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Fast Holiday Crafts in 15 Minutes or Less

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Fast Holiday Crafts in 15 Minutes or Less

Quick crafts can help eliminate stress this holiday season. Not only is crafting fun, but it’s productive! The great textures of our Martha Stewart Crafts Glitter Eyelash and Mambo yarns help make these projects fast and impressive. So if you’ve got 5, 10, or 15 minutes free, whip up some of these fabulous crafts — no knitting or crocheting required!

5 Minutes or Less
Gift wrap with Mambo
Skip the ribbon and bow! You can wrap 2 regular shirt boxes with a single skein of Mambo.

Gift tag with Glitter Eyelash
Use Glitter Eyelash to add a little bit of sparkle to your gift tags. Just punch a hole in a piece of cardstock and thread your yarn through the hole. For even more sparkle, punch holes in a pattern and weave your yarn through.

Wine glass charms with Glitter Eyelash
Keep your wine glasses straight at your holiday or New Year’s party! Simply braid together 3 strands of Glitter Eyelash. There are 14 shades of Glitter Eyelash to choose from, so you’ll have enough wine glass charms for all of your guests! You can even braid together multiple colors for larger gatherings.

Hearth decoration with Mambo
Add some whimsy to your hearth or mantle by pinning up your favorite shade of Mambo. Just one skein is large enough for most hearths.

10 Minutes or Less
Holiday bulbs in Glitter Eyelash
Sparkling holiday bulbs are perfect for any Christmas tree or mantle decoration! To make them, take your favorite shade of Glitter Eyelash and wrap it around a styrofoam ball (Tip: A styrofoam ball with a 2-3″ diameter is perfect for this project! Check the floral section of your craft store). Here’s what the process looks like:
Wrapping bulbs
When the ball is completely covered, cut your yarn and use a blunt needle to hide the tail. Next, cut a small piece of yarn (about 3-4″ in length) and thread it through your needle. Use the needle to bring the yarn through a section of the wrapped yarn. Tie a knot in the yarn so that your ornament can hang.

Sparkling trees in Glitter Eyelash
Sparkling trees are beautiful decorations for winter. To make this project, you’ll need a styrofoam cone (located in the floral section of your craft store), craft glue, and Glitter Eyelash. At the top of the cone, apply a small amount of glue. Begin wrapping the cone with yarn until you reach the base. Cut your yarn and apply glue to secure the end. Use a single color for a classic look, or get creative — make a star, tinsel, bulbs, and more!

Garland with Mambo or Glitter Eyelash
Use Mambo or Glitter Eyelash in the place of garland! Mambo is thick enough to use as garland without any finishing. To use Glitter Eyelash, consider braiding 3 or more strands (I used Aquamarine Crystal, Yellow Gold, and Florentine Gold). For an even thicker garland, make a long chain with 2 strands of Glitter Eyelash and a large crochet hook. I used a K-10.5 hook with a single strand each of Tourmaline and Garnet with great results. (Need help with the chain stitch? Click here for our tutorial!)

15 Minutes or Less
Holiday Wreaths in Glitter Eyelash
Make your décor shine with a sparkling wreath! Use a single color, or for a more modern take, stripe two colors together. For this project, you’ll need a foam wreath (located in the floral section of craft stores), craft glue, and 2 skeins of Glitter Eyelash. (Tip: Wrap your Glitter Eyelash yarn into a tight ball to make it easier to work with.) Wrap your yarn around the wreath form until it’s completely covered. Use glue to secure your yarn end. Finish the wreath off with a festive bow (mine’s in Mambo), bulbs, or whatever you desire!

Card Display in Glitter Eyelash
Display your holiday cards in style! All you need is a piece of foamcore, some Glitter Eyelash, scissors, and some tape. Begin at the upper left corner of the foamcore and tape your yarn on the back (white) to secure. Next, wrap around the front (red) in a diagonal fashion. Pull the yarn taut. Wrap the yarn to the back and secure with tape. Continue in this manner until you’ve reached the lower right corner. Cut your yarn and tape to secure.
Card Display in Glitter Eyelash How-To
Repeat this process, starting in the upper right corner and working to the lower left corner. You will have created a diamond pattern on the front. If you find that your display isn’t taunt enough, try craft gluing your yarn for more security.

And now your home (and gifts) will be looking fabulous with just a few minutes of work!

