weather items could easily be distributed through a local faith-based organization and through our elementary school.

  • I would crochet just one more thing for my mom. She passed from cancer a few years ago. She is the one who taught me how to crochet, it was a milestone in our relationship, and I miss her terribly. So, just one more thing for my mom.

  • I love to do afgans. but I do like making the chemo hats out of the Fun Fur. The pattern that lion brand gave us. I have made a # of them and they are a joy to do.

  • I love to crochet scarves, hats and bags for friends and family.

  • i am actually making a little blanket for my niece’s son who was born in january 2010.
    i will probably also make a spring coat for him.

  • I am crocheting a blanket for my soon to be born great nephew. I am still amazed that my niece is old enough to be having her own children. It seems like just yesterday she was in diapers herself.
    The years went by so fast. I am so excited.

  • We lost Daddy last April; our parents were married for one month less than 65 years. Mom is almost 86 now. She spends much of her day in her glider/rocking chair, by the wood stove, playing her handheld Scrabble game, reading, and dozing. I would make her a lap-afghan and a shoulder shrug to help keep her warm (using her favorite colors, of course). I’d add a matching padded chair cushion, as her glider/rocker cushions have grown thin. She insists that the padding is ‘just fine.’ Mom deserves multiple gold medals for her devotion to our dad as his health declined…but I think she’d get more use out of this crocheted set for her rocker, and it would be a blessing for her.

  • Lately I have been knitting prayer shawls from the basic k3p3 pattern. I would like to knit a prayer shawl out of cotton yarn in another pattern still based on the Trinity.

  • If I could knit or crochet anything for anyone, I’d knit a jumper for my husband that didn’t go too high at the front, or too low at the back (depending on how you look at it) – he’s a very funny shape!

  • I would make jumpers for my two granddaughters aged 3.5 and 1.5 from the new Amazing yarn.

  • I would knit a chicken for my granddaughter. A few Christmases ago, she was trying to guess what I was knitting for her gift. She teasingly guessed “a chicken”. Since then I’ve been trying to figure out how to ‘engineer’ a chicken for her. I think I’m close to a breakthrough….

  • What beautiful comments and thoughts from everyone! For those who don’t know how, but wish they could make something for your loved ones, I wish I could make all those things you wished for!
    And I would love to make a gorgeous and intricate blanket or throw full of cables and lace. I usually stick to smaller, quick projects…

  • I would love to knit a comfort shawl/wrap for my friend. Her only son just passed away in Afghanistan on his 5th tour of duty. Hoping that it would bring her comfort in her sad days.

  • I would knit a Christmas stocking, bunting, hat, blanket for my grandbaby due in September.

  • Crochet is my preferred activity. I’d love to make stars, snowflakes and other festive decorations for family members to hang each year.
    Thanks for the website. Thanks for the free content.

  • I’m not artsy, really. I can’t match colorways well, or think up nifty designs. But I can trace lines! If I could do anything, for anyone, I’d probably pick a wall-size filet spread out of color-appropriate cotton thread, for Congress. And on this spread I’d have crocheted the faces of children, many races, many ages, looking out at us. Underneath, the words “Remember why you do this.”

  • Hello

    If I could crochet anything, it would be a pair of lacy handwarmers for my daughter. I saw a pattern once but couldn’t work out how to do it, it was too intricate for me.


  • I’m still a newish knitter…have made a dozen scarfs and a couple of hats, a simple throw and currently working an a more advanced baby blanket. BUT…someday I hope I’m good enough to knit everything in the Luxury Yarn One-Skein Wonders: 101 Small Indulgences by Judith Durant.

  • I would like to crochet a stuffed toy for my newest nephew, Cale…I made one for his brother and sister, but sadly my hands don’t work very well anymore due to my MS.

  • I would crochet for children in poverty. Make them sweaters, afghans, scarfs,hats and anythin to keep them warm. I already crochet for my grandchildren who love the attention of a newly made item just for them.

  • I would love to knit a soft lap robe for my mom. She died of Alzheimer’s in 2007, a year before I began to knit. It would be ultra soft baby yarn, with a silkey satin binding so she would have that physical stimulus as she handled the edges. Maybe I’d even knit her a pair of matching socks.

    Mom knit tiny Barbie and Ken clothes for us when I was little. Every new baby from church and all 10 of her grandchildren got a lovely layette set she’d create. I have piles of mittens and scarves Mom made for my 4 sons. She even made 2 humongous Dr. Who scarves one Christmas for my husband and I!
    I want to carry on my Mom’s legacy of creating handknit gifts, each stitch carrying my love for the recipient.

