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How to Use Safety Eyes

Want to put the finishing touches on your latest doll or amigurumi? Plastic safety eyes (also known as craft eyes) are an adorable option for topping off your project. Follow this simple tutorial to see just how quick and easy it is to apply safety eyes! I like to place my eyes when I'm about 3/4 finished with the head of my amigurumi, but you can add the eyes anytime before you close the head. (Note: Do not use safety eyes on projects for children under 3 or for animals.)

Safety eyes Your safety eye will consist of two pieces: the front (with a straight or threaded rod) and the washer.
Place first eye. Decide where you'd like to place your eyes. Slide the eye through your work from the outside in.
Place second eye. Place your second eye as well. Adjust the placement as needed. I often find that I need to move my eyes a few times before I get them just right. Before you start the next step, make sure that the eyes are where you want them. Once snapped in place, the eyes won't be movable.
Push on washer. On the inside of your project, place the washer on the rod of the eye. Push down until the washer rests against your work.
Locked in place. The eye is now locked in place. Repeat for the second eye.
Finished. That's all there is to safety eyes! Stuff and sew up your amigurumi. You're all done!

Do you use safety eyes on your amigurumi? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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