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How to Knit Along with Us

Tree of Life Knit-Along BadgeWe’re so excited that over 25,000 of you have read about our first knit-along of the Tree of Life Afghan and that over 200 of you have commented. Since many people have mentioned that they are new to knit-alongs, we wanted to go over some basics of the knit-along with you.

So how do I join the knit-along?
Just download the pattern, pick up your supplies either at your local store or on our website, and start knitting! No need to sign up or anything. Just read the posts and share your thoughts with other participants.

How often will you update?
For this knit-along, Corinna will be updating the community every two weeks on her progress, but you can knit at your own pace! Knit-alongs are all about helping each other through a project, so we want to hear from you!

How do I share my thoughts or questions?
As you’re working, share your questions with other knitters by adding a comment (click on the “comments” button at the bottom of each post), and if you have an answer for someone else, a suggestion, or just an anecdote, share it with us too! If you’re responding to someone else’s comment, it’s helpful to include their name and/or comment number, so we know what you’re referring to.

Please read others’ comments! Someone might have already asked/answered the question you have, or maybe you can answer someone else’s question! It’s all about helping each other!

How do I share photos of my progress?
If you have a blog or an account on a photo service, feel free to store your pictures there and just include a link to your photos in a comment. If you are a Flickr user, tag your photos “lion brand,” “tree of life” and join our Flickr pool! Flickr has a great explanation of how to add your photo to a photo pool. (Note: all links appear in orange on the Lion Brand Notebook, so if something is orange, you can click on it!)

Can I invite my knitting group to join?
Absolutely! This knit-along is all about building community. Feel free to invite your friends. If you have a blog, pick up the badge above (Right-click the badge and “Save image as” to save it to your computer — Ctrl+click and “Save image as” on Macs) and add it to your blog, so that your friends can see it too.

Again, I just want to welcome everyone who’s participating! See you next Wednesday for Corinna’s next post!

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  • Well, I am trying this knit along. This will be a challenging pattern for me. Bought Lionbrand yarn in seaspray. I am looking forward to working on this project with everyone!

  • i love the idea of the kni a long, however, this is a pattern for an experienced knitter and just started six months ago.( i have made 5 projects) i would love to join a knit along with a more basic pattern

  • I started this afghan for a wedding present. The wedding is June 21, so I think I will have it done in plenty of time. It is going very quickly and is a joy to knit.

  • This looks like it will be fun.:) It’s been a very long time since I’ve knitted an afgan, but have been looking at this one in the Lion Brand catalog and wondering if I could finish it after getting used to quicker things like socks (can’t wait for your new sock yarn, btw!!)

    This KAL (my first) is the very thing to help me get going in time to finish before Christmas when I’d like to give it as a gift to my brother and SIL. I’ve got to get the supplies, but should be able to start in the next couple of weeks. I’m doing it in sage green, because that will highlight the tree and leaf motif. I absolutely love the edging!

    Thanks for making the pattern free for download–it gave me just the nudge I needed to take the plunge! Happy knitting everybody!

  • I just began this pattern this evening, and it is much simpler than it looks. I have chosen aran white.

  • I bought my yarn for this yesterday. What cast on method is suggested for this piece? The instructions don’t make a suggestion. Does it matter? I planned on using a crochet edging so I don’t know if that would matter.

  • I’m with the group! I am just starting row 18 of the Tree pattern, but who’s counting? We all are.
    Here is a tip that might be useful to my fellow KALers: For the first section, I placed stitch markers before and after each group of 40 stitches as well as a stitch marker noting the completion of each 4 knit stitches that link the “columns” together. That way, if you detect a mistake, it is easier to frog out 40 (or so)stitches than the whole row. A row counter that fits on the needle is mandatory for me.
    I can’t wait to see the design start to take shape.


  • I just started this afghan. On the chart some blocks are listed as “no stitch”. What does this mean? How do you do this?

    Thanks, Carol

    Zontee says: Hi Carol, please read Ginger’s comment on the knit-along post; she wrote a really good explanation of it. Hope that helps!

  • Hello yal, just joined the kal, and i am very excited to start. i have been looking for a special pattern for my cotton/bamboo blended yarn that i purchased in anchorage at a craft fiber fair. It is for a very special person in my life that i see rarely, my mom.
    I also find the pattern abit above my current level of experience, but i look forward to the challenge. I believe that you will never learn unless you challenge yourself. So for those that are shying away from this kal, DON’T, just jump in. it will be fun, and we all will help.
    Have a joyous day!

