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Happy Independence Day!

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Happy Independence Day!

We just want to wish you a happy Independence Day weekend! Are you picnicking or barbecuing with family? Have you knitted or crocheted anything for the occasion? Will you be knitting or crocheting at the festivities with others? Tell us about it!

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  • My family is having a 4-generation potluck lunch on the 4th at my grandma’s house, and while I probably won’t be crocheting at the lunch, I will be bringing my camera to photograph the throws & afghans I’ve made for her over the years and hadn’t yet gotten a picture of.

  • I will be going to a Texas Rangers game on the 3rd and will be taking a crochet project with me. Always take one when I go to a Ranger game. Boyfriend gets to watch the game and I get to crochet.

  • I worked, but got to see A CApital Fourth, Macy’s fireworks, and the Boston Pops on tv while I crocheted.

  • Same what Pat did! we were parked on different couches watching festivities 🙂 Fewer bug bites.
    I’m loving having an empty nest so I don’t have to think about kid entertainment.

    This evening, there was a band at a park down the street, so I took a small peg loom and knitted a baby hat. I gave it to the very admiring gal sitting next to me, who says she has a niece due in the Fall.

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