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  • Great ideas, but marred by poor language usage. 
    re: your statement “Pull the yarn taunt.”  I think you meant taut (no ‘n’).
    This is a common, egregious misuse (or may be a spell-check item, which I do understand).
    In any case, here are the definitions from wikipedia for those who are uncertain:
    “A taunt is a battle cry, a method in hand-to-hand combat, …”
    “A taut object is one under tension.”

    • my error, i’m trying to delete this comment.  I should not have posted this publicly.

    • good language hint and usage, but please do not suggest wikipedia. It is not a good source for factual info.

  • If a person is all thumbs like I can be sometimes taunt may be the right word

  • Yup! most crafty things result in a battle cry if I am involved…but that is part of the fun!

  • jnfrsmith
    Love these simple craft ideas.  Sometimes there is just not enough time.

  • The Mambo is just ugly! Will Martha Stewart use her name for just about anything. Save yourself and drop it.

    • The answer is yes.  Remember, the woman is a felon!

      • Right on

      • What does that have to do with the discussion? Pretty pathetic!! Grow up!!

    • I agree…the Mambo is downright ugly.  Wouldn’t use it for anything I make.

    • The first time I saw it I wondered – what is Lion Brand doing?  Yuck, yuck!!!  I totally agree with Rebecca and the others.

    • I thought I was the only one who thought that! I must agree I would not use Mambo for anything. I expected some beautiful yarns in coordinating colors from Martha.


  • Mambo……..YUCK!!!!!  Would not waste my money.

  • I agree with all of you — what is Lion Brand thinking……just plain tacky.

  • If I was Lion Brand I would be ashamed to put my name on the Mambo Yarn. It is the ugliest I have seen in my over 70 yrs. of knitting  Polly

  • I thought it looked like piping to make pillow edges…..agreed, ugliest yarn on earth!

  • Ditto to all of the above about Mambo Yarn. Totally gross and tacky. And another thing, Martha Stewart yarn is too expensive for the amount of yarn that’s in a skein. Doesn’t she make enough money.?

  • I was really upset that Lion Brand let Martha Stewart be associated with them!!  I love Lion  Brand but I will not buy any of Martha Stewarts yarn.  Carol

  • I agree with the above comments.  I, too think Mambo is downright ugly.  And I also will not spend the money on Marth Stewart yarn.  There are plenty of other nice yarns out there! Grandma Lin

  • I too, shook My head when I saw it in stores…downright UGGGLY!

  • You could use Mambo yarn to wrap your pipes during the cold months so they won’t freeze and burst.

    • Perfect!!

  • I don’t buy anything with Martha Stewart’s name on it!

    • Now! Now! Let’s be nice. Just because we can’t all be Martha’s. Envy isn’t becoming. We all have faults & greatness. She just made it on the greatness & doesn’t dwell on her faults as others do. Merry Christmas.

      • Absolutely Nanapa 818.
         If you don’t like Martha or Mambo…..move on….. no one is making you buy it, or like Martha. Life is too short for all this nastiness! Happy New Year

    • Boy-that’s interesting! NOT!

  • I like the ideas with the glitter eyelash!  Quick and easy.  Also totally agree about the Ugly Mambo

  • I’ve wondered what a person is supposed to do with Mambo yarn, and how did it get that name? Plus, if you only get enough to wrap 2 shirt boxes, how little do you get in a skein of it? Baaaad idea, and bad name!!

  • Mambo reminds me of snakes. I hate it. And it is too large and bulky.

  • Making someone a gift out of Mambo is like giving someone a fruitcake! 

  • Anything with HER NAME STAYS IN THE STORE !!!!!

  • Mambo isn’t something I would buy. Same goes for anything Marth Stewart. Sorry, Lion Brand.

  • I checked and there’s five, count ’em – five, whole yards of Mambo in a skein which costs a mere $5.49!! That means that each tied shirt box will cost you $2.75. Without straining my brain too, too much, I’m pretty sure I could come up with a couple of dozen ideas for wrapping that would cost a whole lot less and look a whole lot better!

    What Mambo reminds me of is the wool blankets we had at summer camp. The ends were finished with a thread binding that looked like this. So if a camp somewhere is looking for the edges of their blankets, they might want to check with Martha! Unless this is a way of recycling the salvagable parts of the blankets after the middle is worn out!?!

