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How to Host a Yarn Swap & Stashbusting Party

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How to Host a Yarn Swap & Stashbusting Party

YarnA swap party is the perfect way to spend quality time with your yarn-loving friends, and unload a lot of unwanted yarn cluttering up your stash. At a yarn swap, all the swappers bring their unwanted yarn to unload and hope pick up a few new treasures.

If you want to host your own swap party and unload some yarn clutter, here are 5 useful tips on planning your party.

Make sure you’re ready to let go of your yarn when you bring it to the swap.
If you’d be comfortable donating your yarn to charity, then you’re ready for the swap. If you’re not ready, put the yarns in a box and mark it “check in 6 months.” Chances are in 6 months you’ll know if you want to hang on to it. Then you can have another swap!
Make your invitations clear so that your fellow yarn lovers know what to expect.
Will you be swapping only luxury fibers like angora and cashmere, or can you can bring any yarns you like? Telling your guests what will happen will help everyone get prepared for the swap and know which yarns, foods and entertainment they can bring.
Have a clean, large surface to spread the swapping yarn out on.
A dining or coffee table is ideal, but if you have enough yarn to cover the floor (lucky you!) spread a sheet or afghan out to keep the yarn clean and dust free. Make sure to keep food or drinks away from the yarn during the swapping.
Organize the swapping so that everyone gets a turn choosing yarn.
Making everyone comfortable is key to a successful swap. One popular way to coordinate the swapping is to have swappers draw numbers and select yarn from a central pile of  donations. This way everyone has a chance to look at the yarn and no one has to feel rushed. Go in as many rotations as you like till the yarn runs out!
Tell your guests that any unclaimed yarn will be donated to charity.
Tell your guests that unclaimed yarn won’t be wasted, it will go to helping others. There are lots of organizations that would be thrilled to accept yarn donations. For help finding one near you, check out our Charity Connection.

A swap party is a chance to spend time with your fellow yarn lovers, enjoy one another’s company and clean out some yarn clutter taking up space in your stash. You might even take home something exciting that you’ll know exactly what to do with; and it will carry the memory of good friends and fun.

Have you ever been to a yarn swap? How was it organized, and what tips would you share? Tell us in the comments below!

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