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Hey Beginners, We Found Your Next Easy Project!

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Hey Beginners, We Found Your Next Easy Project!

If you’ve just started to knit or crochet, or know someone who has, you know how challenging the first few projects can be. Chances are if you are just getting started, you’re thinking about making a scarf, or have already made one. My first and second projects were both basic scarves, but by the third project I was ready to try something new. We’ve all faced the challenge of figuring out what to make when you’re ready to move beyond the scarf, but aren’t sure what you can make with your new skills.

With a little sewing and creativity, there are plenty of projects to make with the same skills it takes to make a scarf. Each of the easy projects below is worked flat like a scarf and then sewn together to form the correct shape and fit.

Free Knitting Pattern: Learn to Knit CuffLearn to Knit Cuffs Free Crochet Pattern: Learn To Crochet CuffLearn to Crochet Cuffs Wristers and Cuffs  

These wrist cuffs work up like very short, wide scarves. Simply knit or crochet your rectangle, and when you’ve reached the desired length, fold your piece lengthwise and seam it together. Leave a hole for each thumb about 2 inches from the edge, and your project is ready to wear.

Free Knitting Pattern: Rosy Ribbed HatKnit Rosy Ribbed Hat Free Crochet Pattern: Ripe Wheat HatCrochet Ripe Wheat Hat Simple Hats  

Hats are great beginner projects; they are warm, useful, make great gifts and many work up fairly quickly. Hats like these are knit or crocheted as large flat rectangles and then seamed together. Sew the two shorter sides of the rectangle together to form a tube, and then thread a piece of yarn through one edge, pull together and tie it securely to close the top. Then you can add pom-poms or tassels to decorate.

Free Knitting Pattern: Garter Stitch CowlKnit Garter Stitch Cowl Free Crochet Pattern: Fast And Easy CowlCrochet Fast & Easy Cowl Basic Cowls  

Cowls make excellent projects for beginners ready to take basic yarn crafting to the next level. Long, skinny cowls can loop many times around your neck, while wide, snug fitting cowls will keep you warm all the way up to your chin. Make simple cowls like these by making a rectangle long enough to wrap comfortably around your neck, and then seaming the two shorter sides together to make a tube.

Free Knitting Pattern: Big Stitch PillowKnit Big Stitch Pillow Free Crochet Pattern: Stadium PillowCrochet Stadium Pillow Pillows  

Pillows can be any size or shape, and made in whatever yarn you like. Simply make two pieces the same shape and sew them together, or make one large rectangle, fold it in half and seam the edges together. All you have to do is add fiber fill or a pillow form and you have a brand new household accessory that displays your crafting skills.

If you’ve mastered the basic scarf, then you already have all the skills needed to take on any of these projects. Choose one that you’ll enjoy wearing, or better yet, make several and give them as gifts this holiday season.

What was your first ‘beyond the scarf’ project? Tell your story and share your tips for beginners in the comments section below.

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  • I made a purse.  I looked at a couple of patterns to get ideas and then just started knitting on circular needles.  I used wool yarn and then felted it.  Felting covers many beginner boo boos.

  • My first project after several scarfs was a Granny Square Afghan (this one:, only in different colors. You can look at it on my Flickr page:

  • For knitting and crocheting both; looking for Infinity/Mobious patterns from about 3 or 4 inches in width to 7-10″, some very easy to advanced beginner and maybe even a more advanced pattern to aspire to. Thanks to any suggestions posted!

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