  • Agree with everyone here. Will not buy anything with Martha Stewarts name on it from Lion Brand or KMart or whatever. She does not need our hard earned money, she just flaunts her wealth in every one face every chance she gets. Not a nice person, no one Lion Brand Yarn needs to be associated with. Vanna yes,
    Martha no. She will cost Lion Brand customers.

  • I agree with everyone that Martha Stewart’s outrageous attempts to make money on every thing imaginable  has completely overshadowed her once admirable skills and products.  I boycott everything with her name attached, and I see that so many of her “ideas” today take an incredible amount of time and money for the outcome–not my kind of crafting. 

    • I could not agree with you more!  I am all about honesty, doing the right thing, simplicity, and getting back to basics.  I do not feel that Martha holds those ideals in her heart.  I wish that Lion Brand did not start doing business with the Martha Stewart brand and would prefer that they no longer tarnish their high reputation with her name.  We love Vanna! 

  • Does your Mambo Yarn hang low?
    Does it wobble to and fro?
    Can you tie it in a knot?
    Can you tie it in a bow?
    Can you throw it over your shoulder?
    Like a continental soldier?
    Does your Mambo Yarn hang low?

    • Priceless!! Love it.

  • I came to this link with such high hopes, only to be sadly disappointed. Lion Brand usually comes through with cute and approachable projects- I didn’t find that here. I also agree with comments above against Lion Brand’s affiliation with Martha Stewart and Mambo!

  • Does that mean that Mambo (like the snake ) was actually named for her (Martha) ?  Remember…..snakes are cold-blooded !   Gail from Seattle.
    PS: love the poem !

  • I totally agree with all the above. Martha has ruined her name and reputation for many. I don’t think Lion Brand Yarn should be associated with her either. Lion Brand is a reputable Company and honest. Don’t associate with her as I think it will hurt your business. Martha is about Martha and no one else!! Her past proves that!  Please drop her all together and stick with Vanna!  Merry Christmas to All.

  • Yep, Martha got greedy.  She did something bad and went to jail for it.  She has paid her debt to society.  And yet we’re still spewing venom about how horrible she is? “Cold-blooded?” Really?  It was insider trading not murder. 

    Maybe we would see more successful women in society if we cheered them on instead of booing and hissing.

    Let’s move on.  The whining about Martha is tackier than Lion’s Mambo yarn.

    • Thank you, Jade.  We need to keep a little perspective here.  Not to mention, we need to be a little more compassionate.  Ironically, such sniping is especially inappropriate during the Christmas season.  Christmas … as in Jesus Christ … the Prince of Peace … Remember, everyone?

  • I am totally unimpressed with Martha Stewart’s Mambo yarn — ugly, clunky, tacky are words for it. It, like her other yarns, is overpriced and the amount in each skein is skimpy. Not a good buy for my budget. For the most part, I like finer yarns than #5 weight. Her yarns make up into garments that overwhelm my petite body with bulk (also, of course, children’s). I will simply ignore her products and hope she will quickly fade out of the association with Lion Brand Yarn Company. I’d prefer not to have her crafts take up space in the newsletters I receive. Can I opt out of Martha Stewart? Lion Brand was just fine in my eyes without her!

  • mambo yarn is way way overpriced, and really not nice to look at, sorry you failed on this one.

    • Yes….it’s WAY overpriced……especially when you add the shipping … and not nice to look at.

  • Wow, I’m really surprised by most of the comments on here.  I expect similar reactions on the reply blogs from my local newspaper, not from fellow crafters!  It’s amazing what people will say under the veil of anonymity.  If you think Martha is a bad person, why waste your time writing about how much you hate her?  And if the price keeps you away, Jo-Ann’s, AC Moore, and Michaels almost always have coupons available for 40-50% off, so there’s no reason to pay full price for her yarn or the loom.  And the mambo may make an ugly bow and not look nice on the shelf, but I made a kid-size version of the cuff found here in hot pink ( for the girls at a friend’s daughter’s birthday party and they were really a huge hit. 

    • Thanks, Jodi!


  • Everyone is entitled to an opinion.  Mine?  This yarn is ugly and if all there is to do with it is tie up a package or follow some pattern to make a bracelet, which was just as ugly as the yarn, then it won’t be selling and Lion Brand will get the message that way.  This page is here to voice your opinion so none of us should squabble between ourselves, just read my message and move on.  Opinions are like belly-buttons, we all have one.  So, what other FUN things can be made with Mambo??