  • Thanks for the tips Lois. I will try that. I am waiting for my yarn to come in. I just ordered it yesterday. Right now I am working on a small square in basketweave in purple for an afghan a woman I know is making for two little girls that lost their sister and mother in a motor vehicle accident. So sad…she requested purple or pink squares. I hope it makes the girls feel better. Then I have to finish a dishcloth for a swap I have then hopefully I will receive the yarn and start on my Tree of Life Afghan. I have never done a project this advanced but hey…gotta try it! Lets keep each other updated with our progress. Pictures would be great. I have a Flickr account and I will post there with links here if that is acceptable for this site.

    Anyway, have fun everyone and
    Happy Knitting!


  • I have viewed this pattern from time to tome, as I like leaves and trees. I have started knitting the first 18 rows. I have 18 st/4 in, but I am a little surprised at how small the quage and how light weight the project is. I am using an acrylic weight afghan yarn and I am actually doing it in a bright cranberry color. Before I move on, I am wondering if the stocking st is actually the wrong side, or I have I done something wrong…In other words, the trees in the dividing row are stocking St, the background is the purl st. Thank you

  • Hello all – I’ve been wanting to do this pattern for a while now and when I saw the knitalong it was like a sign…lol. I’ve got my fisherman’s wool (my favorite yarn – I love aran knitting) and am casting on today. I’ll also be keeping notes in my blog with pics so feel free to stop by and giggle at my frustrations – I’m not a great knitter but I’m very persistent, so I’ll figure it out eventually. For those of you who are nervous about the pattern – don’t worry – I’ll be right there with you and we’ll struggle along together.

  • I originally downloaded this pattern a few months ago to knit for my in-laws for their christmas gift, then I thought it might be too much of a challange. But when I saw the KAL, I new I was meant to do this. I am currently starting row 16…so far so good.


  • When I saw the Tree of LIfe Afghan pattern I just HAD to make it. I was NOT an experienced knitter when I started the project in March of 2008. I’m now knitting the leaf border and attaching it to the finished afghan.

    I ripped out my stitches some 10 times before I got the hang of it, but it’s worth doing, especially now that I feel “experienced”. I had to teach myself every stitch.

    The one thing that really helped me was using a magnetic board to follow the written instructions. The chart is too confusing for me. I encourgae you to go-for-it if you like this pattern & don’t give up. Lynnie

  • Lynnie….what is a magnetic board. Where can I see one on the net? Lynne U.

  • OK, this is bad. I am on row 16 of the twin trees pattern of the TOL afghan pattern, and I am already stumped. When I work the pattern stitch through the entire row, I get to the end and have 20 stitches remaining. My questions- should I have 20 stitches remaining and, if so, what am I supposed to do with them?
    Thanks for any input!
    Perplexed in WA…

  • rebecca, i did the same thing. you have to include the k4 before each repeat. then you will have four stitches left over.
    4 repeats = 44 X 4 = 176
    180 -176 = 4
    hope this helps

  • I decided, hey, why not– just because I never finish big projects? Well, hopefully that will be aided with a KAL, just like weightloss or excercise — doing it with someone else.

    I look forward to seeing this take shape šŸ™‚

  • I actually bought this pattern and started it right before the knit-along. I’m using wool-ease in Natural Heather and size 9 needles. I don’t really care for the border so I’m going to do something different but I’m not sure what yet. I might just do solid garter stitch strips in a different color (maybe the Wheat or Mushroom), join those on, and then do a single crochet border in Natural Heather around that. I know I definitely want a wider border than the one in the pattern. I’ll decide when I get to that part šŸ™‚


  • Hi,
    I previously bought this pattern & began it this winter. I’m beginning my second Twin Trees pattern so I’m a little over half way finished. I wish I knew about Chris’s (#181) tip about doing the border before I started. I’m a little nervous about sewing it on at the end, but from previous comments it sounds like it turns out well that way too!
    Looking forward to chatting with you all & learning more about knitting!!
    Have fun!
    And thank you!!

  • I am really enjoying working on the Tree of Life.
    I was confused at first, but once I got things cleared in my mind……off I went.

    It’s been quite some time since I’ve worked an afghan – they get bigger, snuggly and I take a nap.


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  • Can you tell me the yarn and colours shown at the beginning (the blue one). Thanks.

  • Did you press your afghan?

  • Sorry, one more question, what does crochet hook P-15 mean? Is this 10mm?

    Zontee says: Hi Jacky, please leave comments related to the crochet-along on the crochet-along posts, that way comments are all together and so that others can also benefit from the answers. Cecily will be discussing the yarns used in her doll-sized sampler afghan in her next post, so please wait for the next post. She will also address finishing and care questions as we get further along in the crochet-along, but as a general rule, all items photographed are washed and blocked. Yes a P-15 is equal to 10 mm; you can find all hook sizes by going to and selecting Crochet Hooks and Notions under the heading, Our Yarns. Hope that helps!

