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How Many Projects Are You Working On?

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How Many Projects Are You Working On?

Everyone is different when it comes to crafting. Some prefer to work one project to completion, while others have several going at once.


There’s no right or wrong way to be, and who even knows why we are different. Maybe it has to do with attention span or organization, or maybe it’s about that rush of excitement that comes from casting on a new project. Perhaps some prefer the sense of satisfaction that comes from finishing one. The question is, which one are you?

How many projects are you working on right now?

Personally, I’m the type who has many projects going at once. I just tried to mentally tally up my knitting, and I got to about a dozen pieces before giving up. It’s hard to say why, exactly. I think I just get excited about the possibilities that come from new projects, so I can’t resist casting on more, no matter how many I’m already working on.

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  • 4… *sigh*

  • I knitted christmas sockings, The garter cuff stocking ornament! Used reflective yarn!

  • 2 active projects, a sock to carry around and some lace for when I can pay attention. Unknown number of projects in “time-out”, sometimes it’s better not to know.

  • I refuse to answer on the grounds that the embarrassment would be detrimental to my emotional well-being. Lol! Entirely too many. I love the inception of a project, the feeling that there are so many possibilities. I hate the tedium of finishing a project…..tying up all of the loose ends as it were. I have so many unfinished projects laying about…. unfinished not because of the tedium but because I didn’t like how it was turning out, because it wasn’t matching up to the mental picture I had of it, because it wasn’t pretty or appealing. Hard as it is, I’m trying to learn to just put these unfortunate items in a bag and bring them to Goodwill. Perhaps someone will find it and be so delighted with it that they’ll finish it. Or perhaps they’ll be delighted with the yarn or the fabric and take it apart to make something else with it. Whatever happens to it, it’s no longer sitting in a basket, bag or drawer sending out waves of anxiety inducing guilt!

  • I am working on a queen size afghan with 4 alternating colors, knitted knockers, chemo caps, cell phone sweaters, fingerless gloves, ski masks and baby booties in several colors.

  • um.. less than 10…

  • I have two, technically three, but the third which is the second of a pair of socks is in storage. One is a sweater, the second a scarf. Winter accesories took president over the sweater. Once those are done, I’ll get the socks out from storage. I used to have a stash that I had to throw out due to carpet beetles. I lost years worth of knitting and years worth of wool and wool blends. So when I moved, I declutteded and condensed and threw out over half my total belongings. I still feel like I have too much. Now, I have purchased acrylic yarn (Vanna’s is my favorite) only for specific projects, this way, I know exactly what I’m knitting and balls, skeins and hanks aren’t going to be sitting there waiting to be devoured by carpet beetles. I also put all my needles away except for my set of Denise’s. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from me living with fewer things. I am going to make the commitment to finish the projects that I start and keep track of them on Ravelry.

  • I have 7 active projects…
    2 orders: 1 hat that is almost done and an Afghan due the end of February.
    The other 5 are personal: 1 afghan for next Christmas, 2 sets of boot cuffs, a Tunisian crochet afghan that has no deadline and a vest.
    Along with these I have on going charity crochet that I do.

  • 2 with 2 finished this morning and about 4 in my head that my fingers are fidgeting to start, but I’m cooking tomorrow- sigh-

  • 6 and 8 more to be finished by Valentine’s day

  • ummmm… About 5 I think. And more orders coming in for bun beanies, scarves, hats and fingerless gloves. Tis the season for the winter things.

  • I finished a Dragonfly Poncho this morning. Now I’m assembling a charity African flower

    hex motifs (21) into a shawl/lapghan. Two toddler size afghans are awaiting assembly. I tend to loose interest after making the initial motifs for a project. Feels good to get some of these WIP’s finished!

  • Currently working on the longest, to most recent
    1) a Hitchhiker shawl in colors similar to the Albuquerque Sunset shawl, in sock yarn.
    2) a side-to-side knitted top using LB’s 24/7 cotton (the colors in the Clement Canyon Poncho, which I decided not to make).
    3) a cowl with crocheted buttons using the moss stitch suggested for color pooling, in a bicolor acrylic yarn alternating with a tricolor yarn.

    I recently finished another cowl similar to #3 for my sister for a Christmas present, and before that, finished two cowls for her and for myself using the LB Paint Palette pattern, one in dark colors and the other in citrus colors.

    And before THAT, completed a sweater for myself using cream wool worsted with Noro Kureopatora in 2 colorways.

  • Just finishing the last one, but usually have a simple project for board meetings, a mid-level project for travel, and a complex project for the end of the day.

  • I’m actually working on 2…..a pair of gloves for my grandson and an afghan for a great-great nephew. However, I have the yarn ready for 5 graph-ghans that I will start as soon as I can get these crazy gloves finished!

  • I always have about a dozen knit and crochet projects in progress. My fingers are rarely idle since I do a lot of charity projects. I love to try new things and I don’t think there’s a yarn I wouldn’t like.

    • I found a yarn I don’t like. It was given to me, Black Acrylic, feels like old stockings, bulky weight. Was thinking of giving it to Goodwill. But my son just got a new apartment, needs a doormat!

  • Probably more than 20 — I no longer keep a count. But I try not to start a new project until I finish an ongoing one. I do a lot of lace and colorwork (Fair Isle, mosaic, doubleknitting) which require more concentration, but I also have a number of simpler projects that I work on in social situations.

  • I love starting new projects. I get depressed when I finish one that I’ve worked on for a while (like saying goodbye to an old friend.) So I have a method for keeping my UFOs from becoming overwhelming. Even years like 2016 I can Start as many projects as I like. Odd years like 2017 I have to finish 2 projects for every one I start.

  • Counting all the projects that are started and stalled, probably about 15.

  • Uh, 3 I think – not counting UFOs lurking in dark corners.

  • 1. Cotton socks for my wife,
    2. wool socks for me, afghan that is beautiful colours but is turning out too small so I will likely sell it when it’s done and make a new much bigger one.
    4.I made 20 dishcloths that I gave away as Holiday gifts so I’ve started some new ones to have on hand as gifts when needed, and.
    5. and 6. I’m working on two Mile-a Minute afghans for a couple of new older siblings of friends and family members. New babies get all the attention and gifts so I always make a New Big Sister blanket or a New Big Brother blanket for the ignored older sibling in their favourite colours.

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