  • The glass charms are such a cute idea! I think I could finish a few of them off before even getting to the bottom of my first glass of wine. Well, am willing to give it a try anyways!
    Kim xxx

  • I agree with everything I have read here. Vanna is wonderful. Lion brand you don’t need Martha.

  • I think this group has ‘rated’ both the Mambo yarn and Martha Stewart as a 1 out of 10, 10 being the highest and best score.  Poll is over.  

    please rate the glitter eyelash yarn and the other projects presented in this article.

    I give the glitter eyelash a 7/10 (it’s pretty thin, but braids up well).  I vote for the tree in green for projects.

  • I agree with Judy’ if you don’t like it don’t buy it.  Isn’t this the season to be jolly? Good will to all men and women?  Have a Merry Christmas!!!

  • I agree with Judy…we all have an opinion about the yarn and about Martha.  But this reminds me of what my mother always said, “Make sure your doorstep is clean before you go after someone else’s!”  Another thing to remember is that the line is called ‘Martha Stewart Crafts(TM)’, meaning apparently most of the yarns are for crafting other than just knitting or crochet.  Hence the Mambo yarn cuffs, garlands, and box ribbon and bow.  You do have to admire a woman like Martha, though, who faced her accusers and admitted her mistakes and paid for them without complaint then still comes back and rebuilds her company to some of its former glory.  I, too, think we should all learn to cheer these women on and not be so catty about what they have achieved in their lives; besides, for a 70-year old woman, Martha really gets around and does a lot!

    • Thank you, Deb.  Those of us posting comments on this site would do well to conduct ourselves with the same dignity Ms. Stewart did in serving her time without complaint and rebuilding her business afterward.  We don’t have to like someone in order to give them respect when they’ve earned it.

      And if male CEOs were made to pay for insider trading the way Martha was, prisons would be overflowing with these white-collar criminals.  I’m not defending what she did, just asking that we hold women to the same standard as men.

  • Do we really need to care about how people feel about Martha Stewart, on a personal level, on this site?  Let’s keep it relevant folks.  Yes, the prices are crazy, for the yardage.

  • Ladies, let’s put our our precious time and energy on creative pursuits rather than beat someone else down.  Let’s not cast stones at another just because of an infraction for which they paid their dues.  I would be happy to have just a small portion of her creativity and business savy.

    Let’s get those fingers busy with needles and yarn (of any kind) and get those cool gifts made rather than beating our fingers on the keyboard beratting someone or something we don’t like.

    I don’t know about other ladies, but I didn’t sign up for bitching and complaining sessions.

    I signed up for creative and inspiring ideas!!!

    Let’s get the positive mojo going here!

    • Amen!!

  • I am saddened reading comments here that focus on Martha Stewart’s life and not just the yarn. Did anyone else see the wonderful Hallmark Hall of Fame “Have a Little Faith”  which high-lighted the life of Pastor Henry Covington? The pastor was a former drug-dealer, armed robber, drug-addicted convicted felon, yet, he became a champion for the poor and homeless in Detroit, Michigan. The good he did in his short life (he died last December at age 53) will live far longer than the wrongs he committed. Having counselled young, convicted felons, both in prison and pre-release, I shudder to think what life will offer my inmate clients after their release if so many people villainize Martha Stewart for a non-violent, non-victim crime and hold her in such disgust. One of the young inmates told me, “You do the crime, you do the time – but it don’t ever stop there”.  At this wonderful time of the year let us offer each other forgiveness and compassion and, as Tiny Tim said, “God bless us, everyone.”  

    • Excellent, Avery! If each one of us tried to make a positive difference in the lives of others this world would be a much better place. This tirade of negative words is oh-so-tiresome.

  • Right on, Avery!! I totally agree with you!  Merry Christmas everyone!

  • Since I am a knitter and prefer knitting yarns, I do not like the Mambo yarn–no matter whose idea it was. The trees, balls, and wreath ideas using glitter eyelash yarn were were wonderful.

  • To me I dont really like the mambo yarn. I like nice pretty yarn thats not thick.

  • I have not tried the mambo yarns, however I think the medium would perfect for a rug. Still, they are quite expensive when compared to others that would work just as well.

