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Help Pick the NEXT Crochet-Along Project!

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Help Pick the NEXT Crochet-Along Project!

It’s that time of year again! Crochet-along with us as we make one of the following garments!

But FIRST you have to help us pick the pattern! Learn more about the patterns on Sunset ShrugColorfully Modern JacketTop Down Crochet Jacket.

« Click here to vote. »

Help Pick Our Fall 2013 Crochet-Along Project!

A crochet-along is a virtual event, where all the participants make the same project together. Follow along with crochet-along host Lauren here on the blog and share your comments and photos. There’s no need to sign up, and it’s free to join(New to crochet-alongs? Check out our guide here.)

The winning pattern will be announced next Wednesday on the blog—when we’ll also give you details on picking up your supplies and getting started on the project!

Votes must be cast by 12:00 am Eastern August 13, 2013. You must use the link above to vote; comments here on the blog do NOT count as votes.

Knitters, look out for a knit-along later this year, here on the Lion Brand Notebook.

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  • Julie Silver Robertson

    The top down jacket is beautiful! Where do I go online to follow along on the CAL?

    • Hi Julie, it will be here on the Lion Brand Notebook (, so just check the main page next Wednesday to see the results. To see only crochet-along related posts at any time, just click on “Crochet-Along” under categories on the right-hand sidebar.

  • Genevieve

    definitely top down jacket, looks like the one that opens to more personal interpretations of the pattern, much more wearable than the others, too…

  • PMMcD

    Just this morning I was wondering when the next CAL would be. I voted for the Top Down Jacket.

  • SueAnn

    Love the colorfully modern jacket.The length,style,just about everything about this jacket is great.

    • Jen

      I agree 🙂 I’ll probably try that one even if it doesn’t make the cut for the CAL.

  • Deebee

    Top down jacket. Only one in my size. I find that the “fits all’ don’t fit us BBW (big beautiful women).

    • greening

      Agree, Top Down Jacket. I like the Colorfully Modern Jacket, too, and would probably vote for it and would make it if it came in 2X-3X. It seems as if it could be expanded to those sizes and would be flattering to plus-size women, but it’s a little complicated to try to upsize on my own. It’s not a choice for us if only one garment comes in plus sizes. Deebee is right that “one size” on the shrug wouldn’t work for us without looking skimpy and tight. There were quite a few larger knitters who made the last KAL, Tranquil Top, but they tended to be younger women who prefer a closer fit than some of us.

    • dc

      I’m with you! I’d love to do the modern one, but size dictates top down…still pretty…but…..

    • Hi Deebee, just wanted to let you know that we’ve added sizes to the Colorfully Modern Cardigan. See this blog post for details:
      Plus we’re only on the first CAL post, so we hope you’ll join us!

  • Laura

    Had a hard time deciding between the Colorfully Modern Jacket and the Top Down Crochet. Ended up voting for the Top Down Crochet Jacket but would love to try to make both.

  • flygirl

    I love the sunrise shrug, but being a beginner crocheter I vote for top down jacket.

  • Angela

    Voted for the top down…but will the other patterns be available also. I think the colors of the cardigan shown lost it some votes but the style is lovely would like to make it. Love this site. Thank you.

    • Yup! All the patterns are linked above the “click here to vote” in the post. Just click on their names to access them on (or just go to and type in the first few words of the name into the search box to pull them up).

  • Little Lamb

    I like the Sunset Shrug.

  • Karen

    I like the Colorful Jacket. Pretty.

  • Suz

    Sunset Shrug is Beautiful

  • Amy Burzinski

    Voted for “colorfully modern” but don’t like the colors – would totally love in a solid!!!

    • No problem! We’ll definitely talk about custom color schemes for your projects during the crochet-along!

      • Amy Burzinski

        Awesome! It looks like a great pattern and a very versatile garment!!!

  • kimarie webber

    The colorfully modern jacket will go with anything it has so many colors, and it’s long enough to hide that which you want to hide. The length will also make one look taller and slimmer. It also has lovely texture in the design and it looks warm, but not too warm. What’s not to like?

  • bluekittygp

    The modern colorful jacket is beautiful. Why can’t you size it up for the plus sized woman?

  • Betty Boghosian

    The Sunset Shrug looks so fun. I love it

    • Tammy Lewis

      I love it too! With the motif in the middle, it would look cool over just a tee, with jeans!

