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How to Make a Yarn Wreath in 4 Easy Steps!

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A great gift for a knitter or crocheter - turn two balls of yarn into two cute wreaths in minutes! Use them as ornaments, then knit or crochet them into fabulous projects.

For this project you'll need two balls of yarn (here we're using LB Collection® Silk Mohair in Azure and Sunbeam), as well a tapestry needle.

Step 1


Remove labels from yarn, (hang on to them if giving to a yarncrafter!) and remove a little bit of yarn from each ball. If your yarn isn't already in a cake or doughnut shape, wrap it around a water bottle or cup to make "cakes." From the yarn you removed from each ball, cut 2 lengths of yarn (1 of each color), long enough to wrap around your package. Set them aside. Thread tapestry needle with remaining yarn in first color.

Step 2


Insert tapestry needle through center of the other color yarn ball and pull through leaving a 6” tail. Wrap yarn around mohair ball, coming up through the center each time.

Step 3


When you reach where you started, tie ends into a bow and trim tails.

Repeat for other ball of yarn using contrasting yarn to wrap.

Step 4


Thread the piece of yarn you set aside through one of the loops on the back of first wreath. Tie this strand tightly around package, making a knot in the back. Repeat for other wreath.

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