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How I’m Staying On Track With The Sweater Knit Along

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How I’m Staying On Track With The Sweater Knit Along

I’m antsy. I don’t like to have too many projects going at once because I know I’ll never finish them. One might say I’m loyal to the project I start; I don’t start another project until it’s finished. However I’ve taken on a big challenge with my first sweater and I need mental break. I’m participating in the current Knit Along in the Lion Brand Yarn Studio and if you’ve been following my posts about it, you know that I’ve been working hard to keep up with the class.

Taking A Break From Knitting … By Knitting Something Else

I thought I’d take on a few small projects as a way to take a break from my sweater. My friends who are twins just celebrated their 30th birthday (they say they just turned 25 … but I digress.) I love making gifts for my friends because they’re always made with love and they’re one-of-a-kind. And they love when I make them something special; they refer to it as “Made by Shi Stuff.”  So I suggested some wristers and to make them special they could choose any of our premium LB Collection® yarns they wanted.  They chose Angora Merino; Hadassah chose Pewter and Yaffa chose Blue Bell.


The Plan

Even though I need to make two pairs of wristers, it’s a nice little break.  It’s like Where is Waldo, sometimes you’re looking so hard for Waldo you need a break and once you come back, you find him right away.  I’m hoping that these wristers are my break, and then I will come back to my sweater and zoom through.

How many projects do you have going at once?  Or are you like me, and are a one-at-a-time project kinda crafter?

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  • Hi Shira! Around the holidays, I dug out all of “UFOs” as they say at the studio. I had 14! I have been trying to work through them all since then, plus doing the KAL of course :-). I’m down to 5. I aspire to be like you and be able to focus on one project at a time. Or at least, I’d like to have one main project going and maybe one portable subway-knitting project…Someday… sigh…

    • @disqus_rpGFAeW75Q:disqus – I guess that happens when we are crafty right? We just cant wait to start those projects. That’s impressive though down to 5 good on you! We can do this, I know we can get through all of these UFO’s and and KAL’s and anything else we pick up along the way! Let me know about your progress @shiraroars !

  • I stick to one at a time, because, as a woman on a budget, I feel like it helps my husband see that it is money well spent (rather than seeing a whole lot of UFOs floating around). This also stops me from accruing much of a stash; I use my scraps whenever practical.

  • Hi, I have several going at once. Always. What sweater pattern are you doing? I never have made a sweater. It makes me nervous

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