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Giant Knit & Crochet Animals!

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Giant Knit & Crochet Animals!

Lion Brand unveiled a giant menagerie of exotic animals made of yarn at the Craft and Hobby Association convention in Anaheim, California last week.

These one-of-a-kind animals were created from a variety of our yarns available at Wal-Mart and retail craft chains including Jo-Ann and Michaels. The yarns, including Homespun, Fishermen’s Wool, Vanna’s Choice and Fun Fur, were combined in unique ways to create the extraordinary textures and designs of the animals. The animals were placed imaginative “habitat” settings including a rocky surface, a flowering bush and a tall grass—all created with yarn.

The giraffe is 8 feet tall, and the snake is 40 feet long, and each took HUNDREDS of balls of yarn to make. In the photos you can see the development of this project from concept to the creation and finished pieces.

We had a great time at the show, watching the amazed expressions on the faces of people who visited our booth.  Many of them stopped to take pictures of themselves with their favorite creature.

If you want to make your own smaller animals click on the related links or go to and search for “amigurumi” or “animals”. Similar small animal patterns:

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  • WOW! What an amazing undertaking!! I’d love to learn how long this took, how many people were involved in the knitting and assembling, and how much YARN was used? REALLY amazing! Wish I could see them in real life! LOVE the Giraffe! Gosh, and LOVE the Bird! And the Snake! And, of course, the Lion! I love them ALL!

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  • Will these patterns ever be available? I’d love to make the snake. They are all so great!

    Jess Says: Hi, Donna. We’re so glad you like the animals! These items are incredibly large inspiration pieces. The snake itself is over 40 feet long. As such, we will not be posting patterns for these animals. You can always use our Pattern Finder to find regular-sized amigurumi.

  • What a fascinating look into a design project. I would love to know more about the whole process.

  • oh my gosh!
    these are fabulous! i love the photostream from concept to final pieces.
    thank you for sharing it!

  • I am very sorry to see that Lion Brand is associated with Wal-Mart.

  • I find this so amazing. They look so life-like. I’m really rather speechless. Great job.

  • I am so grateful that Lion Brand is associated with Walmart.

    What an incredible project!! Congratulations!!

  • What a wonderful exhibit. I loved seeing the Flicker photos of the design process. Your Team needs a bonus for their wonderful work, from design to completion. 🙂 Be sure to let them know that their work is truly appreciated. (and; no, I am not part of the team)

  • Really wish you would re-consider selling these patters, perhaps in a slightly scaled down version. They would make great gifts for toddlers. Thanks.

    Gwen H.

    Zontee says: Hi Gwen, sorry, we will not be releasing patterns for these creatures. These animals are one-of-a-kind as they were made on knitting machines with a lot of special hand-manipulation, and extremely large and complex. However, we have a TON of great animal patterns on, so just use the search box to find fun animal patterns.

  • I would absolutely kill (not really!) for a pattern for a large cat. I am volunteer coordinator for a cat/kitten rescue London, Canada & we could raffle it off & make money to pay our vet bills. Please reconsider!!!

    Zontee says: Hi Doreen, sorry, we will not be releasing patterns for these creatures. These animals are one-of-a-kind as they were made on knitting machines with a lot of special hand-manipulation, and extremely large and complex. If you would like a lion pattern, please go to and use the search box.

  • They are amazing!!! I would so love the snake pattern my son collects soft toy snakes and would totally adore it!!! Please could you let me know if you are intending to release a pattern for it? Thanks and happy knitting!!

    Zontee says: Hi Linda, sorry, we will not be releasing patterns for these creatures. These animals are one-of-a-kind as they were made on knitting machines with a lot of special hand-manipulation, and furthermore, as it says in a previous comment, the snake is over 40 feet long. If you would like a snake pattern, we do have some at; just use the search box.

  • Totally awesome and pure advertising genius. Thanks for sharing the great photo’s of the process.

  • You got me to looking all over for knitted animals. You don’t have anything similar to these in scaled down versions that are knitted. Consider some patterns for us amateurs.

  • Is there a raffel for the animals after you’re done usuing them??? The bird would look wonderful in my living room! They are all awesome!

  • I absolutely love the Giraffe. I am so sorry to hear that the patterns won’t be posted. I have made Georgina the Giraffe and she is adorable. Thanks for sharing these wonderful creations. I hope that you may consider (with all the interest in these animals)posting the patterns.

