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Getting Back to Normal After Hurricane Sandy

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Getting Back to Normal After Hurricane Sandy

Our offices have reopened today following Hurricane Sandy. We’re just now getting back in the swing of things, so there will be some delay in shipping and responding to your emails and calls. Since our power was out for a week, please allow us time to catch up. We consider ourselves very lucky to be back at work, but our staff is still coping with the latent damage from Sandy.

Most of our staff has made it back to the office, but over in my home neighborhood of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, transportation is at a stand-still. The subway tunnels are still flooded, buses are beyond capacity, and the East River Ferry stop is out of commission. Grocery stores are completely depleted of bread and perishables. Here’s a look at the bread aisle of my store last night:

Grocery Store in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Even so, I am very grateful that things are looking up. After all, my power and internet have been restored, so I’m able to get some work done from home. I can’t help but smile when I think of the amazing amount of support and love we’ve received through social media. There are still so many without basic necessities like food and shelter, so I encourage you to look into the many ways you can donate. The American Red Cross is a great place to start, and Bev’s Country Cottage has this great round-up of places to donate knit/crochet items. It’s truly inspiring how our community has really come together in this time of need, so from all of us at Lion Brand, thank you!

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  • I was thinking about you while catching up on podcasts. I hope everyone is ok and everything gets back to as normal as possible soon.

  • Glad to hear that your wonderful company will work through this difficult time and soon will be opening again ! As always thought and prayers are with you all.

  • So sad to read and hear about this tragedy. Pleased that things are improving.and that communities are supporting each other. Love is so important in times of crisis. Sending you love and prayers from Woking UK

  • Everyday people coping with the unimaginable…the resilience and positivity helps restore my faith in human kind.

  • the salvation army is another place that helps. And they don’t charge anything. it’s my understanding that red cross does.

    • Jan, I’m a former volunteer and former employee of an American Red Cross (ARC) Chapter. ARC does NOT charge for disaster services.
      http:// /find-help /disaster-recovery
      (remove spaces when copying/pasting link to your browser, please)

      You may have heard that ARC was required, during WWII, to charge soldiers for some services. Google “American Red Cross, Britain, Secretary of War Stimson” for the rest of the story.

  • So sad to hear about your ordeal.Glad that you are getting lots of support from locally & abroad. Our prayers are with you all as you deal with this tragedy. God Bless!

  • Glad to hear that thing are getting better for you all,it takes a while we had earthquake here in Christchurch new Zealand and im still waiting to get my home fix and its nearly two years we had no water and power for 17 days but you get though and learn lots what you can do in times like this.,just like im sure you are all doing good luck to you all .

  • As a former Jersey girl, my best wishes go out to all affected by Hurricane Sandy. I wish I could crochet you all a new power grid, but short of that – and other than monetary donations – is there an organization that might want us yarn nuts to help with knit or crocheted items? I’d love help and I certainly have plenty of yarn to use up.

  • Everyday people coping with the unimaginable

  • I was preying for all who was in Hurricane Sandy. To God be the glory,

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