  • Cindy

    I voted for the Top-down jacket….would prefer it to have wrist-length sleeves…is that possible? Otherwise very usable!!!! Thanks for letting us vote!!!!

    • Absolutely–that’s one of the best things about a top-down design: it’s easy to length sleeves and the body.

  • Ruth DeLany Varner

    I really like the colorfully modern jacket. My 2nd favorite is he sunset shrug. 🙂

  • Ruth DeLany Varner

    I really like the colorfully modern jacket. My 2nd favorite is he sunset shrug. 🙂

  • Eneida

    Love all three patterns, but I find the Top Down pattern interesting so I gave it my vote.

  • katiegrav .

    I really had a hard time placing my vote. I really loved them all. I did end up voting for the Sunset Shrug as it says it’s easy, looks comfortable and interesting. I really like the sunset design. It looks perfect for this fall and winter. Keeping fingers crossed!

  • Jessica Cumming

    I was thinking the modern jacket could be done in a solid color to make it more versatile.

    • Hi Jessica, yes, you can absolutely do it in a solid color. We will go over color schemes and choices as part of the crochet-along.

  • Judy

    LOVE the Colorfully Modern Jacket!! I really like not only the colors, but the pattern as well. I’ve been crocheting/knitting “baby stuff” for my new granddaughter, and I’m ready for a change.

  • Gamma2Hoot

    Hi all… So new I squeak at this BUT excited to join and try! Will there be step by step you tube by any chance :-))

    • Hi there, there won’t be video, but each week, crochet-along host Lauren will walk through an element or two of the pattern that you may need guidance on (with photos!). You can work along with her each week, or work at your own pace and refer to her blog posts for guidance. All the blog posts will stay here on the blog indefinitely, so you have as much time as you need to finish your project.

  • Judith Stuck

    I don’t crochet.

    • Hi Judith, we host knit-alongs here on the blog a few times a year as well. You can click on “Knit-Along” in the right-hand menu to check out previous ones (and even tackle one of those projects if you so wish!). Hope that helps!

  • Donna Snyder

    I like the length of the Colorfully Modern jacket, but vote for the Top Down Jacket. Have not ever participated in a crochet-along so I’m excited no matter what the choice is!

  • Dana Greenlee Southard

    Top down crochet jacket is great! Can’t wait.

  • Kathryn

    I would love to see something with shaping, not so boxy. Finer yarns and more detail.
    thank you for the wonderful incentives and ideas!

  • Nice Jasmine

    Colorfully Modern Jacket since I like the pattern and it’s longer. I made something similar to the Sunset Shrug but it didn’t look good on me because I’m very busty. The other one is just too short to look good, either. I would also like to try out the Imagine yarn.

  • Oldgirl

    I prefer the Modern Jacket, but it isn’t big enougn for me, so had to choose the Top Down. However, I would make it in a solid color, as I think those horizontal stripes would make a larger woman look really LARGE! And I would lengthen the sleeves and the length, as larger women look better in a jacket that is a more lower hip length. I just wish all of the choices would include projects that fit the larger gals, as there are a lot of us out here. I’m looking forward to making this if it’s chosen! Thanks!

  • Judy

    Love the modern jacket .Like the length and all the colors ,I can use up all my scraps!

  • Giantmousie

    Why all three-quarter length sleeves? Not practical as a winter garment, so why go to all the t
    rouble to make it? I have tried extending sleeves on patterns like these with no real success due to my own incompetence without a pattern!

  • CatherineMcClarey

    I just voted for the Sunset Shrug, which appears to be the easiest and hopefully would be roomy enough to fit me (it surely would fit either my daughter or my mom); I would definitely want to consult with the intended wearer on what colors they’d want it made in (I would probably go for less dramatic contrasts myself). I love the yarns in the Top Down Crochet Jacket (and the explicit inclusion of plus sizes), but might not have the patience for the increased difficulty of the construction (an Intermediate pattern, as opposed to Easy for the Sunset Shrug)

  • Mozelda

    Hey–Disappointed that all the sweaters don’t come in sizes 2x/3x; but all the sweaters would be fun to crochet. For that reason my vote is for the Top Down Jacket.

  • Karen Harrison

    Will all three patterns be available soon?

    • Hi Karen, all of the patterns are already available. Just click on their names above the “click here to vote” link above or search for them on by typing the first word or two of the name into the search box. Hope that helps!

