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Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween, everyone! We love to craft for the holidays, and Halloween is the perfect opportunity to show your yarncrafting talents while making costumes, decorations, bowls, trick or treat bags, and more! How have you incorporated yarn into your Halloween decorations and costumes?

Update: Here are some photos from our staffers, Kendra & Zontee, who dressed up as characters from the cartoon series, Futurama, this weekend at Stitches East!

Kendra as Leela, with a Hometown USA wig, Vanna’s Choice arm band, and Vanna’s Choice Nibbler (the alien pet!).

Zontee’s brain slug, made of Vanna’s Choice!

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  • Here is my blog Halloween round up of all of my projects:

    My main yarn objects were a monster wreath and a wreath ornament.

  • I’m having a pumpkin Crochet Along on my blog! I also plan to make a cornucopia… but that may be for next year’s decor! haha

    • oh how cute!

  • I would like to make some of these pumpkins. I have not been able to locate the pattern. How do I find the pattern?

    • Hi Nancy, just go to and type “pumpkin” into the search box.

  • it was so fun to be with you guys at sts east.
    see you at sts west!

    • Great seeing you too!

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