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Favorite Yarns for Amigurumi

Knitted LionMany people have asked us, "What is the best yarn for making amigurumi?" I always respond by saying that there are so many great options for crocheting and knitting toys; the most important considerations are texture, color, washability, and gauge (when provided by a pattern). That being said, here are 3 of my absolute favorite yarns to use for amigurumi.

Vanna's Choice is a perennial favorite because it's a classic yarn that comes in 57 shades. This wide color range really allows you to experiment with different color effects. The colors all match, too, so you don't have to worry about any clashing. Vanna's Choice is also machine washable and dryable, so it's super easy for you to clean your amigurumi.

Like Vanna's Choice, Wool-Ease is easy-care and comes in a great variety of colors. Shades like Mink Brown, Wheat, Mushroom, and Grey Heather are perfect for imitating fur.

Fun Fur is perfect for adding texture to any amigurumi. Use it to add hair or a mane (such as with our Amigurumi Lion), or use it all over for a fun, fuzzy creature (like our Amigurumi Panda). This yarn comes in a wide variety of realistic fur tones, as well as exciting bright colors, so you can really get bold with your color choices. Fun Fur is also easy care, so you don't have to sacrifice texture for washability.

What's your favorite yarn for amigurumi? Let us know in the comments!

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