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Five Quick & Easy Knitting Patterns

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Five Quick & Easy Knitting Patterns

Whether you are a beginning knitter or a long-time knitter who would like to work on a simple but beautiful pattern, here are a few ideas for patterns that will make you look and feel good.


1.  Striking Hat and Scarf
This Striking Hat and Scarf are made with Amazing, one of my favorite yarns.  It is 53% wool, so it’s warm and the color changes are subtle and beautiful, making it look like much more costly hand-painted yarn.

2.  Learn to Knit Cuffs
Most people make scarves as their first project.  Here’s a beginner knitting project that will make you look like a pro.  I see people on the subway wearing these all the time so they can text and send emails while keeping their hands warm.  It’s made with Wool-Ease Thick & Quick, which is a yarn that knits up quickly.  People who rated it called the pattern “addictive” and fun for even an experienced knitter.  It makes a great gift at under $8.00.

3. Plush Scarf
This dramatic and beautiful knit scarf is deceptively simple.  Knit it in Fun Fur (it’s called that for a reason–Fun Fur is really fun to work with) and choose colors that look like real fur or bright colors that pop depending on who you are making it for.  One of the nice features of Fun Fur is that the long strands of faux fur hide any mistakes that you make.

4.  Colorful Beginner’s Hat
One of the people who commented on this pattern said she knit 11 of them as Christmas Gifts.  Not only is it fast, in our bulky, Hometown USA yarn, but you can make it for under $5.00.  If bright is not your thing, choose from a fantastic palette of colors, including colors that represent your favorite team.  Here comes the Super Bowl!

5.  Cumulus Cloths
Knitting patterns  don’t get much faster and easier than this.  Using Cotton-Ease, a cotton blend yarn with an elegant drape and soft feel, you can create house-warming gifts, Mother’s Day gifts, shower gifts and, if you pick the right colors, gifts for those hard to buy for men in your life.  Going to someone’s house for dinner?  Bring these washcloths tied up in a ribbon and put them in a gift bag with some tissue paper.  Personally, I think this thoughtful, personal gift is a great alternative to a bottle of wine or a box of candy.

There you have it.  Five knitting patterns, easy enough for a beginner but not for beginners only!  Enjoy.  Let me know if you try these and what you think.

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  • I need a pattern for a “throw” thats “indestructable”….its for my grands. I love the Lion brand bulky yarn and its easy maintainance. Can you point me to a good pattern????

    • Pop over to and type “throw” or “afghan” into the search box to browse patterns. Our 5 1/2 and 6 Hour throw patternss are great options for fast-finish and durable throws.

  • what about knitting for men – like a button down vest. Other ideas would be appreciated.

    • etta, here are a few patterns you might like for mens vests. in the search box type in these pattern #’s one at a time. 7084AD, 646, 10533, 1183 & cfw-aran vest. they all have 3 or better stars, best of all they are FREE. hope this helps you.

  • I want to knit an afghan, love th one on your cover, 2010-2011 only it’s a little too expensive for me – do you have an ideas?

    • I thought the same for the crotchet afghan which is similar – I carried a list of the yarn needed and then found them at fabulous discounts at Jo-Anns and Michaels stores. Also got a great bargain using one of the discounts from Lion Brand.

    • Hi Etta, don’t forget to go to and type “afghan” into the search box to see our hundreds of free patterns. We have patterns in many different yarns at different price points, so hopefully you’ll find something that works for you.

  • I am new in Las Vegas, i would like to know the yarn shops in the area.

    • Hi Zakanoosh, Just go to our website and click on the Store Locator on the lower left side. Enter your zip code and there you are!

  • I’m looking for uncut, heavy duty, bulky rug yarn. Is there such a thing…and/or hemp for crocheting or knitting rug mats

    Let me try this again…I’m looking for bulky, uncut rug yarn and/or hemp or sea grass substances for making floor coverings. Do you know of any such items, and where I might find them? Finchette

  • I’m looking for uncut, heavy duty, bulky rug yarn. Is there such a thing…and/or hemp for crocheting or knitting rug mats

    Let me try this again…I’m looking for bulky, uncut rug yarn and/or hemp or sea grass substances for making floor coverings. Do you know of any such items, and where I might find them? Finchette

    • Nellybly2002, this is going to sound crazy, so you are being warned before you count me out. Go to a farm/ranch supply store and get a bale of baling twine. The thing will be somewhere in the 1000 yard length. The reason I know whereof I speak; was a rancher for 20 years and made door rugs out of the twine, crochted it. the last I heard a couple of the rugs still in service after the sixty years since I made them. Sorry this is so long.

      • I made outdoor table mats from jute once and they worked up easily and looked really nice. Do you have a pattern for the rugs? single cro, dbl, what?
        Thank you for sharing.

        • I made a oval rug out of macrame cord. it was very flat whenfinished but after washing, all wavy. So i am going to try a rectangle now. Good luck. trying again.

  • I am desparately looking for a pattern for a Jewish prayer shawl, tallit, for bat mitzvah age girls and, if possible, a suggestion for a smashing yarn or yarns to be used. I’ve been looking for years, actually, but now need them to be completed this summer.

    • Any simple shawl pattern in either knit or crochet will do. When the lengh is completed, add the traditional fringe. The Ah torah can be made separately in either needlepoint or cross stitch and sewn to the top of the Talet

    • Hi Btrfly34, we have many patterns for prayer shawls on our website,; you can type “prayer shawl” or just “shawl” into the search box to see available patterns. Here are two basics: a crochet one and a knit one. Both are patterns for usage with category 5 (bulky weight) yarn, which means you can use our soft Homespun yarn. Shown in the knit shawl, you can see that some colors of Homespun are painterly (meaning they self-stripe over long periods), creating a gorgeous effect. Check out all the colors at! Hope that helps!

  •  What a nice collection of simple yet elegant patterns for beginners and more advanced knitters too. 

    I love to have simple patterns for a break from the more complex projects, or to knit when I’m not in the mood to tackle a more complex project.  Thanks!

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