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Happy New Year! Share Your Yarncrafting Resolutions!

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Happy New Year! Share Your Yarncrafting Resolutions!

Happy New Year from all of us at Lion Brand!

It’s that time of year when we think about new year’s resolutions, and I know I’m already thinking about what I’d like to achieve in 2012. From learning new skills to getting organized, trying new yarns to teaching a friend, there are so many ways to expand the ways we yarncraft.

You can hear more about my resolutions and the resolutions of other Lion Brand staffers on the first 2012 episode of our audio-podcast*–YarnCraft–which comes out on Tuesday, January 3, but in the meantime–we’d love to hear from YOU!

What are your new year’s resolutions as a yarncrafter? What do you hope to achieve in the new year?

*A podcast is like a radio show you can listen to online or download through iTunes!

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  • I’d like to use up some of my stash to create more baby items for my upcoming first grandchild as well as finishing a sweater for both my younger daughter and me.  She would like a Spiral Yoke design from Meg Swanson, and I have one picked out from East Coast Knits–all with stash yarn!

    • Congratulations on you new grand baby.  What a wonderful event for your New Year.  Enjoy knitting for the baby.

  • Stashbusting and yarn gifting for me. I also plan to sort through my patterns, mags, ans books, scanning in patterns for my android tablet

  • Make more than my usual eight baby blankets for Project Linus is number one this year and number two is somehow be more helpful in my knitting groups.

  • I received a spinning wheel for Christmas so learning to spin is #1. Next I need to FINISH at least 3 of my knitting projects and probably start some more!

  • I want to try new yarn, felting & finally crochet something for myself! 🙂

  • Making a pair of socks each month of the year. Using up my stash before I buy more. Also catalog my grandmothers knitting supplies

  • I make mostly stuffed animals, so this year I am going to attempt my first piece of clothing…a sweater for my sisters birthday.

    • When I made my first sweater, I felt a little overwhelmed at first, but just remember to take it one stitch at a rime, and you’ll be finished before you know it!

  • NO more yarn purchases!  It’s in my dresser, closets, filing cabinet, shoe boxes, attic, garage, etc…  I give it to my relatives with needles and knitting lessons, I knit and crochet everyday.  At what point does the yarn own you rather than you owning the yarn?  I’m driving my son crazy because he doesn’t knit and is dreading my demise and a Last Will and Testament to declare him the owner of all this fiber.  I’m having so much fun. 

  • I’m going to keep working on one million mittens for donations and invite everyone to join me.  I also hope to use up at least some of my stash – currently housed in both NY and FL! so I can go out and buy more!

  • To complete at least 12 magor projects this year.

  • Mine are to finish projects in ravelry and not to start anything else before I finish what I’m working on.   organize patterns/materials, use stash, only buy new yarn if nothing I have will work, and make all my gifts for birthday’s and Christmas this year. 

  • I’d like to match my stash yarn up with patterns and have organized to start a project, or at least a swatch for a project, at a moment’s notice.

  • I am going to try to finish all the projects that I have started and left hanging.  I also am going to give up some of the odds and ends that I keep holding in case I need them. 

  • I am going to learn toe-up sock knitting

  • I too want to finish the projects I started in 2011 – first a sweater that is about 1/2 done for my son.  Also want to take a class on knitting two socks at once and do more color knitting – using two colors at once.  Made a skull hat and loved it.

  • I’m going to make my first attempts at lace using steel hooks and crochet thread, as well as learn the more advanced Tunisian stitches so I can (try to) make a beautiful sweater drom the Fall 2011 issue of Interweave Crochet. And try not to buy yarn without having a project in mind first!

  • I have two afghans that are 3/4 finished, going to finish them up before the end of february…… make hats for the homeless task force here from all my scraps of  homespun…… 
    and I have an offer/request… if there is an experienced knitter who would like to trade projects with me ( a crocheter) I bought the yarn to do the last knit- along and really want that tunic sweater in Amazing, but I am a hopeless knitter!! I worked for 5 hours on a scarf in knit stitch and got 4 inches done….. ripped it out and crocheted the whole scarf in an hour….. so if ANYONE out there would like to knit me a sweater ( I have all the yarn) I will crochet you an afghan, or a sweater or anything I am capable of 

  • I haven’t even thought about a Yarncrafting Resolution for this year until reading this post.  I don’t have all that much time to knit anymore since I have a toddler that likes to “help” and 2 cats that like to sit on my lap and attack and chew on the yarn as I knit. The time I can actually spend knitting is few and far between.  I guess a resolution I would make is to start finishing up all the projects I’ve started before starting any new ones.  Then, to start organizing my stash into projects for the upcoming year(s).

  • I’ve been on vacation for a couple of weeks through the holidays and into the first week of January.  I’ve been knitting and crocheting up projects that have been planned but never started until now.  I plan to empty my four bins of yarn (they are large) and while doing so, advance my technique knowledge by trying new methods.  So lots of items for family and friends, doll clothes with the leftovers, and samples with the bits.  Someone also suggested felting the samples to be needlefelted on mittens and hats.. wow, I’ve got to get busy!

  • I really like Christie’s swap-knit-for-crochet project!  I too, am dialed-in to crocheting and, harrumph, I also wish their were more crocheter’s out here.  I keep returning to knitting (after 30yrs) and have managed about 4″ before frogging it away….So 2012 for me is, surprise-surprise, crocheting more!~Including all my gifts this year and donating my beanies to Chemo Caps. Humble and Proud to say I Crochet! 

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