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For Crocheters Who Want To Learn To Knit and Knitters Who Want Their Friends To Learn

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For Crocheters Who Want To Learn To Knit and Knitters Who Want Their Friends To Learn


If you’re an avid crocheter like myself, you’ve probably always wanted to learn to knit. I’m especially moved to learn how to knit when I know a new baby is on the way.

I think so many people want to learn because they know that it really is a great skill to master … plus, it’s nice to know you have many of options when it comes to creating a handmade gift.

Now you can learn to make precious keepsakes with Lion Brand’s latest Learn to Knit Baby Kit.  This all-in-one kit will teach you to knit while making a hat and booties set for a baby.  We have two kits available: one for girls (pictured right) and one for boys.  This kit includes everything from the instructions, to the yarn, needles, and gift supplies.

Just learn it, make it, and give it. All for 9.95!

What this kit includes:

  • Easy to follow video and illustrated learn-to-knit instructions
  • Pattern for baby hat and booties
  • 1 ball of Vanna’s Choice in White
  • Size 9 Knitting Needles
  • 1 Large-Eye Blunt Needle
  • 1 Gift Box
  • 1 Bundle of Joy Card (Girl or Boy)
  • Pink or Blue Tissue (depending on kit)
  • Pink/Blue Reversible Ribbon 24” X 2” (60 X 5 cm)

Show off your newfound knitting skills with a gift from the heart!

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  • Great idea! Encouraging people to knit is good. But… pink and blue??? “Girls’ kits” and “boys’ kits”? Honestly, which century do you live in? Where are the orange, purple, green and rainbow coloured kits?

    • You are right. We wanted to test this new idea and launch with the traditional colors but have many more in mind. Thanks for your suggestions.

      • That’s good to hear!

      • I disagree with JustWondering. Pink and Blue are still great colors. It would be fun to have other colors that are not so traditional. But I love the pink and blue!!!

      • I disagree with JustWondering. Pink and Blue are still great colors. Still very modern. There is nothing wrong with having kits and colors to differentiate boys and girls. After all boys and girls are different and unique in their own way! It would be fun to have other colors that are not so traditional. But I love the pink and blue kits!

        • There are more and more mothers out there, though, who don’t want pink or blue because of the negative gender connotations the colors supply.

      • Love the pink and blue for the kits! The “learn to knit” kits are a great idea!

  • If you must cling to the pink and blue colors, why is the ribbon double-sided? Double-sided ribbons mean the other color will still show at some times.

    • Depending on how you tie the ribbon, one color will dominate and the other color looks nice as an accent. We plan to add more options to the available colors. Would love to hear your thoughts on colors.

  • I am a knitting instructor. Can we get these wholesale?

    • It depends on how many you order. What did you have in mind?

  • I would love to learn to knit. I did not pay attention when my Grandmother who was an acoomplished knitter tried to show me in the 70’s when I was a teen. Now I wish I knew what she knew. 🙁 Miss you Gma. Yes I would love to win this!!!

    • You can learn on youtube. Seriously! I learned so many new knit and crochet techniques on youtube that Grandma never taught me, it’s amazing!

  • Are they available in Canada? And where? thanks

    • These kits are only available online at If you click on the orange text links above that say “one for boys” or “one for girls” it will take you to the corresponding product page.

  • Maybe I’ve missed this, but where can you purchase this kit? I’m an avid crocheter and just told my daughter my daughter (who is pregnant with a boy) that I wanted to learn to knit also. What a GREAT idea, plus I can give the baby yet another gift (LOL). Thanks for answering where to buy this kit!

    • Just click on the orange text in the paragraph above that says “one of girls” or “one for boys”, they are links that will take you to the corresponding product page.

      • Thanks Devin, I just ordered the “baby boy” kit and can’t wait to learn to knit!

  • I would love to learn to knit; but I only get $129 a month income and having to pay utilities and get cleaning supplies. I do not have any extra to spend on any lessons. Let me know if any lessons are free. Thanks!

    • I met someone at a Church I was visiting, she not only taught me how to knit for free but also showed me how to Weave for free. Try going to the yarn section at a local store and start talking to someone that is buying yarn and they may be willing to teach you. If not they have postings online to help you learn for free, God Bless and good luck

    • check at your local library – lots of them have knitting groups that meet once a month or so, and there’s sure to be someone that will be happy to teach you for free.

    • I would suggest checking out our Learn to Knit channel on Youtube, we have plenty of free lessons!

    • There are many free – and good – instructive videos on youtube that will show you step by step how to begin to knit. Some are better than others; you have to sift. Good luck!

  • Very disappointed that they are both out of stock. Any ideas if they will be in stock soon?

    • If they have sold out already they will be back in stock within a couple of days.

  • other colors should definitely be available – what if someone wants to start before they know which gender the baby is going to be?

  • Yellow and green are great neutral colors (if people don’t like traditional pink and blue), how fun!

  • Not only pink and blue we need yellow also for those that don’t want to know what the sex of the baby is.

  • Is there a limit?

  • How about a similar kit for those of us who, for whatever reason, do not want baby stuff? It’s a great idea otherwise!

    • This is currently a new idea, and we felt that baby items would be a good starting point. We are looking into the possibility of expanding into other types of kits in the future. Do you have any ideas in particular that would interest you?

  • Why not make two. Buy a kit, pink or blue, learn to knit, then go buy orange or purple or your team colors and make another set.

  • are there directions for left handed people?

  • I crochet because I prefer to crochet. I am able to knit and don’t particularly care to do it. Why do all you ardent knitters seem to think that we who crochet are just knitters waiting to blossom. I’m just disappointed that you don’t have more patterns available in crochet. Your designers seem to think it is only suitable for afghans. I just go back to the patterns from my mother and grandmother and ignore all this foolishness.

    • I know how to do both, too, and I mostly knit, only because I prefer the finished project’s look. But I certainly do not think you should be forced to knit because some knitters think you should! I only say that if a crocheter wishes to learn and thinks she can’t, it’s not true, and I would certainly help her learn. But if you or anyone else prefers to crochet, that’s what you should do. And I think knitters who don’t know how to crochet, and who think they can’t are wrong, too, and are really missing out on a fun and enjoyable craft. Making projects that use both knitting and crochet techniques can be beautiful.

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