  • I am excited to give the crochet-along a try. I have just retired from Michael’s and have a basement over flowing with yarn. I always had first chance on the sale yarn as I was the yarn captain at Michaels and I think I got a little carried away. I do prefer afghans done in off white as they are more versatile and no worry about color when giving as a gift.

    Have you thought about incorporating some of the crochet patterns that have been included in the past Lion Brand websites? There have been some really beautiful patterns in there and with a little adjusting of the pattern would really make an interesting sampler.

    Kate Friederichs

    Zontee says: Hi Kate, as I wrote to Jacky above, it’s best to post comments relating to the crochet-along on the crochet-along posts so that others can benefit from your comments as well. Cecily will certainly be incorporating stitches from the Stitch Finder. Enjoy the crochet-along!

  • I’m excited about this. I am teaching my granddaughter to crochet. Joann

  • I think that I am going to give this knit along a try. I just finished my first pair of socks, and I must say that I am proud of my accomplishment as the socks turned out very well. I have read some of the posts and the pattern sounds challenging.

  • Crochet Sampler Afghan

    Hi, I’m Marie and new to the blog. I’ve been crocheting and knitting since I taught myself during my teen years. I mostly knit since I have trouble shaping in crocheted projects. So I should be able to tackle this afghan. Am I reading it correctly, I can make this afghan with 4 balls of yarn? Can you tell me how to figure for more yarn if I want the afghan bigger?

  • I have crochet hats, shawls, slippers, and some baby blankets but have not crochet an afghan. I was always afraid that the afghan would come out crooked on one side. I like to crochet easy projects and I also have a difficult time reading some patterns (some don’t make sense). I will try this and see what happens. This way I will have someone to help me when I get stuck.

  • Please do NOT leave comments relating to the crochet-along on this page. They will NOT be addressed. All comments should be left on the crochet-along posts ONLY. Please click here for the CAL.

  • I clicked on CrochetAlong Afghan but was taken to KnitAlong Afghan. Also tried to log in but my id (email address) and password were not recognized and below the sign in was information for Naomi Ramos in Phila., PA saying I should check with someone because my email address was rejected by Internet Explorer and my email address might be incorrect. what is going on?

    Zontee says: Hi Barbara, the pattern above is not the pattern you want because currently you are on the “How to Knit-Along” page. Please go back to the crochet-along post and click on the pattern there. Next, you do NOT need to log into the blog. Just read the posts, leave your comments on those posts, and crochet along with the pattern. Hope that answers your questions.

  • This is my first time in joining. I have been crocheting and knitting for years. I would consider myself intermediate. Iam going to start this project today. Iam looking forward in reading all the comments. It will be like having my own crochet group.

  • I did not expect to have to purchase the pattern. Even though the cost is nominal, it is far easier and faster to download the pattern directly from the web site. Will you consider providing the pattern in this manner?

    Zontee says: Hi Susan, you are looking at the wrong pattern. As you can see from the date and description above, the pattern described was for our spring knit-along, whose pattern (Tree of Life Afghan) was provided for free download for the first few weeks of the knit-along. The crochet-along pattern can be found for free download by going back to the crochet-along post. Enjoy the crochet-along!

  • I got the sample crochet afghan pattern and have really enjoyed doing it. I make blankets for still born children for a local hospital. This pattern is so fast and easy to work up it has been a joy doing it since the blankets run out fast. It is also a good way to get rid of scrap yarn, they make beautiful and one of a kind afghans.

  • I have been knitting and crocheting for about 50 years. My Grandmother taught me. I am looking forward to doing the Sample Crochet Afghan because it has been a long time since I actually followed a pattern. Until my order arrives, I am working on several granny square blankets and baby sets. I also have to begin the hat and scarf sets for Christmas. Can you believe that my grown children still look forward to their knitted or crocheted gifts? It has become a family tradition. I will let you know how I make out following this pattern.

  • I want to do the knit along, but do I really have to pay for the pattern??

    Zontee says: Hi Charlene, the knit-along took place from May to June earlier this year, and the pattern was free for participants during the first few weeks of the knit-along. If you’re looking for the crochet-along (which has a free pattern), please go back to the crochet-along post.

  • How can I get into the CAL Blog to post a commen?

    Zontee says: Hi Carol, click on “Crochet-Along” under the “Categories” heading in the right-hand bar to see only posts related to the CAL. Click on “comments” at the bottom of each post to read comments and add your own

  • I love this idea and I certainly would love to knit a sarf that will warm the heart of anyone who needs it

  • Any chance of these patterns being translated into crochet?
    thank you.

  • I have been in groups before like this, it is an encouragement.
    I live in Jos, Nigeria, West Africa, and have made friends from projects like this.

