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giant yarn animals

  • Fun with Yarn at Maker Faire Bay Area 2010

    We love to reach out to yarncrafters (and those who want to learn a yarncraft) here at Lion Brand, which is why we go to a bunch of different craft and yarn fairs throughout the year. So far in 2010, we've been to Stitches West and Stitches South, and we just got back from Maker Faire Bay Area -- a unique event for all things DIY (do-it-yourself) from building rockets to growing vegetables to sewing clothes to, of course, knitting, crocheting, and working with yarn!

    Here are just some of my photos from this inspiring and educational (and just plain fun) event! (You can click on any of the photos to see them enlarged on Flickr.):

    This is our booth, with our team inside. On the left, you can see our amigurumi
    and yarn tables; on the right, you can see our argyle giraffe sculpture and our kids' craft table:
    At the Lion Brand Booth: a wide shot of the whole booth
    The argyle giraffe is over 8 feet tall and took our design team several months to build (he's got a steel skeleton!) and knit. Each one of the blades of grass on his base was hand-attached by myself and three other LBYers before the start of the show. No pattern here, ladies and gentlemen -- this piece is all about extreme-crafting and inspiration!
    At the Lion Brand Booth: the argyle giraffe
    We taught knitting & crochet to people of all ages:
    Crochet lessons Knitting lessons
    We also had visitors, like a woman from the baseball booth, who brought by an unraveled baseball (shown left; did you know that baseballs are made with yarn?) and one of the knitters in our booth immediately started working with the baseball yarn (shown right)! Maybe you can get your baseball-loving friends to take up knitting with this information!
    Baseball and yarn Baseball and yarn
    We even had a celebrity stop by...
    At the Lion Brand Booth: a special visitor! R2-D2!
    Our friend, Natalie, senior editor of Craft Magazine (a publication of the O'Reilly Media family, the company that puts on Maker Faire) also stopped by to visit. That's Liz, Natalie, and me.
    At the Lion Brand Booth: Liz, Nat (of Craft Magazine), and Zontee
    We also had a TON of kids stop by and make animals, inspired by our knit & crochet amigurumi animals and the giant argyle giraffe, with us at our craft table. Here are just a few of their creations:
    At the kids' table: a cockatoo At the kids' table: a strawberry ice cream cone
    At the kids' table: a dog At the kids' table: a duckie

    Want to see the rest of my photos? Click here to see them on Flickr!

    Want to make your own crafted animals? Here are a couple of patterns to
    get you started:

    Maker Faire will be in Detroit and then coming to Lion Brand's hometown
    of New York, so check out their website to learn more about this cool event! Visit Lion Brand at upcoming events like the Knit & Crochet Show, Stitches
    , and World Maker Faire in New York.

    Want to know even more about our Maker Faire trip? Check out next week's episode of YarnCraft, our radio-style podcast for interviews with fiber-enthusiasts, artists, and more, from our trip to the Bay Area!

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  • Giant Knit & Crochet Animals!

    Lion Brand unveiled a giant menagerie of exotic animals made of yarn at the Craft and Hobby Association convention in Anaheim, California last week.

    These one-of-a-kind animals were created from a variety of our yarns available at Wal-Mart and retail craft chains including Jo-Ann and Michaels. The yarns, including Homespun, Fishermen's Wool, Vanna's Choice and Fun Fur, were combined in unique ways to create the extraordinary textures and designs of the animals. The animals were placed imaginative "habitat" settings including a rocky surface, a flowering bush and a tall grass—all created with yarn.

    The giraffe is 8 feet tall, and the snake is 40 feet long, and each took HUNDREDS of balls of yarn to make. In the photos you can see the development of this project from concept to the creation and finished pieces.

    We had a great time at the show, watching the amazed expressions on the faces of people who visited our booth.  Many of them stopped to take pictures of themselves with their favorite creature.

    If you want to make your own smaller animals click on the related links or go to LionBrand.com and search for "amigurumi" or "animals". Similar small animal patterns:

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