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Hot New Trend: Matching Accessory Projects & Manicures!

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Hot New Trend: Matching Accessory Projects & Manicures!

Wonderful trends in nail art have been all over Pinterest this year, and we couldn’t help but be inspired. Our favorite trend of the year has to be the matching manicures and projects!

These are some of our favorite projects to coordinate with this season’s trends in nail art. Mix & match colors, pair them with your favorite yarn or take your swatch with you to the make up counter!

All the patterns below are free for download from (you may have to sign in before downloading). Click the source link for each of the pinned nail art images for the guide to creating these manicures yourself.

Rainbows and Bright Colors

Image of Dolce Fingerless Gloves Image of Rainbow Burst Tote
Pinned by: Hillary Louise
Knit Dolce Fingerless Gloves Crochet Rainbow Burst Tote

Ombre/Gradient Color

Image of Snow Day Mitts Image of Splendid Triangle Shawl
Pinned by: Jessica Berges
Knit Snow Day Mitts Crochet Splendid Triangle Shawl

Chevrons/Missoni-Style Ripples

Image of Piquant Ripple Clutch
Pinned by: Michelle Perez
Crochet Piquant Ripple Clutch Knit Chevron Scarf

Caviar/Textured Finish

Image of Bobble Bracelet Image of Joan Scarf
Pinned by: Michelle Ehlert
Knit Bobble Bracelet Crochet Joan Scarf


Image of Sparkling Knit Wristers Image of Cinderella Wristers
Pinned by: Adri Prettyjumbles
Sparkling Knit Wristers Crochet Cinderella Wristers

Snowflake Details

Image of Snow Day Cap Image of Colorwork Sweater
Pinned by: GoldDstWmn .
Knit Snow Day Cap Knit Colorwork Sweater

Do you love nail art as much as you love yarn? Tell us about your favorite trends!

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