  • Linda

    I like the topd down jacket

  • mozelda

    When will this CAL begin?!?

    • Hi mozelda, we will announce the winning pattern next Wednesday and give details on picking out your yarns. Then a new blog post will be up each Wednesday afterwards for several weeks until we work through the project. Hope that helps!

  • L. Anderson

    Top down jacket, please. I love all three, though!!

  • Savannagal

    Oh how I wish I could crochet. I love the Colorfully Modern Jacket.

    • Check out our “Learn to Crochet” video playlist on YouTube–and perhaps you can take on the project in a little bit!
      Here’s a link:

      The crochet-along blog posts always stay online after the event, so if that project wins, you can refer back to them in the future!

      • Savannagal

        Thanks Zontee. I will check it out.

  • Michelle Crimm

    I like them all but I would opt to add length on the sleeves. (personal preference)

    • If one of the two jackets wins, we’ll definitely talk about that (and other customizations) during the crochet-along.

      • Michelle Crimm

        The sleeves on the shrug should be customized to lengthen. At least from what I can see of it. Not a very good view but I love circular jackets and sweaters.

        • If the shrug wins, we will certainly talk about how to seam it to customize the fit, but since it’s made in one piece without separate sleeves, making the whole piece larger to lengthen the sleeves will make the collar and length longer too. But yes, we will go over customization options regardless of the pattern!
          For alternative views, please click on the pattern names in the blog post to see the patterns.

          • Michelle Crimm

            No because if the sleeves are part of the whole piece. just reattach for making the sleeves longer………..

  • Wendy Zachariewicz

    I pick the top down jacket ! Love the variety of colors.

  • Lee

    I’m sorry to say but none of these patterns are appealing. They all look frumpy and boxy. I’m no spring chicken but I wouldn’t wear anyone of them. How about some more up-to-date styles that look eloquent or tailored.

  • Tracy Keffer Kohlbeck

    I love the Colorfully Modern Jacket!

  • SC

    The colorfully modern jacket would be very versatile and chic…over a monochromatic ensemble, jeans, the sky’s the limit.

  • Laura

    love the colorful modern jacket, looks like you can use solid color and a contrast for pockets, but need larger sizes 1x will not work.

  • Dee

    I voted for the top-down jacket-really like it!

  • Linda Monk Graimm

    The top down sweater is my vote. How do I follow the CAL also, please?

    • Hi Linda, check back each Wednesday on the Lion Brand Notebook ( for a new post or on other days, just click on “Crochet-Along” under categories on the right-hand sidebar to pull up only crochet-along posts. For more details, I recommend that you click on the link to the guide to crochet-alongs (in the post above) for more info. Hope that helps!

  • Shirley

    I vote for the sunset shrug, it is beautiful.

  • Gloria Patterson

    Sunset Shrug

  • rose2489

    I like the Top Down, but I can’t wear or even crochet wool. Is there a good alternative?

    • Hi rose2489, we’ll definitely go over yarn substitutions if that pattern gets chosen. In the meantime, if you’re interested in making it on your own, I’d recommend Cotton-Ease or Vanna’s Choice as good non-wool options. Check them out on for more info and, if you need more help substituting, check out this FAQ for more information on substitution:
      Hope that helps!

  • newfiegal

    I love the Sunset Shrug….it looks so fun and colourful!!

  • Mindi Jones

    Top Down Crochet Jacket

  • Marian

    I love the look and pockets on the colorfully modern jacket, but the size won’t work. I will settle for the top down but will make it longer and wish for pockets. If the colorfully modern one could include directions on how to make it the right size, or have more sizes added, that would be my choice hands down!

  • Mary Ann

    Love the Top Down

  • daholte

    I love the Sunset Shrug – so unusual and pretty!

  • becky

    Oh this is a tough decision. Colorful modern or top down…..

  • Priscilla

    I like the top down jacket too but I do like the colorful one with pockets. Always need pockets for those incidental things especially when you have a grandchild. Can’t decide. So I leave it to the one with the most votes.

  • Dona

    Top Down Jacket

  • Therese

    I voted for the Sunset Shrug! It would make a perfect gift for several of my friends!

  • Carelli

    Top Down jacket for m, too. Versatile, adapting to different colors, flattering design.

