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fast track

  • Crochet For Your Home with Fast-Track®

    Fast-Track® is an incredibly useful and versatile yarn. The softness of the cotton-poly blend makes it great for clothing while the tape-like shape makes it sturdy enough for home goods.

    We've already shown you how great Fast-Track® is for garments with the super popular knit Oxford Boyfriend Sweater. You agreed! The demand was so great we added three more color choices to the kits.

    Well, this yarn is also excellent for crocheting home wares, as well. It's soft but still durable, chic but useful. Since it's washable and it comes in a lot of different colors, Fast-Track® can work with almost any decor. It's sturdy enough for a rug, but light enough for a basket or bowl.

    Home Decor with Fast-Track®

    Baskets and Bowls

    Rugs and Mats

    The easy care means it's perfect to use this around kids and pets! They'll find it comfy to nap or play on, and when an inevitable mess appears, it's simple to clean. Toss it in the machine to wash, then lay it flat to dry.

    Of course, this is also a fun yarn to get really creative with. Try making it into jewelry or weaving it for wall hangings. Get the kids involved -- there's no need to knit or crochet, they can make bracelets or other pieces by braiding, wrapping, or weaving.

    The unique look will make for truly interesting and beautiful pieces.

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  • Make the Oxford Boyfriend Cardigan in New Colors

    You all really loved the Oxford Boyfriend Cardigan from Two of Wands! The response has been so great that we've decided to offer the kit in even more colors.


    The sweater, made with Fast-Track®, is soft, cozy, and comfy while still being lightweight. Fast-Track® is a cotton-poly blend, which makes it feel like your favorite t-shirt.

    The pattern is available in two sizes -- S/M and L/XL -- and takes either six or seven skeins of yarn. You can purchase a kit here in any of the colors. It's 25% off for a limited time, so jump on that deal now, while you still can!

    The new color combinations give you some choices, so that you can really make the sweater suit your style. The royal blue and white adds a nautical touch, while the green and gray is cheerful (and would look great on any redheads out there). And of course, you can never go wrong with basic black and gray. That choice will go with pretty much anything, making this already versatile cardi even more useful.

    It can be bright or subdued, neutral or funky. This sweater looks great over a basic casual outfit like jeans and a tee, but you could make it work for other occasions as well. With the right skirt, it could go to work, or even out at night on a date or to meet friends! Plus, since Fast-Track® has a nice lightweight feel, this will be a great piece to have for cool summer nights.

    This is a great project for any level of knitter, too! It's simple enough to be your first sweater, but it's still interesting enough that a more advanced knitter won't get bored. The stockinette stitch shows off the uniqueness of the yarn, while the colored stripes add a nice bit of detail.

    Which is your favorite Oxford Boyfriend Cardigan color combination?

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  • Knit a Beautiful Boyfriend Cardigan in Fast-Track

    Fast-Track® is one of our most versatile yarns yet. You can make anything from home decor to bags to clothing. It creates a nice, sturdy shape when worked with a tight gauge, but it can also work into soft, comfortable garments. One of our favorite bloggers, Two of Wands, has designed a cute boyfriend cardigan to knit with this yarn.

    If you want to make this sweater now, the kit is 25% off from Feb. 17-24!



    The cotton-poly blend of Fast-Track® makes it soft and drapey, like your favorite t-shirt, while the flat, woven tape shape of the yarn creates a unique stitch pattern. The shape makes this a category 6, or super bulky, yarn while still being lightweight. It's a perfect all-season yarn, making garments you can wear any time.

    The Boyfriend Cardi

    The Oxford Boyfriend Cardigan is super versatile and useful. Plus it's such a comfy yarn that you'll never want to take it off. You can dress it up or down, and wear it almost anywhere at any time. In winter it's great for layering, and in warmer weather it's perfect to throw on in the evening or underneath an overzealous air conditioner.


    The pattern is available in two sizes -- S/M and L/XL -- and takes either six or seven skeins of yarn. You can purchase a kit here (remember, it's 25% off from Feb. 17-24!)to make it. As you can see from the pictures, it looks great over a basic casual outfit like jeans and a tee, but you could make it work for other occasions as well. With a belt and pencil skirt, it could go to work, or with the right dress it could be great for a night out with friends.


    We also have several other patterns for Fast-Track® -- from garments to housewares -- available in our pattern database. It works up great in both knit and crochet, and is also great for other crafts! Get creative, and you'll make something excellent.

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