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Knit or Crochet the Hottest Fashion Trends for 2017

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Knit or Crochet the Hottest Fashion Trends for 2017

Ah, fashion. It can be an extremely fun way of expressing yourself, but it can also be expensive to try and keep up. Well, you don’t need to stay on top of every last trend — you can hand make a few pieces and stay chic for a while to come.

Giant Scarves


Emma Roberts wearing an oversized black and white scarf.


Giant scarves have been a serious trend for the past few winters, and for good reason. They’re cozy and warm, protect you against the elements, and can make a simple outfit look stylish. While there are plenty out there to buy, you can have a truly unique piece if you make your own.

Pom-poms Everywhere


Kate Moss carries a handbag with a pom-pom charm.


Pom-poms have been major for the past year or so, and it doesn’t seem like they’re going anywhere. They’re great for hanging off of purses and other accessories, and you can get them in a wide variety of colors and sizes. It’s super easy to make your own and attach a key ring or clasp so they can hang off your bag! You can buy our faux fur pom pom or use one of our styles of pom makers (and follow our easy tutorial) to do it.


Cocoon Sweaters

Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope wearing a cocoon sweater on Scandal.

I am firmly of the opinion that more trends should prioritize comfort. That must be why I’m such a big fan of cocoon sweaters. They’re warm and feel like you’re wrapped in some sort of woolly hug. They’re pretty simple to make yourself, and we have several patterns for shrugs and sweaters in this style.

Jumbo Yarn for Everything

Photo via Huffington Post


There are lots of images out there of enormous blankets and scarves made from what looks like unspun roving. Those are beautiful, but they’re extremely pricey and tend to shed. But we have a solution for that — enter WOW!®, our new category 7 yarn.

WOW! in Avocado Toast

We have a few great patterns for this yarn, in both knitting and crochet. Not only are they chic and fun, they also work up really quickly! You can make a cowl or scarf in about an hour.


Black & White

Zendaya wears a black and white gown on the red carpet.

Black and white always look great together. It’s basically a fashion staple and it’s not going anywhere. We have a great way to recreate the look in a personal, creative piece you make for yourself: Scarfie! The black/cream colorway creates beautiful waves of black and white throughout the garment.


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