  • Lori D

    New to the crochet-along. Love all three patterns, so will be happy with whatever wins. I enjoy this site & have used it often for ideas and patterns. 🙂

  • Rita McFarlane

    Love the top down jacket!

  • Sewpink

    Looking forward to this, hopefully the colorfully modern jacket………

  • LuAnne

    Looks like alot of you agree with me. The Colorfully Modern Jacket is beautiful, but not sized for us bustier gals. Maybe if we all ask politely Lion will add/adjust the pattern up for us. I voted for it — hope I can figure out how to make it bigger. If not, I’ll be doing the Top Down, only longer.

  • nannyo

    love the top down-would go with so many thinks.

  • Jenn

    top down jacket. looks interesting and could use alot of your leftover yarn

  • Beth

    Colorfully Modern Jacket.

  • Bot

    i like all of them but voted for Sunset Shrug as it has more neck cover.

  • Carol Shaffer

    None! I don’t like any of them!

  • Grace

    Something fun and unique- SUNRISE SHRUG!

  • Grace

    Oops! Sorry… I meant SUNSET SHRUG. But if I change colors maybe I cuold call it SUNRISE..

  • Stacey Chaffee

    I’m sad to see the first two patterns are being over looked just because they don’t fit the larger sizes. I personally think they’re much cuter. I do wish the crochet patterns had less boxy designs. It seems that if we want shaping knitting is our only option. I hate how slow knitting comes along though :/

  • Abby

    Voted for the colorfully modern jacket. Want to do it in college colors for my daughter.

  • Lorene Beadles

    I love the colors and texture of the modern jacket but want to make a top down for myself. I have made to down baby sweaters and dresses. I voted for the top down but could the stitches be changed to be the same as the modern jacket?

    • Hi Lorene, I’d suggest trying some swatching of those “front post” and “back post” stitches (that give the Colorfully Modern Cardigan its texture) to get comfortable with them, and you can experiment to add them into your design. Try Google or Bing to find some great tutorials on how to do them if you’re not familiar with them. Good luck!

  • Sandi MacMillan

    Sunset shrug is gorgeous! Love the colours just as they are. If it doesn’t get voted, can we still get the pattern? Brand new to your site and loving it 🙂

    • Hi Sandi, absolutely! All the patterns are free on Just use the search box on the site, or click on the names of the patterns above the “click here to vote” link in the blog post to go directly to the patterns. If you have a account set up, you can click the “favorite” button on each pattern to save each one to your account. Enjoy!

  • S

    Love the Colorfully Modern Jacket. Beautiful!

  • Linda B

    Is there a picture anywhere of the front of the Sunset Shrug? I love the back, but would like to see the front view.

    • Hi Linda, just click on the name of the pattern above the “click here to vote” link to see the pattern–and a front view–on Hope that helps!

  • lmc

    I like the Modern Jacket. But can it be made bigger?

  • Pat

    I like both the top down and the colorful jacket but the top down won over the colorful jacket only because I think it goes with more outfits

  • Anne

    Love Fisherman’s Wool and Amazing lives up to its name in every way – Top Down gets my vote! However Sunset is very tempting. I really want to make up some thing big with the new Heartland – the colors are just spectacular!

    • Heartland really is lovely! If you like afghans, be sure to check out its afghan patterns for some cool options. Click on “Patterns” on and use the menus to choose “afghans” and “Heartland” as filters for your search. Hope that helps!

      • Anne

        Thanks so much Zontee! Looks Like Colorfully is the winner… I’ll have to queue up an afghan in Heartland after the CAL! Quilt Inspired Americana is looking mighty tempting.

  • WaterValleyGal

    I would love to make the top down jacket! It looks like a very wearable item and never doing a top down sweater before, I would love to try doing it.

  • Sonia Kirwan

    I love the sunset shrug. Even if it is not voted can I get pattern? Sonia

    • Hi Sonia, all of the patterns are free on–use the search box or just click on the names of the patterns in the blog post (above the “click here to vote” link).

  • msretired

    I like the Top Down Jacket.

  • GrandMa’s Hands

    Namaste! I’m an Experienced Crocheter; I voted for the, “Colorful Modern Jacket”. It appears to be a bit challenging…I’m always open to learn new stitches and techniques! I do hope it is voted in however, I look forward to which ever project gets the Vote. Happy crocheting Everyone!
    GrandMa’s Hands

  • toodles

    The colorful modern is absolutely G R E A T! ! ! I really hope I will be able to follow on line. I would so love to learn more stitches than the beginner two or three that I do. Hope this one wins and it would be so great in a solid color.

