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Give the Gift of Handmade Contest Winner

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Give the Gift of Handmade Contest Winner

Congratulations to Sarah for winning our video contest! Sarah made a hat and scarf for her step-father, Terry. Enjoy her great video below.

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  • That was a very sweet video of Terry’s step-day receiving her handmade hat and scarf. I loved his genuine appreciation. Congratulations Sarah!

  • Awww – that is just sweet 🙂 I love it when peopel are happy about “made” stuff because I love making stuff! So cute – congrats on the win Sarah!

  • That was very sweet. I loved his genuine appreciation, too! So nice to see.

  • Truly lovely…made me teary-eyed too!

  • Aw! That was great! A sweet gift for a sweet person. He really does look good in it. I’m partial to that Zeppelin top, too. lol Thanks for sharing this video! My heart is all warm & fuzzy now 🙂

  • WOW ! Great Video. Terry truly expresses the sincere gratitude and genuine love when receiving a hand knit/crochet item. I was so happy for him.

  • You are smarter than I am cause if I give something at work that I crocheted , I get a million requests!!

    Good job

  • This is the best part…having people to give a work of love to. We are blessed.

  • Wow! That was a beautiful hat and scarf, Sarah! You did well… and Terry looked really nice in them too.
    So happy for the both of you.

  • What a lovely little video showing real kindness, caring and appreciation. Made my day. Thank you Sarah and Terry from W/Aust.

  • LOL Isn’t it just like a kid to want to play with the paper more than the present.

    This was a cute video, you should have won.

  • Great story. I love the hat. Both items look really good on him! Congrats on winning.

  • What a great video! Terry is adorable and Sarah was the right person to win. Congrats!

  • Hi no wonder you won – beautiful hat and scarf – PLEASE can we have the pattern ! congratulations.

  • Terry is the sweetest thing ever! This is a fantasy-come-true of how we ALL hope our knit/crocheted gifts are received! Terrific video, a well deserved win!!

  • That really made me tear up!

  • Terry’s genuine response of appreciation is every knitter’s dream. What a sweetie!

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