  • I want to crochet a matching sunhat and sun-dress combo for my 6 month old daughter!!!

  • I love to knit and crochet for my 7 grand children. They love little animals and I am knitting a sweater for my 1 year old grand daughter, Annie right now.

  • I would knit and crochet a soft, warm, comforting wrap, large enough to encompass and give love, hope, peace, and good health to the entire world. Especially the children…Yes, bless the beasts and the children…keep them safe, keep them warm.

  • Knitting as many large afghans using 2 skeins of yarn and a seed stitch with a twist for people in Chemo or in Hosps.

  • I did crochet a ruffle purse for my daughter in law. The yarn was a mushroom color and I lined it. It had round bamboo handles. She said she loved it!!!

  • I wonder if i could knit an airplane so I could go visit my mom and dad in heaven.

  • After the birth of my third child, my midwife asked me to knit her a womb! Apparently the way knitted material stretches is very similar to the way how a womb stretches. She wanted to use it with her patients and trainee midwives. I made up a pattern and did it. I felt happy that it may have helped a few pregnant women.

  • I would knit or crochet prayer shawls for women and scarves for men that have lived through or are currently living with infertility. The scarves and shawls would be a physical representation of a hug, to bring comfort during those difficult times. I would only ask that the receiver pay for the cost of shipping, because I would get the yarn for free from yarn companies that wanted to donate to such a worthy cause. That is my dream!

  • I love to knit Christmas and wedding presents for friends and family. I loved the excitement I recieved from friends when I was knitting a sweater for my mom for Christmas. I am currently knitting a wedding present for a cousin’s wedding and it is intricately cabled. I love seeing their reactions when they find out what I have knitted them.

  • i want to learn to knit socks. socks for everyone. i want a teacher that loves to teach from the heart, there are so many wonderful warm things we could make for loved ones, acquaintances, and the stranger. who knows, we might be knitting for an angel.

  • I would love to knit a Sheland Cobweb Lace Shawl for the grandchild that I’ve been promised for 4 years!! I can do FairIsle & Aran with ease & I can knit lace, but I think that using such a fine yarn would be beyond me & probably my patience.

  • I would have knitted my Mom and Dad matching sweaters. They have passed now so I would love to pick an elderly person in a nursing home and make him/her a sweater.

  • I would knit cozy blankets for all the dogs waiting at shelters for their ‘forever home’! They need to know that someone cares about them even if they can’t adopt them all!

  • I have a grandchild due in October so am knitting and crochet things to make a large 3 tiered baby cake made of afghans toys clothes. I hope to move back down to where they live in a month or so and can give it to them as a surprise in person.

  • I would knit luxury wraps/shawls for people who have little money for luxury. It would help keep them warm when they can’t afford the heat they need. It would show them that someone does care.

  • I have been making prayer shawls for my aunts and afghans for my uncles. I’m hoping to make some larger gifts for my close friends for next Christmas.
    Making gifts for others is “easy” – I find it much harder to find the time to make something for myself.

  • I want to make an afghan for nmy oldest granddaughter. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I didn’t make her one when she was born. The other grandkids have theirs, but not her. So, now that she is older, I am going to get her to help me pick an afghan and the yarn colors for her ” big girl” afghan.

  • I would love to learn how to knit a jumper for my darling 3 yr old granddaughter. I was in the service and stationed at England; a british friend would occasionally knit a few jumpers for my daughter. The memories are so vivid and I just want to be able to create one myself.

  • I would love to make something for my sister and brother. We weren’t lucky enough to grow up together but my sister recently found me online (turns out we had both searched for each other several times and made near misses)
    I would make matching scarves for the three of us so we could think about each other when the weather was cold. Unfortunately my brother died several years ago but I would like to think that he would have appreciated a hand knit scarf from his big sister.

  • That was so beautiful it made me cry. What a blessing to have had such an awesome person in your life, who gave you such vivid and loving rememberances. You must take great comfort in knowing that her generosity and love continue in Heaven with her every prayer for you and your family.

    GOD bless you; and thank you so much for sharing this wonderful memory from your heart.

    Linny O’Hara

  • I had three years of chemo. The nicest thing at my doctors office were the knit and sewn caps for us how lost our hair. There were so many to chose from. Made it nice to change hats daily. I would make hats now for all who need.

  • I would knit a Noro yarn sweater for myself. I have found that with all the time and energy that goes into knitting – unless you are a knitter you do not appreciate the item given to you. I also want to learn how to knit the helmet liners for our troops.

