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Get Started Crocheting with These 3 Videos

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Get Started Crocheting with These 3 Videos

If this is your first time venturing into the yarniverse, welcome! If you’re a knitting looking to cross-over to crochet, we’re happy to have you. We here at Lion Brand work hard to create accessible videos to help crafters pick up a new hobby, develop their skills, and try new things. With these 3 videos, you’ll be chaining before you know it.

3 Videos to Start Crocheting

These 3 videos will help you learn how to make a slip knot, how to chain, and how to single crochet. These are the most basic skills you’ll need, and you’ll be doing fancier tricks in no time!

How to Make a Slip Knot

A slip knot is the first step for any crochet project, but they can be confusing! You’ll use a slip knot to create the first chain stitch in your foundational row. You might also see this first row called a ‘base’ or ‘starting’ chain. This is the row out of which all your other stitches will be born! This is a super-easy slip knot technique, laid flat, so you can see all the details.

We recommend watching the video at least once through, and then setting up your working area so you can work along with the video. You can press pause whenever you need a moment!

How to Chain

This video will pick up where the slip knot video left off. Starting with a slip knot on your hook, you’ll see in slow motion how to begin your chain. Helpful tips will pop up along the way, like where to hold or ‘pinch’ the yarn, and where to keep the loop on your hook. The video will pick up speed, but you can go at your own pace!

Be sure to watch the instructions at the end for how to count your ‘stitches’. They might not look how you expect, since – of course – one flows into the next! Be sure to count the loop on your hook as one of your stitches.

How to Single Crochet

Once you’ve got your foundation chain, you’re ready to begin your project. The single crochet is the most basic crochet stitch, so it’s great to start with this one. This video will demonstrate clearly how to find the stitch you want to work with, and you’ll begin to feel the rhythm. Once you’ve completed this first row of single crochet, watch carefully, because the next row is a bit different! You’ll get the hang of it quickly.

It can be mysterious when you’re just starting out, where the stitches actually are. Helpful tips remind you to which stitch to start with, and to be sure not to forget the last stitch of your row. Once you’ve reached the desired number of rows, it’s easy to finish it off.

Start Crocheting Today

Let us know in the comments below what your first project will be! We’d love to hear what inspired you to try crochet. And if you’re a knitter crossing over, let us know how your yarn skills are proving useful. And be sure to let us know how it’s going! After you’ve nailed these three skills, head to our website, for a whole gallery of crochet tutorials. And be sure to subscribe to our ‘Learn to Crochet’ Youtube channel for even more. We’re with you every step of the way!

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  • Best tutorial I have ever seen.
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  • Fantastic. I am going to buy a crochet needle and start practicing.

  • Would like to see a video using the home spun yarn. Having a heck of a time seeing the stitches and where the hook needs to go.

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