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Help Us Plan Our Blog Topics for 2010

We would appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to answer a survey about what you’d like to see us write about in this blog for 2010.  We are always eager to hear your opinions and would welcome any ideas about information you would like to see that we don’t already offer.

Please click here to answer the survey.  We appreciate your feedback.

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  • I always need help in adapting standard patterns to a different yarn. (I am trying to knit exclusively out of my stash for now). I also need to alter many patterns, as I am not built to standard proportions. I am on the tall-side and more than a little on the large-busted side, so I choose my patterns carefully and have to make adjustments. Actually, I say this as though I knit sweaters and tops all the time. Actually, I rarely do, because I have such trepidation about making the correct modifications. This is the kind of help that would be useful to me.

    Zontee says: Hi WendyBee, check out this recent article by Laura about adapting patterns to different yarns. Also, click here to see an excerpt from our friend Stefanie Japel’s book, Fitted Knits about adjusting patterns. Don’t forget to check’s Learning Center tab and the “Favorite Articles” section of its Community tab for more resources you might find handy.

  • I just wanted to let the staff know at Lion Brand how much I love your magazine! I so look forward to getting it in the mail, I have told so many friends about your website and about signing up for your email and catalog! I almost can’t wait to start a new project! I love the fact that your patterns are free – and even the ones that are not are reasonably priced! Thanx for all your help, website and I love this company!

  • I would like to see more focus on crochet, there is so much knit information that it is hard to find good patterns and techniques for crochet. It seems like crochet is relegated as an afterthought. I love the new Cozy Crochet Socks pattern it is very nice to see some hip and cool crochet because I know it is possible.

    Also recognize that more often than not the needle size in MM does not mean you should use the same MM size in a hook! Putting the same MM size for both is lazy, crochet is a different fabric therefore it is not crazy to think you will need a different size to achieve good drape and stitch definition. Also add WPI to your ball bands, it is extremely useful, it will help the crocheter/knitter/weaver better understand how that particular yarn will drape and the hand of it.

  • I would love to see a post on how to adapt a crochet pattern. Specifically, many afghan patterns are sized for a twin bed. I know mathmatically I should be able to figure out how to enlarge for a double bed, but I don’t know how!

    Zontee says: Hi Gini, check out this article on about that very topic.

  • I love the blog emails. I save those to read last so I can savor them! I love to crochet!
    I would like to see you explain how to puff stitch. I would also like to see how to use a stitch marker. I have my own method but have never been taught or seen how to use one.
    Keep up the good work!

  • I would like to see instructions on intarsia and Irish crochet, as well as simple directions on how to figure out the multiples of a pattern.

    Love getting the email newsletter

  • Thanks so much for your helpful comments. We will be using the survey that we linked to in this post, along with these comments to help us develop even more useful content for you this coming year.

  • I would love to see a blog devoted to loom knitting. Or is there one already and I missed it?

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