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Get Inspired by Our Under-the-Sea Window (Plus 9 Patterns for DIY Sea Creatures)

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Get Inspired by Our Under-the-Sea Window (Plus 9 Patterns for DIY Sea Creatures)

At the Lion Brand Yarn Studio, our store and education center in NYC, we’re proud to showcase amazing window displays each month. This summer, our window features a fantasy ocean scene, complete with a knitting octopus, sea stars, coral, jellyfish and even a mermaid.

To see more about how our artists created this one-of-a-kind scene, click here to visit the store’s blog.

9 Patterns for Under-the-Sea Inspiration

Although these large-scale art-pieces took several months to complete and combine many different yarn crafting techniques, you can create your own sea creatures with patterns from

Image of Undersea Mobile Image of Amigurumi Angel Fish Image of Frida the Fish
Crochet Undersea Mobile Crochet Amigurumi Angel Fish Knit Frida the Fish
Image of Amigurumi Octopus Image of Crafted Mama Octopus and Baby Image of Ollie the Octopus
Crochet Amigurumi Octopus Crafted Mama Octopus and Baby Knit Ollie the Octopus
Image of Lion Brand Hyperbolic Crochet Motifs Image of Pom-Pom Sea World Image of Tiny Turtle
Hyperbolic Crochet Motifs Pom-Pom Sea World Crochet Tiny Turtle

For more photos of our store’s displays, visit the Lion Brand Yarn Studio online gallery.

Editor’s note: Please note that we do not have patterns for the art pieces in the window. Many of these pieces combine knitting, crochet, machine-knitting, felting, and other crafting techniques in one piece and/or include internal structures to hold them upright. However, we encourage readers to check out and as great places to get started looking for similar patterns!

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  • I will be in NY at the end of July. I can’t wait to see this beautiful window.

  • Amazing!

  • What an idea!

  • Got to help when the Institution for Figuring did a Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef exhibit in Scottsdale Arizona. Had SO MUCH FUN!!!! They really look like a reef when seen together with others. I often make a piece for students I know who are in an advanced math class and the teachers enjoy like them. Showing HYPERBOLIC SPACE is a difficult thing to do without the crochet pieces.

  • Beautiful and just breathtaking! 🙂

  • I want the pattern for the BIG Octopus!

  • Any chance for the pattern for the HUGE octopus? I’d absolutely pay for it!

  • I would love to be near the Lion Brand Store. To whoever designs and makes these needlework masterpieces, I say, “Bravo!” 🙂

  • Brilliant window

  • I would also love the pattern for the big octopus. I wouldn’t mind taking a couple of months to knit it.

  • I love the “under the sea” display. Its beautiful and sparks the imagination of being right there swimming with the octopus!

  • What a fun, interesting display! The octopus is fantastic, but I really love the mermaid and the way she is displayed! No detail missed! Also love the coral reef pictured below!

  • I participated in Hyperbolic Reef project that was on display last October at the Fryeburg Fair in Fryeburg, Maine. The whole upper wall and ceiling of the Fiber Arts building was covered with coral reef and sea creatures.

  • Beautiful and very inspiring! What great sculptural shapes…really showing a different direction for the humble hook and needle. I wish you had a store out here on the West Coast, so more of us could see this up close and personal. Congrats on an awesome exhibit.

  • Wow, living in RSA makes it difficult to really view and appreciate all your hard work. Green with envy. Live on the south coast in in Kwa-zulu Natal. This display would just fit in beautifully during the school hols.

  • This is so Awesome! Is there a PATTERN FOR THE MERMAID? My granddaughter would be over the Moon if I made her that!


    • Hi Glame Grame’, unfortunately there’s not a pattern as the mermaid has many different elements that are knit, felted, machine-knit, and crocheted. (All of the window pieces were created without patterns.) However, there are some awesome mermaid patterns out there in both knit and crochet. Here’s a search on the free yarn community Ravelry that might give you a place to start:
      In particular I think the “Little Lorelei” and “Roweena” patterns are particularly nice, with a similar feeling as our mermaid. Hope that helps!

  • I saw this in person on our big trip to New York (from Anchorage!). Going to your store was on my Things I Must Do In New York list. Gorgeous window! Wish I could get a pattern for one of those beautiful lacy jellyfish!

    I have to say your store folk are so pleasant, and were so very kind to my little daughters (4 and 6). Kudos on a great store! And a great window!

  • I just wanted to thank you for the new yarn “Made in America” that I found at Joanne”s craft store. It is wonderful to purchase yarn that is once again made in the USA. Thank you.

  • How about the jellyfish patterns?????

  • Living in beautiful Tasmania, I participated in a recent project by the water authority ‘Hooked, from Mountain Devil to Handfish” mainly to do with endangered species which is now touring. Wow if it was on the scale of your window! I would love to see it to scale, on site. To those seeking the patterns I say, be brave, be adventurous, do it in small scale, then grow it from there. Happy Hooking

  • I was involved in 2012 in Adelaide South Australia using an hyperbolic pattern under water display that was displayed as a part of SALA ( an annual arts program South Australia). So get involved its a fantastic opportunity to use every type of material from twine ….. yes this is what I used in conjunction with video tape!…………amongst other materials. Use your imagination .Over 300 people involved in this project to promote the health and death of the natural environment ie the reef. Look after our planet and use crochet to promote this .

    What an opportunity.

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