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Flikka v. Comfy Cotton: What’s the Difference?

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Flikka v. Comfy Cotton: What’s the Difference?

Our new Flikka Yarn and Comfy Cotton are two peas in a pod. When you’re deliberating which to use for a project, they’re more similar than you think! They’re both Cotton/Polyester blends (50/50), but the big difference is the size. For all the details of Flikka v. Comfy Cotton, plus patterns for each, keep reading.

Flikka v. Comfy Cotton

As we mentioned, both of these yarns of Cotton/Polyester blends. This fiber hybrid makes for a soft feel while you’re crafting, beautiful drape for garments, and very easy care! Both these yarns are lightweight CYC 3 yarns, great for crafting garments, accessories, and adorable baby gifts. The only major difference between these two yarns is size! Flikka comes in a 100g (3.5oz) bullet skein, measuring 196yd (179m). Comfy Cotton, however, comes in a cake twice the size – 200g (7oz), and 392yd (358m). If you have a project that calls for 4 balls of Flikka, then you could substitute 2 cakes of Comfy Cotton. And for some project ideas, read on!

Flikka Patterns

Flikka v. Comfy Cotton

Kennebunk Cardigan (Knit)

For a knit featuring our new Flikka Yarn, check out the Kennebunk Cardigan! This is an excellent pattern to show off Flikka’s drape. Plus, the simple stitches highlight the unique color qualities of this yarn. Flecks of individual colors pop with tweed-y perfection in this relaxed cardigan. And since it’s a Level 2 pattern, it makes a great first garment.

If you’re hoping to crochet with Flikka, then the Popham Beach Cardigan is for you! It’s an equally cozy cardi option, but with a totally different method for showcasing Flikka’s color possibilities. While you’ll be using two different colors of Flikka, it’s the tweediness that ties the two together. You’ll also notice a lovely stitch detail that runs throughout this cardigan, pulling both colors together in a cohesive, unique design.

Flikka v. Comfy Cotton

Garter Stitch Scarf (Knit)

Comfy Cotton Patterns

For a knit accessory utilizing Comfy Cotton, see our Garter Stitch Scarf (Knit). You’ll only need one cake to make it all the way through this Level 1 Beginner pattern, which makes it a perfect pattern to travel with this summer. Once you have a handle on the stitches, which are easy, you can let the colors of Comfy Cotton do the work for you.

Flikka v. Comfy Cotton

Biscayne Cowl (Crochet)

Another accessory for Comfy Cotton is the Biscayne Cowl (Crochet). It’s another one-cake wonder, when you’re using Comfy Cotton. However, if you’d like to substitute a color of Flikka, just grab two of the bullet skeins and get going. This cowl definitely looks like fancy colorwork, and if you’re planning to gift it, the recipient will be none the wiser.

Flikka or Comfy Cotton? Both!

If you’ve been wondering Flikka v. Comfy Cotton, put the debate to bed and stash them both. That way, you’ll have the right one on hand for whatever project you’re whipping up next. Stay tuned for more patterns using each of these comfortable and colorful yarns. Let us know if you’re a fan in the comments below, and happy crafting!

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  • I just began a project with Flikka yesterday, and the label says it’s cotton and polyester, not acrylic. Which is it?

    • Hi, Audrey – Thanks for asking. It’s a Cotton/Poly blend – we’ll update this post!

  • If they are the same yarn, would it not be less confusing to have Flikka/3.5 oz. and Flikka/7 oz.? Keep it simple.

  • I’d love to see some patterns for this yarn for knitted baby sweaters and cardigans.

  • Can you make socks with this?

  • What’s CYC3 mean?

  • CYC3 = #3 weight yarn (commonly called sport wt) according to Craft Yarn Council guidelines (CYC)

  • The colours seem the same despite different names, going by their descriptions. Are they, or is Flikka more uniform and tweedy than Comfy Cotton?

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