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How to See All of Our Facebook Posts in Your Feed

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How to See All of Our Facebook Posts in Your Feed

Have you liked our Facebook page? If so, you should see all of our tutorials, questions, pictures, and conversations in your Facebook news feed. However, recent changes to the Facebook have made it so that not all of our posts may make it into your feed, even though we’re still updating our page frequently. Thankfully, there’s a super easy solution to make sure you catch all of our updates!
How to Follow Our Facebook Posts
First, visit our Facebook page. After you’ve liked the page, you’ll see a “Liked” button. Simply click that, then make sure the “Show in News Feed” option is checked. That’s all there is to it! If you use interest lists on Facebook, you can also add us to a list for easy content sorting. Now you’ll be able to see our posts directly in your feed instead of having to come to our page.

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  • I have been seeing this posted all around – particularly on FB. The truth is just liking and checking “Show in News Feed” doesn’t work. Your readers have to actually create one or more lists, add the people or pages they want to see all posts from to it/them, and switch to each list to read.

    Page owners can also try this to increase engagement which will, in turn, increase the chances that your readers will actually see your posts:

    • Thanks, Babs. You’re totally right about the lists: they’re the best way to make sure you see a post.  🙂  The reason why I wrote this post wasn’t because of the “Only 3% of fans see posts!” comments that are floating around Facebook right now, but rather a few fans actually mentioned to me that they liked the page, but none of our posts were showing up in their feeds. It turns out that the “Show in News Feed” function wasn’t activated for them. It’s definitely the first place to check for fans, as it will make some (not necessarily all) posts show up. 

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