  • Linda

    The sunset shrug looks really nice. Easy to make and with the multi colors goes with everything.

  • 541judy

    The top down jacket.

  • ivy

    please can you give us more baby knitting and crochet patterns….thanks

  • Juanita van Rensburg

    I also vote for the top-down jacket!

  • severino

    a man’s sweater would be awesome once in a while

    • Hi severino, we do try to throw in some men’s and unisex sweaters in our crochet-alongs and knit-alongs (our Inishturk Sweater and Saturday Morning Hoodie project are good examples), but it does sometimes depend on the patterns our designers are working on for the season. However, don’t forget we some great men-friendly patterns on–type “man sweater” into the search box to see some options. Enjoy!

  • Pixie

    My vote goes to The Top Down Jacket. I love the look and and know it would be comfy too!

  • Nicki

    Have never done this before, I love the modern jacket, but if it doesn’t get picked would I still be able to get directions on how to make it long sleeved?? Been crocheting for a long time but just learning to read patterns

    • Hi Nicki, unfortunately we’re not able to provide customization options for patterns that aren’t chosen for the crochet-along. However, since it’s a top-down pattern, you could lengthen the sleeves pretty easily by continuing to crochet them longer. I also recommend the free online community as a great resource where you can ask other users for advice on customizing your project. Hope that helps!

  • Pandastamper

    this will be fun!!!!

  • Kim

    The Sunset Shrug is just soooo seventies and a fabulous item for the coming season, both in Australia, for the upcoming spring where I am, and the Northern Hemisphere’s fall. It would be great for layering for the cooler evenings and the days that have that breeze that chills. Chic

  • Benu Bhalla

    Top Down Crochet Jacket

  • Daryl

    Colorfully modern jacket is my pick.

  • Betty Davis Todd

    Oh Yes, Top down Jacket — what level would this be rated? I’m new to crocheting.

    • Hi Betty, just click on the “click here to vote” link or the name of the patterns above it in order to see additional details including the skill rating. Hope that helps!

  • Lyzzal

    I voted for the sunset shrug. Regardless of the winning pattern, I would like info provided on how to resize the garment to be SMALLER. I realize I’m in the minority here, and I sympathize with crocheters who want patterns available in extended sizes in the + direction. However, as an intermediate crocheter, I have always found it easier to increase size in patterns than to decrease size below the smallest given. Most patterns don’t have instructions for XS, much less tips on taking it in. Being a very petite person, I realize some customization is likely necessary for any garment I crochet for myself.from a pattern. I do wish there were more patterns for adult clothing that started small enough to make it easier to drop a size with my own techniques. Someone needs to write patterns for sizes 00 to 4X!

  • Rose Lanier

    I like the sunset shrug

  • rochelle1115

    Shrug – want to make it as a gift

  • SkyeStitch

    Got back from vacation too late to vote — good thing I think all three are pretty!
    My personal choice would have been the top-down jacket, since I’ve been eager to try a project with Amazing yarn, plus I would like to learn how to use the top-down technique and also how to shape a raglan sleeve.
    I agree with all the commenters who will be wanting advice on lengthening the sleeves; I’m also in the minority who would welcome instructions on how to adapt the pattern for a more petite frame.

  • Cathy

    Do we know yet what pattern won….

    • Hi Cathy, I’ll be announcing it later today. Please be patient and check back in a bit! Thanks!

  • marsha

    I like the colorful jacket best guess I missed out on the vote

  • marsha

    How do I get instructions for the Jacket?

    • Hi Marsha, all the patterns are free on (and you can click on their names above the “click here to vote” link to go directly to them). Enjoy!

  • Jane

    Where can I find the pattern for the Top Down Crochet Jacket?

    • Hi Jane, all the patterns are free on (and you can click on their names above the “click here to vote” link to go directly to them or type the name into the search box on Enjoy!

  • doris garner

    I like the beautiful top down jacket.

    • Hi Doris, the vote ended August 13th and we are working on the Colorfully Modern Cardigan (click on the “Crochet-Along” category on the right-hand bar to see those blog posts), but the Top Down Jacket pattern is available free on Hope that helps.

  • Nancy Seawell Sanders

    Colorfully modern jacket