  • I would crochet a throw for my Aunt Clara. She was always crocheting “granny square” afghans. I don’t even know what she did with all of them, LOL! She died when I was 16 (39 years ago) and I still miss her. And, if I can do two 🙂 I’d knit a pair of slippers for Aunt Bess, who taught me how to knit, with great patience (and probably teeth grinding at my ineptitude, but she never showed it). She knitted slippers for me every winter while I was still growing, and I was always amazed how she could knit something that wasn’t just a straight line! In typing this, I realize: I need to pass on those skills to my daughter. She’s never shown an interest, but I’m going to talk her into letting me teach her.

  • I would knit a caregiver shawl for my best friend. I would also knit knit for all the new babies that are arriving into our family this year. but most of all i would knit premie hats in memory of our Grandson.

  • I’m currently making a Lion Brand “Wee Jacket” for my 3-yr. old granddaughter Audrey that I’ve sized up on my own!

  • it’s for my dad and scarf.

  • I am going to crochet a beautiful intricate hat for my oldest sister who is going through chemo.

  • I would love to make an afghan for each of my 4 sons and match each one to their personalities!

  • I am currently crocheting flowers. I am calling them ‘Flowers of Hope’. Each flower has a colored ribbon with a scripture verse attached to it. I am giving them to my patients to encourage them.
    I have them in a plastic bag and ask them to pick out one. They close their eyes and take one and are all surprised. They are equally surprised when they read the scripture-which always seems to be exactly what they needed. That’s what it’s all about.

  • If I could knit anything for each and every one of my family members, I would make them each a beautiful scarf, fitting to everyone’s personalities.

  • I would love to learn to make doilies. I have crocheted afghans but have not tried the doilies yet. I would make them for both my daughters and my sisters.

  • My youngest son and his wife are expecting their first child and I would love to crochet them a beautiful christening blanket.

  • I would knit something for my mom who passed away September 30, 2009. After all of my knitting projects, I never knit her anything. Maybe a pair of cashmere socks or a soft light pink cardigan. Something soft and something she wouldn’t buy for herself. I will always regret not doing that for her, especially when she got sick. I know it would have really meant the world to her.

  • To knit for some one,it will be for my husband Anuj,who always appreciate and value whenever I knit a sweater for him..

  • I would crochet a sweater vest pattern I downloaded recently for my only daughter. She always has loved everything I made for her. I get caught up in making too many projects for grandchildren and small projects for friends. Her birthday is in June and I wish I had started this for her a month ago. Right now I am trying to complete a baby afghan for my newest great grandaughter (my daughters grandaughter!) by Easter!! I’ll try to get her vest made for next Fall (Oct-Nov 2010). Besides, it would probably be too hot to wear around her birthday in June!!

  • If I could knit ANYthing for ANYone, I would knit a blend of Peace and Joy with inner Warmth and wrap every living creature in the world in it. I am inspired in this by viewing websites like Lion Brand and because there are some truly creative and genius people who are doing the same thing. <3 ~t

  • I would knit something for someone to cherish, keep them warm and give them joy. The trouble is matching the project to the person.

  • I would love to crochet my daughter’s wedding gown. She’s always loved rennaisance clothing and I made her prom dress with tatted lace overlays and would love to do her wedding gown now. However I’m in no rush for her to hurry into marriage since she just graduated from college and is interested in continuing her graduate studies. She can take her time.

  • Hi! This is a great Q. I am currently crocheting an American flag bed-sized afghan, that I intend to give to the family of a serviceman or woman. I’d love to be able to crank these out, but the “stars” take quite a while to do.

    Also, I’d love to knit and crochet a group afghan for our minister, who is retiring in a couple of years. She has a house in Maine, where it is cold, and I think it would be wonderful to send her with a bit of all our stitching.

  • I wish I could crochet a nice warm sweater with pockets for my father. He was the one who taught me to crochet. He was from Germany and told me his Aunt Gussie who raised him used to crochet doilies and handkerchiefs. She had arthritis and her hands were all crippled and she crocheted like crazy.Said the crocheting helped keep her hands from hurting. I never got to meet her but have many pictures of her. And my father passed away at a young age. I am now a crochet instructor and hope he is up there watching me keep the crochet in the family going. Five of my grand daughters now know the art of crocheting.

  • I would knit or crochet something warm for the little babies and children who not lucky enough to have a grandmother near them to do this for them.

  • I would love to crochet a beautiful thread bedspread and canopy to match. Then add the crocheted valances on the windows and linens on the bedside tables. I have given almost everything away that I have made and it has always been my dream to have a romantic cottage style bedroom.

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