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Glittery Shrug Crochet-Along: Working the Lower Border Edging and the Upper Mesh

Shrug BadgeHello everyone! Hope you all are doing well on the first part of your Glittery Shrug! If you decided to start the lower half last week and didn't get through it all, that's ok! It's the most time intensive part, but working on both pieces together helps to break up working all that single crochet.

Working the Lower Border Edging

One thing that I hadn't mentioned last week about the lower part of the shrug is the border edging. When you are done with the lower half, you are ready to move onto the border. The border is super simple and is worked across the bottom edge of the lower half (the straight edge that measures 26 inches). If you kept the underarms sloped, then this measurement will be from the marker to where you start decreasing for the right sleeve. The border is just one row of single crochet, then one row of double crochet.

Working the Upper Half

The upper half is very easy. As long as you get the gauge that you are supposed to get, the construction will be the same idea. The double crochet mesh stitch takes significantly less time than the single crochet stitch, as you will find out this week. The border of the upper half incorporates back and front post stitches, which I'll discuss next week. For now, just focus on finishing the upper and lower halves.

Mesh Stitch

If you are changing the pattern stitch, it is easier to make this change if you are making the pieces in straight pieces, and eliminating the under arm slopes. Again, if you are altering the pattern the way I am and making the under arm slopes straight lines as I did in the picture accompanying this post, then make sure that both the upper and lower half are the same measurements so that they will come together the same way when you are sewing them together.

As always, please post questions and comments in the comments section, and let me know us know if you have any concerns about your project!
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