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How to Do the Long Tail Cast On

Also known as the slingshot cast on, this technique is fast and creates a neater look than your basic cast on. If you've ever seen it done by somebody else it looks very complex (I was super intimidated when I first saw it!), but it actually isn't. Once you get the hang of it, you can quickly produce a beautiful and even cast on row!

how to do a long tail cast on

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  • Becky

    I teach this method to children by reminding them to make their "duck quack" -- works like a charm.

  • jburke

    I used to cast on this way - then switched to the knitting on method.

  • Erin Smith

    I have always done a 'long tail' cast on. How do you do anything different?

  • nancy

    This is the way I cast on, but sometimes I have a problem in how long of a piece of yarn I need to cast on my stitches. I am glad to learn to wrap the yarn around my needle 10 times to check, sure will try this on my next project. Thanks!

  • Andrea

    I've always done the long tail cast-on but I do it on 2 needles because with only one needle either it is too tight or, if I don't tighten it, the stitches come out unequal. The problem is, with two needles the cast on can be too loose... What do you recommend?

  • Nancy Roe

    This is the method that finally broke open the door to knitting for me. I had never been able to grasp the cast on until I bought a book called "Teach Your Kid to Knit". My kid wasn't interested but it taught the long-tail method in such a way that it finally clicked.