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How to Make a Wreath for Any Occasion

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How to Make a Wreath for Any Occasion

Wreaths are a great way to celebrate any holiday, and a handmade wreath will last for many seasons to come. If you make your wreath with friends and family, each person can make leaves, flowers and decorations. Add each individuals work into one wreath, and you’ll have made an art project into a lasting piece of holiday fun. It’s also an Earth-Friendly project, since you’ll be able to use wreath over and over in the years to come. 

Celebrate the changing seasons with the elegant felted Fall Wreath (pictured to the right) or one of the wreaths below. Want to make your wreaths extra special? Use the tips below to make your wreaths uniquely you.

Fall Wreath
This shimmering wreath makes excellent wall and door decorations. They already have the texture and sparkle of designer decoration, but unlike wreaths with natural plant branches or glitter, these wreaths won’t shed and will stay sparkly and brilliant for years to come. 

Tip: Shimmer and texture have year-round appeal. The sparkle of this yarn make it great for decorations; try making this wreath in a child’s favorite color and embroidering their name on it as a special decoration for the door to their room.

Fall Foliage Felted Wreath The crocheted  and felted leaves of this Fall Foliage Felted Wreath make it easy to customize. Pick the fall colors of Alpine Wool used in this example, or light spring colors to celebrate the end of winter. 

Tip: Add amigurumi to make your wreath unique. A small amigurumi or two can create a sweet scene inside this wreath. Try the Amigurumi Love Birds or some autumnal Thanksgiving Gourds in the center of this one.

Thanksgiving Wreath This Thanksgiving Wreath is an excellent project for using up yarn. Since the leaves and body of the wreath are wrapped, rather than knit or crocheted, they take much less yardage to create. 

Tip: Decorate your wreaths with scrap yarn. Mix and match any fibers you have left over from other projects to create leaves and decorations. Since you won’t be washing the wreath, you don’t have to worry about the fiber content or care instructions, just the colors and textures.

Wrapped Wreath

Get ready for winter holiday cheer with this Wrapped Wreath in Holiday Homespun. The yarn of this wreath has all the silky sheen of Homespun with an added glint of sparkle. Little yarn ball ornaments make a sweet touch to the finished wreath. 

Tip: Hang extra ornaments and holiday treasures from your wreath. Your wreath is a great place to hang ornaments you have no more room for. Be sure fasten ornaments securely; extra twist ties and safety pins work very well. If you’ll be hanging the wreath outside, be sure your ornaments are weather proof.

The care and keeping of handmade wreaths is fairly simple when you use long-lasting materials like cardboard and yarn. Simply wrap your wreath loosely in paper or fabric to keep them dust free while in storage (a pillow case works perfectly for smaller wreaths). Keep them with your other seasonal decorations and they’ll be easy to find each year.

To see even more patterns for wreaths, click here

Have a favorite wreath or holiday decoration you’ve made yourself? Leave a comment to tell us your story.

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  • Beautiful wreaths for the upcoming season!

  • Reminds me of adecoration I made years ago, crocheted fall flowers on a lovely background.  I should do one again after my other projects are done.

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