  • What a great idea! I found that I knitted more when I had a group of knitting buddies. We could visit and knit and provide encouragment as out respective projects progressed. Now we can offer the same support on line!

  • I would love to do these, but I don’t knit. It would be great if alternative instructions for crochet-ers would be included, so that those of us who only crochet, and don’t knit, could help out as well.

    Just a thought . . .

    Zontee says: Hi Jamie, we had a crochet-along earlier this fall and we will have another coming up after this knit-along. You can click the “crochet-along” category in the right-hand column of the blog to see only articles relating to it.

  • I have never done a knit-along but it sounds like so much fun! I have just voted for my choice of what to make for the next one. I voted for the zen sweater, but it uses circular needles which I’m not very familiar with using. I did use them for a scarf one time so I think I could do it. I’m a fairly good knitter with regular needles. I assume another e-mail will come out when the project has been selected?

    Zontee says: Hi Aleta, yes, we will announce it in the newsletter when the project is selected.

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  • I did not know about you knit or crochet along until today November 15,2008. Would like more info about it. When do I see the patterns? Thanks sounds great!

    Zontee says: Hi Sara, please check out the new knit-along post for more information.

  • I am going to love these cables! This is going to be a great knit-a-long! My daughter will love the sweater! Ready to go!

  • I just found your knit-a-long site and can’t wait to get started!This will certainly be a much needed stress reliever during the holiday season. I am going to be greedy and make this for myself!

  • I am not quite half finished with the tree of life afghan but am anxious to start on the sweater. Oh, if only I had more time or more hands.

  • I almost always have a looser stitch on the purl stitch following a cable. I do tighten this stitch but it still always looks looser. Any suggestions?

  • Just wanted to say hi, and let everyone know that I have joined in this kal. I have almost 40 inches done on my yolk cable and so far love this pattern. I made the odd mistake, but I found them quite easily fixed. I almost remember the pattern, so its challenging enough knitting, without being frustrating. I can get through the 16 rows in about 15 min so its great to be able to knit a pattern at times that I normally wouldnt have enough time.

  • Hi all,
    I have loved the TOL afghan pattern since spying it in one of the catalogues. As soon as I found out about the KAL I jumped right in. It took me about 3 weeks to complete it. I knitted the border directly to the main section, doubling up at the corners. Luckily the pattern repeat ended just right at the end. I entered it in the local county fair and received a Reserve Champion ribbon! I gave it to a great college student whom I taught to knit while she was in 4-H.
    I have the TOL sweater in the works, knitting it without any side seams and placing the trees motif in the center back.
    I will be starting the new KAL after my daughter voices her color choice. šŸ™‚

  • I am knitting along kal. But I have a question on the back section when it says on row 1(rs) work row of 3/3 LC cable. What instructions do I use for row 1? Thank You

    Heather says: “Hi, Linda: The instructions on how to do the 3/3 LC is just under the “Stitch Explanation” section of the pattern.”

  • I am doing my 1st KAL with the cable sweater. Have the cable yoke done, and have started on the back…this is where I don’t understand part of the pattern and need help. At, “shape armholes”. the last line of instructions about Work even in pattern as established until Row 2 of 2ns rep of Center Cable has been worked.??? What row is that? Help, I’m addicted to this, and want to keep knitting! Thanks

    Heather says: “Hi, Janey: The instructions are saying that you need to do one repeat of the center cable pattern (12 rows) then work 2 more rows of the pattern (finish row 2 of the center cable pattern). Hope this helps!”

  • Linda, as I understand it, row 1,5 and 7 is knit the 6 of the cable pattern, the rest of the row is the p2, sl 1, p2; between each knit 6. And row 3 is the 3/3 LC. Hope that helps.

  • Hi everyone. My yarn and supplies arrived today and I can hardly wait to get started on that beautiful cabled sweater. I am still undecided about what size to make it. The 1x seems too little, and the 2x too big but would hate to work that hard for one that would be too small. Ahem. I will be checking back a I know I will need lots of advice before I am finished. Just charge it up to “Senior Moments” since I am 80.

    From Nebraska

  • I am so excited! I have been crocheting for several years, but need to advance to making jackets and sweaters. I finally have an opportunity to learn! The jacket looks ideal! I’m glad it won!

  • this will be my first crochet along. getting my yarn tomorow and can’t wait to start.

    talk to ya’ll soon

  • Pls disregard my previous question about which pattern for the kal — I figured it out. Thank you!

  • I want to make the moderne jacket and get the pattern free. How do I join?

    Zontee says: Hi Linda, as it says above, there’s no official “joining” in a knit-along or crochet-along. Also, that pattern was free for a period several months ago for that crochet-along and is no longer available for free (it is on sale for $3.95), but we are currently working on the knit Textured Circle Shrug.

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