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Tag us! Why should you hashtag #LionBrand?

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Tag us! Why should you hashtag #LionBrand?

We adore seeing what you’re working up, and social media is an amazing way to share. Whether you’re connecting with us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, it’s such a pleasure to catch up with you. We love to read your comments, try to answer any questions, and especially, see your stitchings! When you hashtag #LionBrand, you ensure that our eyes are on your WIPs. But there are some fun possibilities – read on!

Hashtag #LionBrand

Here’s a fun layout, with the project, skeins, & a beautiful hook.

Hashtag #LionBrand

What’s a Hashtag?

Engaging with us on social media is a simple as a hashtag. A hashtag is any word or short phrase that you preface with a hash or pound sign, #. It’s used to identify messages on a specific topic. You’re able to search for any photos tagged with the hashtag #LionBrand. You’ll see a magnificent gallery of the creativity of Lion Brand crafters! We hope that it could be a way to get inspired by other WIPS, and to see an idea for a project you might not have¬† thought up.

Hashtag #LionBrand

This one’s lovely, not too filtered – we can appreciate the color & texture!

What we’ll use them for…

We’re poring over your WIPs for images to add to our Community Gallery! When someone is considering downloading a pattern or purchasing a kit, it can be tough to tell if they want to take the plunge based on a few photos. We do our best, but it can be so informative to see the pattern worked up by different crafters. Like a visual vote of confidence! If an image is really speaking to us, we might reach out to inquire about featuring it in our newsletter or on social media.

How to maximize your image.

Hashtag #LionBrand

This one is more artistic, but you can get as creative as you like!

The Content

There are a few key elements to a great, re-post-able image! First, it should be in focus (tap on the screen, on the center of your WIP, to focus your phone’s camera before taking the photo). We use square images, in case you’re doing some fancy formatting! Unfortunately, we aren’t able to repost images with a watermark of any kind. As far as the aesthetic, feel the freedom to get creative! We love to see you modeling your projects, or flat-laying them on a surface. In-process, or finished product, wherever you’re at! As any photographer will tell you, natural light is best.

Hashtag #LionBrand

We love to see the LB label, and this photo uses our February Color, Antique!

The Caption

In addition to your hashtag #LionBrand, you can also hashtag other variations, like #LionBrandYarn, or the name of the yarn (#Scarfie, for example). We’re also eager to know which yarn you’re using, and in what color – when we repost, this is the most frequently asked question! If we are interested in your image, we’ll always reach out to ask your permission before putting it up, so you can let us know either way.


If you’re interested in sharing your work with a larger, appreciative audience, we hope you’ll take advantage of the simple opportunity a hashtag provides! Even if you’d just like us to see it, or have it added to our Community Gallery, this is the perfect way. We’re hoping to create a stronger connection with all our crafters, and sharing is the first step.

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  • I only have Google+, and use the hashtag there, but I guess everyone has forgotten about those communities.

    • Hi, EmilyVictoria! We appreciate you hashtagging on whatever platforms you’re using, for sure! We only mentioned those that we have a presence on (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

  • Thank you for this post. Its very inspiring.

  • I love Lion Brand yarn! Free patterns are wonderful. Currently I’m making prayer shawls with Mandala yarn to donate to the local nursing home staff.

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