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Getting Organized (and Remembering My Grandmother) in the New Year

Last week, I wrote a blog post asking you about your new year's resolutions as yarncrafters, and now I'd like to share one of mine.

One of my resolutions this year is to organize my tools--I have so many different kinds of needles, hooks, and accessories that sometimes I have trouble keeping track of what I already own. I think I might want to log them into my account on Ravelry (there are also many apps out there that can help you keep track of your yarncrafting tools) and then put them in some thin vases for display. I'll have to keep an eye out for some different options.

However, the first thing I've done on my organizing journey is to buy a case for some very special, vintage tools. Last year, my grandmother passed away, and each grandchild inherited some mementos from her house. Being that my grandmother was a very prolific needlecrafter and seamstress, my mom brought me my grandmother's double-pointed needles, steel crochet hooks, and sewing needles. Some of the DPNs are the very long kind (about 15 inches) for making sweaters, before circular needles got popular--I'd never even seen DPNs that long before. As a yarncrafter myself, I really appreciate the beauty of these tools, and I wanted to protect them, as well as to organize them.

To do so, I got one of the beautiful, handmade, hook/needle rolls from CrippenWorks that we have on The long DPNs are in the back row of pockets and the crochet hooks and shorter DPNs are in the front. I'm glad to know that the needles are well-protected, and I hope that some day, I can pass them along to my own children.

Click here to see all of the CrippenWorks cases we carry.

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