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How to Make Bracelets with Yarn

If you host a girl-scout troop, after-school club, or just the neighborhood kids, it's always have to some great craft projects in your back pocket for a rainy day...or perhaps you're hosting a wine & crafts night (or a bridal shower, baby shower, birthday party, etc.) for your friends and you're looking for some group-friendly activities that are fun and light-hearted. Either way, bracelets made of yarn can be a fun project to do together.

Whether you're just crafting (by wrapping and gluing, knotting or braiding) or you're knitting and crocheting, LionBrand.com has a great selection of bracelets and cuffs to check out. Here are just a couple of options, but as always, you can use the search box on LionBrand.com to look for others.

Wrapped Bangle Bracelets Wrapped Bangle Bracelets

Recycle sections of old mailing tubes or dress up plastic bangles with sparkling yarn. Just wrap and glue the yarn! This basic craft project can be done with kids of all ages in just about any yarn.

Click here for the pattern.

Craft Blue and Green Bracelet Wrapped & Braided Blue and Green Bracelet

Wrap a foam ball in yarn to create a bauble for your braided bracelet. Glue, yarn, and a foam ball are all you need to make bracelets of all sorts.

Click here for the pattern.

Knotted Friendship Bracelet Knotted Friendship Bracelet

You may remember knotting lanyards or embroidery thread as a kid to make bracelets for all of your friends. Relive those days--or pass this easy skill onto a child in your life--with this beginner pattern.

Click here for the pattern.

Glittering Knit Bracelet Glittering Knit Bracelet

This cable-knit bracelet is a stylish project that all your friends will love. Practice your cabling skills and make them in different colors so you can share!

Click here for the pattern.

Pink Sparkle Crochet Bracelet

Pink Sparkle Crochet Bracelet

This 5-star pattern is quick & easy, even for the novice crocheter. Make multiples in different shades of sparkling Vanna's Glamour for party favors!

Click here for the pattern.

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  • Bcolvin3

    I was very disappointed with some Vanna's Choice Baby yarn I was using.  One ball had two knots and a snag in it and another had a prple thread thru some of it. Of course it landed right in the middle of the front of the baby sweater I was knitting. It was quite a challenge. I am usually very satisfied with your yarn. But was very disappointed in this.

  • Coblebjane

    For over 50 years I have found that some colors will split easier than others - even in very high quality/expensive yarns.  I like the Vanna yarn - give it another try.

  • Oslandgirl111

    Also had problem with Vannas yarn. It is called Glamour. Had knots in it.

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