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Here’s What You Said

Last week we asked you to tell us one word that came to mind when you think of Lion Brand.  Below is a word cloud that shows you a picture of those words.    We were so honored by your comments that we shared this image with everyone at Lion Brand and it pretty much made everyone’s day.  Thank you!

One Word Word Cloud

We would also like to tell you in a word cloud what comes to our minds when we think about you.

What we think of our customers word cloud

Are you curious about how word clouds work?  Go to this web site and create your own!

Click the images above to enlarge!

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  • That’s pretty neat! It’s interesting to see all the different ways our thoughts relate!

  • I didn’t know this was going on…I got a fabulous one word for your yarn….It is YARNALICIOUS!!

  • Exquisitely done..

  • Thanx for the shawl patterns,..Will pick them up soon when I have more mgbts to use,So glad you liked my remark.. I can’t knit right now as recovering from a broken wrist.


  • The word cloud would be great on a yarn bag. If you do it please make it available in the catalog. The lion symbol could go on the opposite side or either side or at the bottom of the cloud like a signiture. My word was on there.

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