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1FoxPurse from 1DogWoof! (aka a cute crochet carryall)

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1FoxPurse from 1DogWoof! (aka a cute crochet carryall)

Just take a nice long look at this phenomenal crocheted fox purse and you’ll know that what the fox says is “Awesome. I wanna make one!”

ChiWei of 1DogWoof is always making such incredibly colorful, bold, and fun projects. We are thrilled to the gills that she considers Vanna’s Choice her staple yarn, citing its “softness and the richness of the colors.” Looking at how those Terracotta and White colors pop so gloriously, we couldn’t agree more! You’ll need a skein of each. Clever as a fox, ChiWei uses a couple Black BonBons as eyes to great effect.

Foxtrot on over to 1DogWoof for more loveable photographs and instructions on how to make this adorable fox purse. This is 1FoxyWoof! Pretty soon everyone is going to want one. Grab your supplies and beat ‘em to the punch! I’m already planning on making myself a fox murse [aka man purse]!

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