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TAKE TWO! Help Pick Lion Brand's NEXT Crochet-Along Project!

We heard you loud and clear -- you're looking for a bigger challenge!

Thanks to all of your feedback, we revisited our selections for this year and picked out a more challenging line-up to choose from!

So let's do a hard reset and try that again -- vote for the Fall Crochet-Along now! Voting ends Wednesday, August 27th, 11:59pm EST!

Clockwise from top left:

  1. Top Down Crochet Jacket (last year's close runner-up, skill level: Intermediate (Level 3)
  2. Sunset Poncho (made with our new yarn Landscapes®, skill level: Intermediate + (Level 4)
  3. Open Air Shrug (one of our most popular patterns this year, skill level: Easy + (Level 3) - see front view)
  4. Portland Poncho (made with long-time favorite, Heartland, skill level: Intermediate (Level 3)

« Voting is now closed. »

The winner is the Top Down Crochet Jacket! Thanks to everyone who voted!

A crochet-along is a virtual event, where all the participants make the same project together. Follow along with our crochet-along host Grace DiLorenzo here on the blog and share your comments and photos. There's no need to sign up, and it's free to join! (New to crochet-alongs? Check out our guide here.)

The winning pattern will be announced Thursday, August 28th here. At that time we'll also give you all the details you need to pick up your supplies and get started on the project!


Votes must be cast by 11:59 am Eastern August 27th, 2014. You must use the link above to vote; comments here on the blog do NOT count as votes.

Knitters, look out for a knit-along later this year, here on the Lion Brand Notebook.

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  • CatherineMcClarey

    But I liked the original choices better -- and had voted for one of the patterns that got pulled to make room for the new selections! :(

  • Pat

    I do not like these choices. The original choices were better so I will not vote this time. Thanks

  • vera

    i don't know what the original choices were but I am not going to make any of these

  • Leslie

    Thanks, Lion Brand, for paying attention to the comments the first time we voted. Looks like the comments are going the other way this time! Oh well, can't please all the people all the time! I voted for the Portland Poncho both times.

  • YarnAddict411

    I would love to make some of the projects that we get to vote on, unfortunately I have no income to speak of and just do charity work mostly. I get donations from generous people who know I crochet for charity so they expect the work to be done for charity. My wife would love one of these to keep her warm at work as the county is quite remiss when it comes to providing heat. I made her a neck warmer with a nice hat made from lion brand homespun yarn that I splurged on. I used Cameo buttons and made multiple colored roses for the hat., the lady's are going GaGa over it. Love Lion Brand and lately especially Homespun! Sincerely YarnAddict411

  • Alexandra

    Thank you Lion Brand for taking the time out to pick some patterns and host a Crochet A Long for us - Something we all must remember!

  • Sarah

    Much better, thank you. I look forward to this new CAL

  • Deborah Hale

    Still don't like any of these.

  • Bonnie

    I agree,on not liking the these choices. Will have to pass.

  • grandma104

    I also liked the original choices better. I'm just a so-so crocheter so I'll pass on these.

  • Trezoe

    Isn't the idea of a crochet a long to help get out of the normal rut, learn some new skills, meet and help others along the way? I love that these are not all easy and love to learn new things and at the end, we each end up with a lovely project, that is imperfectly beautiful! Love it!

  • Karen

    I think they are all lovely and wouldn't mind making any of them.

  • nannylmh

    These are not really my thing! I think I will pass!

  • Debra

    To the other crocheters who feel these projects are too scary ... when I did my first Lion Brand CAL I was pretty much a beginner. The only things I had made successfully were simple scarves, coasters, and a beret. Working on the Raglan Mesh Pullover (rated "intermediate +4") in a formal well-lead CAL setting with all the other people really helped me stretch and grow in the craft. I didn't keep up as fast as the CAL went but I did finish it AND it fits. I've continued to grow and tackle other intermediate patterns. If you want to grow your skills I can't think of a better format. Help will be here if you need it.

  • Sarah

    I agree with Debra. I started my first KAL sweater when I didn't even know how to increase or decrease, and it was the best decision I've made in a long time. I learned so many things along the way, felt like I was a part of a community, and even now, that sweater is a favorite when I'm at home on a chilly Sunday morning.
    If the sweater pattern is chosen for this CAL, it will be my first one. I'll be graduating from dish cloths to sweaters--literally, with no other projects in-between. I look forward to all of the learning experiences that I had with my first knitted sweater.

  • Nana M

    Sorry, didn't like the first set, and definitely not impressed with the re-loaded choices. Hopefully the next KAL/CAL will be worth the purchase of yarn and my time... I have enjoyed them in the past, but these are just...well...Nope!

  • Terry Lewandowski

    I can't crochet right now due to hand surgery but I look forward to doing so soon. I am looking forward to find out the winning pattern. Happy crocheting to all!

  • iheartchkns

    I need a nice warm poncho for this cold winter of working by a window, so I voted for the Portland Poncho

  • Debbie

    Is it possible that the skill level for 2 & 3 got switched. The blue shrug looks most difficult, but I think it is the prettiest so that's what I voted for.

  • HeatherW214

    I had a hard time choosing! I think all of these are beautiful projects and can't wait!!

  • Elaine Greywalker

    the #3 and #4 are reversed. Open Air Shrug is the 4th photo.

  • Marti

    Never mind the poncho, where can I get the pattern for the hat that does with it??

  • Nancy2160

    I think these patterns are adorable and I really didn't want to get involved with another project right now. But I just might depending which pattern wins. It's not too early to be thinking Christmas and my daughter would love these!

  • MelodyJ

    I actually like Top Down Crochet Jacket and Open Air Shrug. Either one would be very wearable.

  • Yarnewbie

    Yay, I'm hoping the Top Down Crochet Jacket will win this time around!! :D I really wanted it to be the Crochet Along last time!
    I understand how beginner crocheters feel more comfortable with easy projects, but I think that the point of a crochet along is to have someone guide you through the hard steps, isn't it? :D And yeah, granted that for us beginners, even the simplest of patterns can have hard steps, but still, it's trying different techniques that one learns and improves! We must leave our comfort zones to keep learning!
    Hope everyone learns something new with this CAL! :)

  • kismet

    Only the jacket is different- it used be a scarf pattern. Still not interested in any of them.

  • PuppyGrandma

    I Really would love to Knit or Crochet along with a simple project. As a beginner I need to know that I can get it done without a season of effort. Please remember us beginners.