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Favorite Yarns for Amigurumi

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Favorite Yarns for Amigurumi

Knitted LionMany people have asked us, “What is the best yarn for making amigurumi?” I always respond by saying that there are so many great options for crocheting and knitting toys; the most important considerations are texture, color, washability, and gauge (when provided by a pattern). That being said, here are 3 of my absolute favorite yarns to use for amigurumi.

Vanna’s Choice is a perennial favorite because it’s a classic yarn that comes in 57 shades. This wide color range really allows you to experiment with different color effects. The colors all match, too, so you don’t have to worry about any clashing. Vanna’s Choice is also machine washable and dryable, so it’s super easy for you to clean your amigurumi.

Like Vanna’s Choice, Wool-Ease is easy-care and comes in a great variety of colors. Shades like Mink Brown, Wheat, Mushroom, and Grey Heather are perfect for imitating fur.

Fun Fur is perfect for adding texture to any amigurumi. Use it to add hair or a mane (such as with our Amigurumi Lion), or use it all over for a fun, fuzzy creature (like our Amigurumi Panda). This yarn comes in a wide variety of realistic fur tones, as well as exciting bright colors, so you can really get bold with your color choices. Fun Fur is also easy care, so you don’t have to sacrifice texture for washability.

What’s your favorite yarn for amigurumi? Let us know in the comments!

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  • I really like using Lion Brand Home Homespun for the animals and birds. It gives them a curly texture. I made my amigurumi snowy owl with Homespun in white. It came out beautiful. I was thinking of trying some LB Wool and slightly felting for my Christmas Ornaments. Thanks for the tips. Birdie Gee

    •  Great suggestions, Birdie! The texture of Homespun is great for fluffy or furry creatures. We do have some felted ornament patterns here: You can easily substitute Lion Wool in the place of Fishermen’s Wool. I’m sure they’ll come out great!

  • I think the point about choosing a washable yarn is a good once since so many amigurumi items are made as gifts for kids.

    • You’re exactly right. Even the amigurumi that sit on my desk collect a bit of dust over time, so I like to clean them every so often.

  • I use anything washable as long as the color is right.  great for using up scraps and making some interesting critters at the same time

  • June Gilbank, my favorite ami designer, consistently says Vanna’s Choice is her favorite, and I like it, too. Right now I’m making a set of June’s dinosaurs in various colors of VC; it’s great that it’s available in such a wide variety of colors, since I need lots of different greens and browns.

    However, what I’d really like is for Lion Brand to offer a yarn similar to Paton’s Grace, a #3 (a lightweight #3) mercerized 100% cotton, in a consistently available, large variety of colors.  This type of cotton makes beautiful, very tiny amigurumi, attractive to both kids and adults. Grace is OK, but I prefer to buy Lion Brand, and Grace isn’t available in a consistent or wide color range, since they market it as a “fashion” yarn for sweaters and tanks, etc.  PLEASE direct this to the yarn development department as a major request! 

    • Hi Meg – I read your comment today and want to say that I’ve used Patons Grace too.  You might want to try Lion Brand Microspun Yarn – it’s not exactly the same, not cotton, but it’s a lightweight (DK) yarn that works well for more delicate stitches. I like the clear true blue color and the mossy green.

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