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Half Medallion Bag Crochet-Along: Working the Front Post Stitches

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Half Medallion Bag Crochet-Along: Working the Front Post Stitches

CAL badgeAs most of you know, post stitches are not worked into the tops of other stitches, but rather are worked around the post of a stitch in a previous row. By being worked in this manner, they tend to be raised from the surface of the work and can therefore be used to create some very interesting textures, such as basketweave. In this bag, the treble and half treble post stitches frame the bobbles.

Remember to work these stitches fairly loosely, so that they don’t pull the work out of shape. You can experiment with your tension until they look right. Please remember, there is no “right” or “wrong” when it comes to tension on these stitches, just trust your eye! When they lie nicely on the surface, not pulling at the work, they’re just right.

In the first series of Front Post Stitches you encounter in this design, you have two post stitches worked into the same stitch. You mark the stitches in row 4 so you can find them when it’s time to do the post stitches in row 6. You wrap the yarn the indicated number of times — 3, since it’s a treble stitch — and insert the hook from front to back and then out the front again in the indicated stitch, then finish the stitch as usual.
Front post treble crochet
Front post treble crochet complete
Then you work the specified number of hdc before working the second FPtr, which goes into the same place as the first. Make sure you skip an hdc where instructed to do so. To place the second post stitch correctly, insert your hook BELOW the point where the earlier post stitch was made, as shown in the photo here.
Second post stitch
The next Post Stitches occur in row 8. They are worked around the posts of the earlier post stitches, which are very obvious. Note that they are half trebles, and are worked off as described in the Special Stitches instructions.
Front post half treble crochet
The third group may seem a bit tricky, because you are working two FP stitches together. Keep in mind, however, that it’s just like any other instance when you are working two stitches together: insert the hook where indicated, work off 2 loops on the first FPtr leaving the last loop on the hook, then insert the hook in the next indicated stitch, work off 2 loops, then yo and work off all the loops. Again, these should be worked quite loosely.
Crochet 2 front post treble together
Decrease complete
Some people have noted that the post stitches don’t seem to frame the bobbles on their projects. It’s possible that this is caused by miscounting of stitches on previous rows. Pay attention in particular to which stitches are skipped in the rows before, as this will also affect the alignment of post stitches. As mentioned in the last lesson, it’s important to count stitches at the end of every row, and check that each half of the row is a mirror of the other — this will insure that your bobbles and posts are in the correct place.

When I worked the project, my bobbles were nicely framed by the post stitches, and in one or two cases I moved the post stitches by hand around the bobbles. Feel free to do this if necessary (as in this example below).
Moving stitch

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  • Thanks Dora, your explanations are very clear!
    Let’s see some pictures, folks!
    BTW (off topic) – my “go-to” holiday gift for my friends this year is going to be a pair of crocheted “spa socks.”  I got a pattern from Etsy and they are working up nicely!  They are basically missing the heel & toe – also called “yoga socks” – so you can put them on before your toenails get painted and stay warm & smudge-free!  : )

    • This purse would also make a great holiday gift.  Once you have the pattern down it goes very quickly.

  • Excellent photos of the FP stiches.  Very clear and crisp.  The FP at the bottom of the CL is a bit more tricky since it is into a hdc which is more hidden.

  • Here’s a picture of my result…Thank you Lion Brand and Dora for the fantasic yarn and pattern.  Looking forward to your next posting for insights on making the next one.

    • Wow Anne I adore your purse!  It looks fantastic in the brown color, and what a great pic.  The handles are great too.  And I agree with you; the purse will make a great gift!  You are right, it does go very quickly.  

    • Anne, your purse turned out fantastic!  I LOVE brown and it is a great color to use on this purse too!

  • Wow great inspratiton Anne.I love this purse I am going to try it.

    • Thank you!  The Fisherman’s Wool is really nice to work with on this pattern.

  • I have sewn the sides of my grey purse together as well as sewn my lining and put my lining into the bag.  I still haven’t crocheted my tabs for the handles as I haven’t finalized which handles I am using.  I ordered three pairs from Etsy today and will decide which to use when they arrive.  In the meantime here are two pictures of my grey purse (sorry for the poor lighting).  The grey version is the one where I did the FPtr stitch incorrectly (to be more specific I read the pattern too fast and completed three FPtrs on each side of the cluster…silly me).  I didn’t feel like undoing both sides, so I left it.  My blue version of the purse turned out nicer so I completed those stitches correctly.

  • Oops – here is the second picture!

  • Ah-HA moment! I forgot they were FPtrs and was trying to FPHDC 2tog around the top of the bobbles…shheeesh

  • These bags came out great!  Really enjoying seeing everyone’s version of my pattern.  Thanks for posting pics! Dora

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  • […] Half Medallion Bag Crochet-Along: Working the Front Post Stitches […]

  • Is there going to be a crochet a long anytime soon?

    • Hi there, we’ll be hosting one later this summer–keep an eye on the blog for an announcement!

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