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How Did You Do on Our First Puzzler?

How did you do on our first Puzzler?   The answers are in this newsletter.  We'd love to know what you thought about this new newsletter feature.  Was it too difficult? too easy?  Do you like crossword puzzles or would you prefer another type of puzzle?

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  • Chris

    Loved the puzzle. It was a bit easy, but I like that. I don't want my knit fun to be too difficult. I liked the crossword format. I also like circle a word styles with word lists. Thanks for the bit o' fun.

  • http://www.savvyneedle.com Kelli

    I agree with Chris. I love word finds as well as crosswords. This one was very easy, but I've been knitting for years so that would make sense. :) Thanks!

  • http://blog.knittingonthego.com Katherine

    I am strictly a crossword puzzler! I enjoyed the first puzzle because I enjoy all types of crosswords--hard, easy and in between. Yes it was a bit easy, but fun just the same. More please!

  • Deanna Revay

    I had fun with the puzzle. I am a new knitter so had to do a little research. I love word search puzzles also. Looking forward to the next time.


  • Kelleigh

    Deanna and I are in the same boat. Being a new knitter, I had trouble with only one word but it was a lot of fun to test what I do know about yarn and knitting. Thanks for the puzzle and keep them coming!


  • Kerry

    I love crosswords and crochet. I hope you do a
    lot more of these.

  • http://www.ttdcreations.etsy.com diva27406

    i love your puzzlers they are a great challenge. Thank you