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German twisted cast on

  • LBY Studio Sock-Along: The German Twisted Cast On

    Post by Gretchen, Lion Brand Yarn Studio Education Director

    Since we had so many people outside New York City expressing interest our Summer Sock Along at Lion Brand Yarn Studio, we decided to share some of what we talked about in each session here on the Lion Brand Notebook.

    Even though everyone in the group is knitting socks, we are not knitting the same socks. The group is a mixture of people knitting their first pair of sock and others who are maybe just a smidge obsessed. (Sock knitting can be like that.)

    Some people are starting from the cuff and working down to the toe, and others are starting from the toe and working up to the cuff. There was general agreement that it was easier for your first sock to work from the cuff down. Part of this is likely because the cast on to begin at the cuff can be the same one you use for other projects, but starting at the toe requires a special cast on.

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