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Furniture: Knit and Crochet

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Furniture: Knit and Crochet

I love it when my favorite blogs feature knitting and crochet in other forums. Check out 2Modern Design Talk’s feature on some gorgeous knit, crochet, and woven furniture! Click here.

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  • Love the Large knitting needles, oh the extert large. Know a Lady that can knit that comes in the shop where I work. She thought my 19 was big. Now I can show some that are bigger!
    Thank you,

    Zontee says: Hi Turra, if you like your 19s, why not try our 50s? Our Speed Stix are size 50 needles, perfect for quick scarves and afghans made with several strands of yarn worked together.

  • I want those BIG knitting needles.

    Zontee says: Hi Delores, we don’t have anything quite as big as those wooden needles in the article, but we do have size 50 Speed Stix, which are great for all sorts of projects including our 6 hour afghans.

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  • Love the poufs for recycling tires. I am going to have to try doing that.

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