  • I too am sorry the patterns will not be posted. These would make perfect gifts for the great-grandchildern, which currently I only have one of. But it takes time to make giant animals as well as more greats.

  • Yes it is too bad there are no patterns available. I also would be interested in making some of these animals. Surly someone in your company would write the patterns. Imagine the amount of yarn sales. The patterns only being available with purchase of enough yarn to make one. Wow that would be a hugh profit for your company!

  • I too would like to see knit patterns for amigurimi. I do have one book of patterns that are knitted, but Lion Brand has such cute patterns. I do not understand why all the amigurimi have to be crocheted. I too would like to see animals in the 10-20 inch size for toddlers and college students.

  • Wow! What an accomplishment! As someone who does a lot of amigurumi, I understand why you are not publishing the pattern, You would have to write a book of instructions in order to recreate such huge and detailed animals! I live close to Anaheim and I am wondering if I can still see your exhibit?

    Zontee says: Hi Lani, no, we only set up this display as part of our booth for the Craft & Hobby Association show, which is only open to the trade. It has already been dismantled, BUT we will be displaying parts of it at our Studio in NYC and also at Maker Faire in San Francisco at the end of May, so if you are around either of those places in the spring, we hope you can stop by!

  • I love them all.. they are all super cute! Wish I had the time and space and dedication it took to make them all! Great job to the cretors/designers!!

  • These are wonderful. Kudos to the person that conceived of this entire project and to all the nimble hands that worked on them. Frankly, I am glad you are not supplying the patterns. I would have to devote 6+ months to making the lion and then think of all the other projects I would miss.

  • UNBELIEVABLE I love each one of them, I have to ask as well will the patterns ever be maid available, we own a preschool what a great addition one of these would make!

  • To Knitting Nana from Snow Hawk,
    Knitters have such great clothing patterns and crochet is usually relegated to afghans and accessories in yarns as opposed to crochet threads. So please do not be upset that amigurumi is in crochet. It is about time that crochet is out of the box!
    Also, Lion Brand has animal patterns, so be creative and make them bigger on your own. Challange!!!!

  • I would love to have these patterns also. I have 7 grandkids and would love to make some of these for each one of them. I know it is a huge undertaking, but, it is worth it.

  • this is awesome…. i love the animals they look so real….. my nephews love them … my oldest one is 7 yrs old n he wants to make the whole forest now…lol…. we r gonna see bout that

  • Being one who creates one-of-a-kind large crocheted items, it is totally unrealistic to think the Lion Brand Team could release a pattern for this type of thing, since a whole lot of it was probably created and adjusted on the fly. Anyone could do the same type of thing if they followed the same steps as the Lion Brand team, from conception on paper and through the many steps. Please remember that you need to be flexible to your design as you are creating your project, and that you will probably have to adjust as well as scrap parts as you go! Jump in there! You will be enriched from your experience! Thanks Lion Brand, for your many inspirations!

  • These are wonderful!
    Count me in as being glad Lion Brand yarns are available at Wal-Mart it’s the only store close to me, open on Sunday, that has good yarn.

  • I love the photos! Seeing the animals next to people really helped me grasp the size of these creations! The yarn scenery is awesome too (I love the felted grass!). Will they be put in a museum of some sort after this exhibition is done? Thanks to all of the people who invested so much time and energy in creating these animals. All of you did amazing work!

  • I would love to see more patterns for more animals and other oversized projects. Especially for the guys out there on the edge about starting to knit/crochet. These huge projects are the yarn craft equivalent of working on a V-8 Engine and might just win them over to the craft.

  • This display is wonderful! I love the animals and setting. Many companies, including Wal-Mart, are going to buy the Lion Brand products to sell. That is purely business.

  • What a fantastic display! I love the lion. I’d love to see an elephant. What talent

  • It would be wonderful if you would publish the patterns for these wonderful creatures!!! My granddaughter would love the lion!

  • I, too, am grateful you’re connected with Walmart. The yarn snobs can’t have everything to themselves. Some of us yarn lovers need to purchase at stores that are economy-friendly. Excellent project, and kudos for such a beautifully conceived and executed idea! I love you guys…and these animals!!

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