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How Does Spring Influence Your Crafting?

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How Does Spring Influence Your Crafting?

Spring crochetingNow that it’s finally starting to feel like spring, I feel rushed to finish one last wool sweater before the weather gets too hot. During the cooler months, I almost exclusively knit and crochet sweaters; once the temperature hits 75, I only want to make socks, hats, and other small, portable projects. However, I still use my favorite fiber, wool, in the same jewel-toned color palette all year long.

How do the changing seasons affect your yarncrafting? Do you change the types of projects you make like I do, or do you use a different fiber like cotton or bamboo during the warmer months? Are you inspired by a different color palette? Let us know in the comments!

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  • I am constantly on one project or two or three. But in the warmer months I try not to be doing bulky things or larger one piece afghans. I find I prefer lighter yarns and bright and/or lighter colors.

  • Yes in the spring and summer I do change my projects as well as they type of yarn..Once the warmer weather arrives I like to change to summer tops for my daughter (cotton/bamboo) and shawls and light weight scarves…for her and or my sister or to sell…

    Thanks Marge

  • I always have projects going on and a zillion more bright ideas in a notebook. I don’t really change too much as the weather in maine is usually on the cool side anyway.

  • I’m so slow, if I want to make a sweater for winter, I have to start in spring. A friend asked me to make him a garish Christmas vest for his office holiday party, and I’m already looking for a pattern and yarn. But I also like to work on smaller, lighter projects when it’s hot. I’m making a tank-top type vest for myself out of cotton right now. I hope I finish it before Labor Day!

  • I usually have a few items on the go. Currently, I’m finishing an afghan and a scarf in Chenille Thick & Quick, which has been in my stash for awhile. However, with warmer weather on the way, I’ll be switching to lighter projects in cotton (the Green Living Tote) and mohair (a light & lacy scarf). As for the color palette, I enjoy a wide variety of hues.

  • My warm weather projects are small and portable, and usually cotton. I crochet potholders or tote bags. Last summer, I crocheted granny squares of an acrylic/cotton blend, but did not sew them together until Winter Break from school.
    I have a newborn hat size wooden peg loom, and use sport weight yarn to knit the hats.

  • When weather warms up, I too switch to smaller projects. It can get quite hot in Ontario, but I still want to work on projects. I will also do some cross stitch and some plastic canvas work. I also crochet baby afghans and winter hats to donate for our Christmas drive.

  • I’m in Arizona and the weather gets into triple digits and stays there. I’m afraid I go into reverse-hibernation some years.

  • Spring, unfortunately during day light hours, knitting-0, gardening-100%.

  • In Spring, I finish up the afghans or set them aside for Fall. Then the “giftable” projects come out – scarves, hats, potholders, mug rugs, plus appliques for quilts and Tshirts – projects to crochet without overheating.

  • I have to give up knitting once it’s gardening weather. No matter how hard I scrub my hands, my knitting is a shade darker when I’ve been in the dirt. Don’t suggest gardening gloves-they take the fun out of gardening. I can’t feel what I need to. It’s all right. I start again renewed in the fall.

  • I crochet all year, but during the winter holidays I try to make presents and slippers for my family. I also tend to use darker shades and colors during the colder times of the year. In the spring I use lighter colors, and I’ve just started using strips of plastic bags instead of yarn for some projects.

  • Spring has me very busy at work so I enjoy using the different colors of the Amazing yarn and making granny square afghans that I plan to donate to charity events. Amazing is so light, and as the colors change I am never bored. The granny squares don’t require a lot of thought when I am so busy. The look is wonderful when finished.

  • A heavy wool afghan draped over my bare legs as I sit knitting on the deck during spring is enough to invite heat-induced madness!!
    I much prefer working on smaller projects made with cool fibers at this time of the year – if I can find a few minutes outside of outdoor chores. It’s nice to spin outside in the cool mornings once summer rolls around.

  • I usually switch from heavier afghans and larger items to crocheting runners or doilys. Warmer weather is also an excellent time for smaller shapes that pieced together. Unfortunately, Gypsy has my schedule. Working in the yard or other gardening seems to be the order of the day. However, nothing feels as nice as a throw when it’s a chilly evening outside!

  • During the fall & winter months when many of you knit & crochet yourselves out from under the snow, many of us Arizonan’s do the reverse. Soon after Mother’s Day, out come all of the heavy yarns & the sweater, sox, hats & afghan patterns to knit & crochet ourselves out Monsoon & “cabin fever” season.

  • I tend to do more crochet than knitting when spring comes because crochet is easier to take with me on days out.
    I also make smaller items such as table place mats.

  • I usually stick to smaller projects during the summer and use more cotton or lighter weight yarns.

  • in warm weather I tend to only get out my yarn when traveling in the car to keep my hands busy. I am working on a gift right now and hopefully all the outdoor activities don’t have me to busy to finish it. I relate to the fellow gardeners, therefore I tend to me a colder months knitter and crocheter. 🙂

  • I’m finishing my last heavy shawl of the year before the weather gets too hot to handle it, but I’ve already half finished a bamboo/silk blend summer shell. I carry a bag with materials for dish and spa cloths in the car to make gifts when in waiting rooms or visiting. I have to knit when I’m “just sitting” to keep my hands out of mischief!

  • In the spring/summer, I tend to use lighter yarns and make smaller projects. This year I am crocheting a lacy scarf for a Christmas present. I got caught last Christmas with having to do too much in too short a time and so am using the warmer weather to work on smaller projects for gifts.

  • I too tend to change to smaller projects but the yarns stay pretty much the same, cottons and acrylics, since my loved ones have a bad habbit of sending my hard work through the washer and dryer! And thank heaven for air-conditioning as it’s always warm here in Florida.

  • In Virginia our summers are hot and humid. I usually switch to lighter weight, mostly cotton and cotton blend yarns and prefer to make sleeveless or short sleeved tops and baby items. Definitely lean towards a lighter brighter palette. Gardening demands that I work on yarn projects after the outside chores are done.

  • I always have a several projects on the go, but I may plan smaller, portable items during summer months. If I have a sweater (like now, for my husband) on the go, I can still sit on the deck to knit.

  • I have begun working on baby blankets, the yarns used are lighter in weight and in color. Plus, spring is the time for rebirth and there seems to be a lot of that going on with family and friends 🙂 The projects are brightening my days.

  • I spin as well as knit. When the weather turns warm I’m able to take my wheel outside and spin on my front porch, watching the world go by.

  • Warm weather = small and portable projects. I still do afghans just ones I need to piece together. I foresee crocheted socks being learned. I have my warm projects starting to line up socks, cable crochet squares, wash cloths, a rug or 2 and some amaguri are calling to be done. Forecast is for lots of crochet time in side when it gets hot.

  • I also choose smaller and lighter projects during the summer. I use a lot of cotton during the warmer months, but I like the idea of granny squares in Amazing. 🙂

  • To Hortma1000 and other gardeners – I learned years ago when my 3 teenaged sons were working on their cars that the best thing for cleaning hands is Fast Orange with Pumice and a good stiff hand or fingernail brush.  We have a large farm and I still crochet every night after chores [I also hate wearing gloves].  This summer I have been making scarves for Special Olympics and baby blankets for the crisis center.

  • This spring I am working on lacy scarves, including infinity scarves, in the bright colors that are popular now.  The openwork makes them comfortable 3 seasons out of the year.  Their airiness allows them to be worn as accessories indoors and during mild winters they are all you need outdoors.

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