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How to Make a Ruffle Tank Top with Crochet

Many yarncrafters face the same challenge every summer: "I want to make something to wear right now even though it's warm outside." I have had this issue on my mind all summer long. On a recent shopping trip I finally found my summer yarncrafting inspiration. I'd like to share with you what I made, and what I learned in the process.

Recently, while admiring racks of ornate summer tank tops, I noticed little ruffles or motifs all over my favorite pieces. I realized then that little details are the perfect way to incorporate crafting into any summer wardrobe. I decided that my first project would be to add a sparkling ruffle in Vanna's Glamour to an otherwise ordinary tank top.

First, I used a slender tapestry needle to Blanket Stitch a border all the way around the neck of the tank top. I used Blanket Stitch because it creates loops along the edge of the fabric without adding bulk.
Next, I worked Slip Stitch crochet into the border I had made, using the edge loops as my foundation row instead of a chain. This is a great method for adding crochet trim to different fabrics.
After I completed the border, I was ready to get started on the ruffle. Instead of writing a ruffle pattern from scratch, I followed the directions for the Potato Chip Scarf with a few alterations. I made a chain of 40 stitches (instead of 143), and used a single strand of Vanna's Glamour with a size H8 hook. Crocheting the ruffle separately made the project a lot easier to manage, and helped me obtain the gauge I wanted.

After stitching the ruffle to the border and weaving in the ends, my tank top was ready to go! I really love the way it turned out, and figuring out how to do it was half the fun.

Have you made simple clothing special by adding hand made details? Leave a comment to tell us about your projects and inspiration!

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