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How to Cable Without a Cable Needle: A Tutorial and Video

Let's say that one day, you're working on that lovely cable project you've been looking forward to starting, it's time for you to start your cable - you dig through your pouch full of notions and somehow, your cable needle is nowhere to be found! Oh no... now what?

I'm sure many of you have experienced working on a cable project with no cable needle nearby, and you have probably used something else in substitution of the cable needle - a pen, pencil, straw, etc.  But did you know that you can also cable without any needle at all, and it's quite simple.  We have an easy tutorial with step by step images showing you how to cable without a cable needle, which you can find here - but now, you can watch the tutorial in action by viewing the video below!

Which is your preferred method for cabling? Share with us in the details!

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