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Follow Lion Brand on Pinterest!

Do you use Pinterest? If so, you should follow us!


For those of you who aren’t familiar with the site, Pinterest is a social network that allows you to collect different images, links, and ideas, called pins, into different collections, called boards. It’s basically like a digital bulletin board. Follow your friends, favorite bloggers, and brands (ahem) and you’ll get all sorts of inspiration. You can use it for almost anything, but it’s especially great for collecting creative ideas, like recipes and DIY projects. That’s why we love using it!

The Lion Brand profile has a lot of really interesting yarn-related boards. Want blanket ideas? We’ve got that. Gifts for a new baby? Not a problem. Obsessed with messy bun hats? So are we. You can even check out a board dedicated to some vintage tidbits — after all, we’ve been around for nearly 140 years, there are some goodies in our past!

Pin ‘Em While They’re Hot

We’ve got a few really cool pins that our fans seem to love! Cozy cocoon sweaters, cute shawls, and fun DIY crafts are always favorites. You can’t go wrong with adorable projects for kids, either.

Here are some of our followers’ favorite pins:

If you’re looking for great inspiration for your projects, the Lion Brand Yarn Pinterest profile is the place to be. You’ll find tons of great patterns and inspiration, new ways to use our yarns, and some beautiful pictures. Come check us out!

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