  • Martha Stewart would only have lost a fraction of the $$ she had to pay in fines if she hadn’t been so greedy that she lied about having the insider knowledge she thought would make her scads of $$, not to mention that she would have avoided having to go to prison and having her stock worth go way down.  She has alienated most of her family members, and is generally not a nice person.  Once at a banquet, the waiter seated her at an apparently undesirable (to her) table.  When he refused to allow her to move, she reportedly exclaimed nastily, “Don’t you know who I am?” to which we could reply, “Yes, the designer of that fugly mambo yarn!!!”

  • Micheal’s (sp) MAY give out coupons (and I am on their email list), but I am 125 miles from the nearest store.  WHEN I get a chance to travel that far (I work full time and weekends are too busy at home), their coupons have expired by the time I can get to the store.  Also I travel with a person that won’t give me time to look for other stores like Jo-Ann’s, but that one is my problem (venting; sorry!).
    I have seen Mambo, didn’t know how much it costs (insane, I’ll make my own, thank you).
    The other craft ideas are so 50’s and 60’s, but they are still cute!
    Leave Martha alone.  Why are successful/strong women called b*****s and men are positively adored?  Remember, it is Being In Total Control, Honey! 😉

    • Buy stuff on line: Amazon, Jimmy Beans Wool, Herrshner’s, etc.

  • Wow!  I didn’t know there was such animosity against Martha.  Yes, I do not like the Mambo yarn, but I do have to admire Martha for her creativity and business accumen.  I did not expect the comments on the crafts to turn into a “hate Martha” diatribe.

    I liked the ideas for the eyelash yarn – in fact I made 3 trees (different heights) last year like the ones shown – who stole my idea?? 🙂  Mine are with white and silver eyelash held together.  I have the 3 trees and a bunch of snowmen sitting on batting and fiberfill on a large table in the garden room.  They are so pretty!  Last year I also got some red, green, blue and yellow self-striping yarn and made a long i-cord to use as a garland on a 2 1/2 foot tree that is in a colorfully striped container.  It is very cute.  Keep crafting!

  • I think that in most of the examples I’ve seen of Mambo it doesn’t look that great, but I used to to make a necklace and bracelet from my own pattern and it looks fantastic. I get compliments on it every time I wear it. Mambo can look really cool when used the right way.

  • I also agree with what the majority of everyone is saying here regarding the Martha Stewart Yarns, especially Mambo. I have been a lion brand fan for a long time. Pretty like all their yarns. I especially LOVE Vanna’s Choice. That is excellent yarn. I was severely disappointed when I saw the Martha Stewart Yarns at my local Joann’s. I this “celebrity spokesperson” was a bad choice. Not only for what she had done in the past in regards to her insider trading, but also because she is not a very nice person.
    Lion Brand, I thought you were better than this…

  • I love the Mambo yarn.  Very cool looking, funky and retro.

    • I agree totally. I’ve made some of the necklaces from this yarn and I can’t make them fast enough. I hope people stop tearing Martha apart and dedicate this to the creative side of life. Merry Christmas to all those Bah Humbugs out there!!!

  • If Martha Stewart’s name is attached to it in any way shape or form, I don’t buy it, period. I also thought Lion Brand was better than this. Stick with Vanna!!!

  • I’ve been a long-time fan of Martha and have read most of her books and magazines. I was pleased to see her yarn in the stores. As for Mambo, I found it interesting and unusual. It is a good to have new products introduced because they increase our creativity by exposing us to something different. Good for Lion Brand for breaking the mold and taking a risk.

  • i liked the idea of wrapping your pipes with it. It gave me a good laugh bwith alot writing and reading tis should do. Lighting up. MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR we hope.

  • Once more: I liked the idea of wrapping your pipes with it. It gave me a good laugh which a lot of those writing  and reading this should do. lighting up. MERRY CHRISTMAS And HAPPY NEW YEAR we hope

  • I agree that the Mambo is the ugliest ever. It looks like a mistake that someone’s trying to sell.  Also, I love Martha, but I don’t like the idea that Lionbrand is carrying her items. Lion has such a nice line of yarn. Why pander? You don’t need it. 

    Plus, most of the patterns on your website using her yarn look like crafts for a Brownie troop, not your audience.

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  • You all are so negative! I thought it looked neat! Also, who cares if she decided… hey, I am going to put my money somewhere else. You act like she killed a baby. Felon… lol who cares.

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