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Free Spirit Topper Knit-Along: Gauge Swatching!

KAL #2Editor's note: There's still time to get your Knit-Along Kit, get your kit here now and use coupon code FALLKAL2015 to save 20% (until November 1st)! Don't forget to join our Ravelry Forum; share your progress with us along the way!

Welcome to the Fall Knit Along! Your votes have spoken and our project is the Free Spirit Topper using the new Lion Brand Yarn — Scarfie.

I have been wanting to work with this yarn since the first moment I saw it!  I love the way the color changes throughout the skein.  I am a huge fan of knitting with yarn that changes as you go---it makes for a fun surprise around every corner.

I love this pattern because the level of difficulty is just right for a scarf-only knitter to take it to the next level and knit their first garment.  And for you experienced knitters out there, this is an opportunity for you to mentor those taking on a new challenge, and effortlessly end up with a beautiful, on trend garment.

:: Can't see the video above? Click here to watch - https://youtu.be/W9XM2N1SuTQ :: 

As is always the case when knitting a garment, it is very important to take the time to knit a gauge swatch before beginning a project. I know, I used to think this was a waste of time too. I got so excited about my new project I just wanted to jump right in! I learned my lesson when I made my first cable-knit project—a hat for myself—and it fit my 2 year old. Whoops!

It doesn’t take that much time to knit a gauge, and if you don’t frog it to use in the final product, you have a little coaster that matches your sweater!


:: A gauge palette can be super helpful! Get this one here - http://lby.co/1PUyLlX ::

For this project I am using size 9, 14” Brittany needles. I love how my yarn slides so nicely on these super-sanded, strong needles.  I also love this length because each side is meant to be 15” wide, so when they fit nicely on my needle, I get constant affirmation that I’m knitting it in the right size!  Brittany needle company is so stellar, they even replace lost or damaged needles, no questions asked.

Just one last cheer for those of you considering this but are hesitating because you have only knit a scarf up to this point. You can do this. I will hold your hand through the whole process, and then we will be twins in our Scarfie Free Spirit Toppers!

I am Kristy Glass and I am so thrilled to be infiltrating the Lion Brand blog to lead you in the 2015 Fall Knit Along! Even though I learned to knit as a girl, my passion for fiber arts has escalated at a very steep rate these past several years.

I returned to knitting and began crocheting about 8 years ago after I suffered an unexpected health setback leaving me feeling completely out of control. Hand work was a healing salve for my body and soul as I suffered through a long healing process. Thankfully I continue to use knitting to aid meditation, solace and a feeling of accomplishment. I knit year round, despite weather changes, and I am highly anticipating us all knitting together on this project.

I have completed over 100 projects including scarves, cowls, hats, hand warmers, phone cozies, afghans, pillows, sweaters and yarn bombing. My most recent passion has been making sweaters and actually wearing what I make!

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  • Barbara

    I like the colors of the Scarfie yarn but did not know that it was going to be fat and thin strands. Did any one else find this difficult to work with and do you like this type of yarn? I really don't I don't think it make the item look professional!

  • Cyndi

    I wasn't able to find Scarfie locally so am using a different yarn of the same weight. Why isn't Scarfie available in stores? So excited to get started. Checking my gauge now!

  • Valerie

    For the gauge, It just says 16 sts = about 4" it doesn't say how many rows = 4". Does anyone know the answer?

  • Kristy

    I haven't noticed a lot of variation and I love how the fabric is knitting up.

  • Barbara

    I couldn't find it in stores either. I think it must have come out after the stores placed their fall orders.

  • Cyndi

    Started the seed stitch and then read about gauge. Good thing as I was about 3 inches too long! Had to go down to a size 6 needle, wow! So now I start again!