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Get Your Stitching and Pitching On This Baseball Season!

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Get Your Stitching and Pitching On This Baseball Season!

If you’re anything like me, you probably think an event of any sort that actively encourages hours of knitting or crochet is the best kind of event. Though I have some sort of yarn-craft project going during every baseball game we watch or attend, few days are more exciting to look forward to during the baseball season than Stitch ‘n Pitch days. If you’re not already familiar with Stitch ‘n Pitch, it’s a series of events put on by TNNA–The National NeedleArts Association–that encourage all needlecrafters to come on out to Major and Minor League Baseball games for “the perfect double play”. Crafters sit together in dedicated section and spend the game making new friends and often get the chance for special giveaways. The Stitch ‘n Pitch season kicked off in Atlanta on Saturday, May 4, and the next game scheduled is with our hometown team, the New York Mets!

Mets Stitch ‘n Pitch at Citi Field, Flushing, NY (vs. Pittsburgh Pirates)
Saturday, May 11
1:10 pm
Click here for tickets

Discounted tickets in the Promenade Reserved section are available for $25 each, and–perhaps best of all–the first 1,000 attendees to purchase tickets will be receiving this really awesome limited edition Mr. Met Knitting bobblehead. I’ll admit I’m biased, as a Mets with a growing collection of bobbleheads, but I think it’s pretty cool to see a team mascot crafting!

Stitch ‘N Pitch events at Citi Field, the New York Mets’ stadium, are always a blast. You may remember that, three years ago, on June 5, 2010, Stitch ‘n Pitch attendees at Citi Field set a Guinness World Record for most people crocheting in one place. Pretty cool, right? You can read more about that event by clicking here. While the people from Guinness won’t be in attendance at this game, it’s still sure to be a memorable event. Below, check out Jack Blumenthal, SVP of Lion Brand Yarn, on the field at Citi Field.

If you’re not based in the New York area, there are still plenty of chances to catch a Stitch ‘N Pitch game near you. Dates are set for the Brewers, Nationals, Giants, Rays, Pirates and Tigers this season, as well as many Minor League teams across the country, and more dates will likely be added as the season progresses. Check the up-to-date 2013 Season Schedule here.

Personally, I won’t be snagging my knitting Mr. Met bobblehead this weekend (bummer), as I have a prior commitment, but I hope to see some yarncrafting friends in July as the Mets take on the Pirates in Pittsburgh at their Stitch ‘n Pitch event!

Will you be attending a Stitch ‘n Pitch this year? Have you attended in the past? Share your stories with us in the comments!


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  • I have never attended a Stitchin’ N Pitchin’ event, but I have been taking my knitting or crocheting to Altoona Curve ball games for years. Don’t attend many games, but the bag of yarn is always there with me. Last time there was a rain delay and we went inside and found a seat at a picnic table. Before I could pull me stuff out, another lady sat down across from me and pulled her crocheting out! We both just laughed when I pulled mine out. Imagine, all those people and the two of us picked the same table. Our husbands just shook their heads!

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